Are You Fed Up With Your Professional Career?

Professional Career Alternatives… If You Are You Fed Up With Your Professional Career… Copy What Mark Ford Did Back In 2006 To Replace His Former Full Time Income As A Senior Legal Adviser!

Mark Ford Discusses professional career alternatives

Mark Ford discusses professional career alternatives

I have a question for you today… are you fed up with your professional career, a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or whatever professional career you are in?

Are you looking for professional career alternatives like I was back in 2006.

I can’t speak to you about being a doctor or an accountant because I am a former lawyer, a qualified solicitor since 1994, and a member of the Law Society in the UK.

However, what I am about to share with you may still resonate with you because whichever professional career you are in, it may be that you are fed up with your professional career and you are looking for professional career alternatives. I made the change and you can too – change is good!

Mark Ford – My Story – Looking For Professional Career Alternatives

As I write this I am a 53 year old baby boomer, a former lawyer who worked in a Court House advising on a wide range of legal issues. The area of law I enjoyed the most was the licensing of public houses, hotels, restaurants, night clubs and betting offices.

I worked in the law for 29 years and I never had any thoughts of leaving my ‘job’ at all until the administration of the Court Service changed in 2005, when I became overnight a Civil Servant.

The administration used to be more local and tied into local government but with all the changes that were made, the job that I had come to enjoy, became diluted and we became administered more on a national scale and by central government.

Diluted… what do you mean Mark?

I worked hard over the 29 years to be involved in the training of local solicitors, probation officers, court staff and magistrates, and the various authorities who were associated with our local courts. I put together many training programs and successfully set up and ran a number of legal panels, worked my way through the legal offices with various promotions and appointments and spent most of my time in the court room, running the court cases day to day.

However, one of my main roles was to administer the law to do with licensing and I thoroughly enjoyed this work and area of law. The government decided that they would pass a new Licensing Act and passed the responsibility of this over to local councillors and to the local authority, taking something away from the court service that had been done going back hundreds of years.

Also, the opportunities for promotion were stripped away because rather than have a Clerk to the Justices for the Town or City, it became a Clerk to the Justices for the County, and then multiple counties. The higher tier positions were just not available to the same level as before, budgets were cut back year on year and in the court room I felt like I was more of a form filler completing statistics than advising on the law.

I became disillusioned with it all and being an ambitious person I could see that unless I made a change, nothing in my life would change, and I would just be in a ‘just over broke’ job paying the bills each month but not really enjoying the job anymore, and certainly not having time and financial freedom.

I would continue to exchange time for money and just pay the bills at the end of the month, and live off the change. Each day, week and month I would be back in an environment that had gone from ‘happy’ to lots of negativity around how the Court Service was developing. I was not enjoying going into the legal offices in the mornings to listen to everybody moaning and groaning about things and not doing anything about it to make a change in their lives.

I decided that I would look for professional career alternatives.

Professional Career Alternatives – Why Are You Here?

Now my story is that I left the legal job because I was disillusioned with the how things were developing, the opportunities for promotion were no longer there, everybody was fighting for fewer jobs than before and I was not prepared to retire years later just doing the same thing day in and day out, playing the safe ball.

The reason why you are reading this professional career alternatives blog post could, however, be that you have just gone through law school and qualified as a solicitor but you find that the job opportunites are just not there, or if they are, there is an excessive amount of competition for them and the financial rewards in the early years are not so lucrative as you thought.

You are looking for professional career alternatives, so what did Mark Ford do?

Basically, I quit my job, fired the boss and decided to take control of my own life and destiny and promote myself, because with the limitations around the promotions available in the Court Service along with a boss who had the ‘casting vote’, getting promoted became a very hard task to say the least – almost impossible!

professional career alternatives mark ford

Leaving My Legal Job back in 2006 – Mark Ford Looking For Professional Career Alternatives

I took the plunge and started to look into home business opportunities and soon realized, wow… there is another exciting enjoyable world out here, outside that court room. No longer did I need to feel cocooned and stuck in that Court Room plowing through case papers, day in and day out. There were many home business opportunites that I could look into and research. Great… “this is what I will do”, I said and I left on my birthday in September 2006 to build an alternative ‘baby boomer’ lifestyle working from home.

The first port of call for Mark Ford was property investment and development.

Home Business Property Portfolio Building…

Make Money From Home With PropertyWell, during the early 2000’s the property market was on the rise in the UK, mortgages were relatively easy to come by and I thought I could leverage the rising property market and mortgage facilities to acquire a property portfolio with no money down strategies.

