An Alternative Lifestyle Working From Home

Copy These Ideas To Build An Alternative Lifestyle Working From Home.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Hi there…. Mark Ford here with my next blog post in the series about copying these ideas to build an alternative lifestyle working from home.

As a former lawyer who gave up his ‘job’
back in 2006 and then starting a property
business buying up 21 houses to rent,
all managed from a home office, I can
remember how the recession in the latter part of the 2000’s affected me with the
loss of a substantial amount of equity.

I also learnt that holding properties creates an expense account and I needed to find a business that had low overheads and high returns.

One solution I decided upon was an internet business built from home.

On the point of the recession…

The recession has hit many of us in so many ways…. How did it affect you?QuestionWhat were you doing when the recession first hit?

Between 2006 and 2009 I was buying up properties for renovation and re-mortgage to rent out at a rate of knots.

By 2009 it was all drying up… the mortgage market changed and the buy cheap, do up, re-mortgage property investment model was not so easy to achieve.

The banks stopped lending, people stopped spending and I had to re-think what I was doing! – The banks had been so eager to lend money and you could leverage that position to get houses with none of your money left in… Then overnight it changed…

It’s not that I nearly lost everything that I had worked hard to build up… it’s just that I had to move with the times, lock down the property portfolio to rent out for the long term, sell it on in the future and look into how to build multiple income streams working from home.

I started to learn around 2008 about ‘cash on demand’ home business models and about how creating residual income streams can give you the money and time freedom.

After all, it is not really a job, a business, a franchise, a business opportunity that we want, but what we want is a lifestyle where we have the money coming in on autopilot, once you have set up the systems, and then lots of time freedom to do what we want when we want.

Change Your Life! - Spend More Time With Family Working From Home

Change Your Life! – Spend More Time With Family Working From Home

Once I stepped up and took action and learnt what needed to be done, accepting that it will take the time it takes, I have experienced five figure months working from home and I now show people how they can do the same.

I’m going to be straight up with you…. There is no magic bullet, no secret pill, no ‘secrets’ to success – it’s just simply down to getting educated on the solution you have chosen for yourself, working from home or wherever there is an internet connection.

The more you learn… the more you earn…

People started to approach me to show them how to make money from home.

You see, it is not about me… or the money I make… but it is about you and passing onto you ways that you can make money online or offline from home, as a solution to your current life challenges.

I have tried many so called ‘opportunities’ before you and I have learnt what works if we roll our sleeves up and put the work in.

Yes, I used the word… work… because that is what it takes, .. taking action and doing the work.

If you are not prepared to do this then this may not be for you… but if you are prepared to stay with this for the long term, and commit to the learning curve as you re-invent yourself, then in time you should see some success.

What you need to get what you want in life is some ideas that you can copy. Ideas that have been worked successfully by one of my multi-millionaire business mentors who now offers to teach me and you to do the same.

If you let me introduce you to this then… you will find a home business solution that you can copy, like I am.

Click The Alternative Lifestyle Working From Home Image To learn How To Copy A Proven Money Making System From Home

An Alternative Lifestyle Working From Home

It doesn’t require huge amounts of money to get started.

Offline traditional businesses cost thousands to set up. This, as you will learn, is much cheaper. Just… £9.95 to get your copy of the copy the ideas home business model…. but remember you are buying the starter course here, just like at a restaurant.

If you’re ready to start a real home business…

… And learn more…

Here’s what you need to do now…

>>> Click on this video link <<< and you will be taken to a special page that will show you how to register for Copy This Idea and your 2 FREE bonuses (worth almost £80).

I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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