Blogging For Money For Beginners

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Finally Revealed – The Secrets To Making Money Through Blogging

If you are looking for blogging for money for beginners tips then check out this article from prolific blogger Mark Ford. He reveals some insider tips and gives you access to a free resource called Your Blog Content.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Today I will be talking about blogging for money for beginners. You may have heard that lots of people are making a very nice living simply through sharing content on their blog.

This is probably why you have landed on this webpage to find out some insider blogging for money for beginners tips to help you get started with blogging.

Blogging originally started with people to sharing their own stories, a virtual journal if you like. Well now in 2017 blogging is big business not only for individuals but also for multi national corporations who see that they can make a lot of money through content marketing.

As a prolific blogger myself I thought it would really help to share some blogging for money for beginners tips. I started blogging as a home based business back in 2011 and I have achieved some incredible results through it. Blogging has generated over $30,000 in one month for me and this can be verified. Hopefully that has wetted your appetite to learn more information.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – How Do You Make Money From Blogging On Your Website?

To be successful in anything in life you need a system to follow. I am very experienced in developing systems and I have a comprehensive blogging system that I follow daily to help me achieve the results I do.

Also you need to connect directly with people who are looking for solutions to problems that they are suffering from. The way to do this is through establishing yourself as an authority in your particular niche or industry.

To establish yourself as that authority you need to create, leverage and distribute quality content that addresses individuals problems and offer them high quality solutions in the form of products and services.

The emphasis here is on quality. Some bloggers think that they can just publish a load of words, add a few images and links to their affiliate products and they will become rich overnight. This doesn’t work and they are still sitting there day after day, month after month wondering why.

The reason is because thy have jumped in with no real system in place in relation to the platform they use, what content to create and have no purpose in what they are doing.

So with that in mind I am going to give you some value blogging for money for beginners tips to help you create a blueprint for success.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Your Blueprint To Blogging Success

blogging for money for beginners

Blogging For Money For Beginners

Blogging For Money For Beginners – The Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms that you can use but my recommendation is that you use WordPress. WordPress is seen by many in the industry as the platform of choice because it is very easy to create stunning and professional looking websites on it.

You can easily add content to your blogs and pages and there are tons of plugins to add any function that you need. Also Google look very favourably on WordPress sites so they tend to rank them higher.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Have A Blogging Schedule!

This is a part of the system that you need to put in place. Having a clear schedule to work to helps you plan out your day.

Decide how many times your are going to post but my recommendation is that you do a blog post every day. This may sound like a lot of hard work but honestly it is not. If you allocate say an hour a day, and do your keyword research, then you can quickly come up with a lot of topics to write about. Also the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Also by having a clear schedule it helps your readership because they when know exactly to expect your latest blog post. They form a habit in their head to check in with what you have to say and they stick to it.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Connecting With People

You blog should be concentrated around a theme or a niche. You are not going to appeal to everybody but you will appeal to people who are looking for information around a particular niche.

My niche is to provide information and advice to help people start a home business so I publish high quality content around that topic and it appeals to people who are looking to start their own home business.

So whatever topic you decide to write about your content should reflect that. For example if your topic is cricket keep to that theme, don’t suddenly start writing about golf as your readers will soon become confused.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – How to Attract New Readers

You do this through interacting with your existing readers. Ask them to leave comments on your posts so that their circle of friends get drawn to your blog.

Also ask them to share you content so it has a viral effect. One person shares it, then that person shares it so you create a snowball effect.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Start Getting Subscribers

Add a subscriber opt-in facility onto your blog. Here you can offer something for free in return for their email address. Then you can start to build a database of people that you can offer value to and ultimately promote products and services to start making money.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Monetize Your Blog

There are many ways that you can monetize your blog. You do this through advertising and here are some examples of this.

  • Affiliate Marketing – Here you can promote affiliate products and services within the content that you create. Remember you are a problem solver so you can address people’s problems and then offer a solution which is your affiliate offer.
  • Sell Advertising Space – Once you have a high number of visitors to your site you can sell advertising space in the form of banners to other people.
  • Your Own Products & Services – You can write about your own products and services and then link them to your sales pages.
  • Google Adsense – Here you can get a piece of code from Google and add it to your site. This will show ads that relate to your theme and when people click on the add you will get paid.

Blogging For Money For Beginners – Distribute Your Content

home business blogging

Home Business Blogging Tips with the Your Blog Content Report

This is called syndication and it is where you distribute your content to get maximum exposure. There are many different ways to syndicate your content and I have developed a system that I talk about in a free resource that I have created.

It is called Your Blog Content and it is a blueprint to creating successful home based business blogs. Within the book I talk about all the points that I have mentioned in this post and lots more.

To receive your free copy then please click on the image to the left and register your details. I will then send you a copy instantly via a download link and you can learn more about creating your own home based blogging business.

I have really enjoyed sharing with you these blogging for money for beginners tips and hope that they really help you. To grab your free copy of the Your Blog Content publication please click here.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from blogging.

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