I thought great…. I’ll look into running a home business by becoming a landlord and also a ‘buy to sell” property developer. That’s it all my troubles will be over…. I handed in my notice on my birthday in 2006 and said goodbye to a fantastic bunch of people who I had grown close to in my legal career… (quite emotional that day!)… and I walked out.

Mark Ford - Law Society Presentations 1994

Mark Ford – Law Society Presentations 1994

Now… one thing on this… I would not recommend you go ‘all in’ like I did but build a home business up on the side until the money you earn, and I did say earn, has replaced your full time income. I put myself through some very difficult financial challenges by giving up my well paid job and throwing in the towel.

I still had bills to pay and they still came asking… ‘where’s the bill money… pay up… but hey… with the help and support of those around me I got through and you can too, especially if you have a no quit attitude and the belief that you can get your home business to work for you and you just pick the right home business model and marketing strategies. Along with… one crucial element… get educated about your home business and don’t let the struggles of your past stop you developing a much brighter future with a home business.

You see, if you have read and watched my story, you will know that, apart from being a lawyer, I was in a flat at 16, with my parents being separated, going through a messy divorce myself but still qualifying as a solicitor, having to also look after my dad following the break up… and I could go on a lot more but if you would like to learn more then you can watch the video on my about me page here..

The point is we can stay in the negative mindset and the doom and gloom, or we can stand up, and keep standing up, shake ourselves off, look at whether what we are doing now is going to get us the life we want, and make some decisions about our future.

As I’ve said… “don’t let the struggles of your past stop you developing a much brighter future with a home business…. just get educated, something which I do day in and day out.

So… achieve what you want, just apply yourself and keep going until you achieve your goals and help others along the way.

I could have packed it all in many times. When I learnt that owning a property portfolio created an expense account and that it would be a bit of a ‘holding’ game until the market conditions are right, I didn’t just say… that’s it… back to the legal work…

andrew-reynolds-self-made-millionaireNo, a magazine came through my letterbox from a self made millionaire > Andrew Reynolds < that’s interesting I thought. Here I am at another crossroads in my life not giving up on my idea to run a home business. The property business is not delivering what I thought it would, despite having 21 properties, and here is a guy who’s timing is perfect to hit me with this magazine now and help me keep my mind open to the idea that running a home business can give me what I am striving for…

  • early retirement
  • time freedom
  • financial freedom
  • running on autopilot once set up and marketed
  • more time with my son and family
  • travel when I want
  • help others and charities
  • and lots more…!

I have found that running a home business is an excellent professional career alternative for lawyers or any other professional career. At the end of the day all we really want is money and time freedom to do what we want when we want. Being in a job, whether it is a legal job or any other professional job, ties us to the office and we are constrained to a 9 to 5 lifestyle and the limitations that imposes.

Taking the plunge… and leaving your job… opens up a whole new world and once we have learnt what to do and applied ourselves, I have found that with the right home business you can replace your former professional career income and have a lot more time on your hands to be free to do what you want to do.

If you are a professional person, maybe you are researching what else a lawyer can do, or searching for job alternatives for lawyers, I can recommend you look into two home business options;

1. Learn about building a digital business and becoming an affiliate marketer >>> free digital lifestyle bootcamp series – click here – from someone who has helped me build an alternative lifestyle

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What you need to get what you want in life is some ideas that you can copy. Ideas that have been worked successfully by one of my multi-millionaire business mentors who now offers to teach me and you to do the same.

If you let me introduce you to this then… you will find a home business solution that you can copy, like I am.

Click The Alternative Lifestyle Working From Home Image To learn How To Copy A Proven Money Making System From Home

An Alternative Lifestyle Working From Home

It doesn’t require huge amounts of money to get started.

Offline traditional businesses cost thousands to set up. This, as you will learn, is much cheaper. Just… £9.95 to get your copy of the copy the ideas home business model…. but remember you are buying the starter course here, just like at a restaurant.

If you’re ready to start a real home business…

… And learn more…

Here’s what you need to do now…

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I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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2 Responses to Are You Fed Up With Your Professional Career?

  1. Dave Menzies says:

    Hi Mark – a valuable post as always. I think anyone who is disillusioned with their professional career will find this very inspiring.

    • Mark Ford says:

      Hi David

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving this comment. Every success with your own home business and I look forward to supporting you further.

      I became disillusioned with my former professional career, and those preparing to make a change in their life path will find that there are other alternatives out here. We just need to find them and take action on them following the education.

      We can be so ‘cocooned’ doing what we are doing, that we don’t look at any other alternatives, or other opportunities. A home business has proved to be a great step in the right direction towards a better life than the 9 to 5 job culture.

      Mark Ford