Best Way To Get Instagram Followers

Best Way To Get Instagram Followers – 5 Tips On How To Get 1000 Instagram Followers Fast

Mark Ford reveals the best way to get Instagram followers for your home business. Use these tips to build a loyal band of followers.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Social media platforms are very powerful marketing channels for your home business, so today I am going to show you the best way to get Instagram followers.

In fact I am going to share with you 5 tips to help you build 1000 followers really quickly to help to increase your home business profile on Instagram.

Instagram is now becoming a real powerhouse and has well over 600 million people with accounts. These are potential customers for your business but with so many companies vying for business you will need to make your profile stand out from the crowd and attract a fan base of loyal followers.

That is why I am not only going to give you the best way to get Instagram followers, I am going to give you 5 of them.

By sharing with you today the best way to get Instagram followers, this has nothing to do with buying Instagram followers.

Home business owners buy Instagram followers on a regular basis but it is not something that will build up loyal followers. This is done to build up a company perception, to get other people to join because they see a large fan base. Buying followers leads to very little engagement and this is not what you should be concentrating your efforts on.

Having a loyal following of people who interact and engage with the content you put on Instagram is going to lead to long term home business success.

Best Way To Get Instagram Followers – Add 1000 Followers Super Fast With These Instagram Tips

best way to get instagram followers

Best Way To Get Instagram Followers

Engage With Similar Audiences – On social media we all engage with lots of things, funny videos of pets, watching videos of people who can’t park a car or amazing street artists, you know what I mean?

You should not do this with the account you have on Instagram for your business. What you should be doing is engaging with accounts that have a similar audience to the one that you are trying to attract.

You should comment on things that are similar to what you are working on within your home business and then ask for feedback on your project. This is the call to action for the account holder. They will then become aware of you and your brand with the knock on effect that their followers will also become aware of you.

Look Local – Now I know that Instagram is a world wide platform but that should not stop you from attracting followers from your local community. Local marketing can be a huge part of your business.

Simply add your location on to post or by adding a local upcoming event it will attract people from your locality. Local followers can hold a lot more weight for your business as they are more likely to leave reviews for you, adding to your social proof.

best way to get instagram followers

Best Way To Get Instagram Followers

The Scheduling Of Your Posts – Instagram is like all the other social media platforms who have sophisticated algorithms that decide, and dictate, which posts get to the top of the news feeds on people’s accounts.

It is done through the engagement the posts get, so you will need to post your content at the time when most people are around to engage with you. This is where you will need to do some testing to get some data to work with.

Mix it up throughout the week, posting at different times during the day. Ask yourself, does a particular day in the week work better for you or is it at the weekend when you get more engagement? You will need to run these tests for a few weeks until you get the hard data that shows you when you should be posting.

Instagram Stories – Instagram has a part of their platform that is very similar to Snapchat where you can upload short videos that get deleted after one day. It was originally called Instagram Stories.

Here can can create short videos promoting your products and services, local events, a contest that you will be holding or information about your home business.

Video is much more engaging than simple pictures. When people scroll through their feed they are more likely to stop and watch a video.

Run A Competition – I briefly mentioned this a few seconds ago. People love competitions and they are great to build up brand awareness.

It is up to you what you offer for the prize. However, everybody loves something that is free so you will get plenty of people to enter.

One tip is to keep the duration of the competition short, no longer than 5 days as people are not interested in waiting that long and they are likely to forget about it.

The instagram tips that I have shared with you are great for building an organic following of loyal Instagram followers. It will really help your home business if you implement the things that I have spoken about.

If you want to take you business to the next level with social media marketing, then I recommend that you look at the resources and training programs that the Six Figure Mentors offers.

They are an online business training organization which specializes on training people how to market their business on the internet. They have many social media marketing training courses within their portfolio of training material. To find out more about the company, how it can help you create a new lifestyle and how it can help you market your business effectively on the internet, please click on the image below.

mark ford marketing

I am sure that you will agree that I did not settle on showing you the best way to get Instagram followers, I shared with you 5 ways to get a loyal fan base on Instagram. Please remember to check out the resources that the Six Figure Mentors offers by clicking the above image.

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