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Blogging – What’s The Story Mark Ford?

I hope you are having a great day in your business but what is Mark Ford’s Story about Blogging Success? – Why Should You Care?

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Who would have ever thought all those years ago, having spent 29 years in Her Majesty’s Court Service dealing with crime, family, licensing and local authority law as a Court Senior Legal Adviser, that I would end up devoting my time to building a home business, primarily based around blogging, to share my story and articles with like minded business owners?

So, What Led Me Here?

Well, back in 1991, when I was studying to become a qualified UK lawyer, the whole world fell in on me as my wife announced that she was putting in for a divorce. Good and bad at the time, because I became depressed at losing her but it helped me when I sat my family law exams and passed with flying colours. I used what I was learning to do my own divorce paperwork and negotiations!

With a no quit attitude I saw it through and qualified as a UK lawyer in 1994. When the certificate came through the door, it was both a happy and a sad time. Happy because I had achieved my goal, sad because I was doing it for the family. However, my wife didn’t see it my way and she didn’t want to stay through to the end so that we could, as a family, enjoy the fruits of the labour.

law society finals

Mark Ford – Law Society Finals

How Did You Deal With It?

The divorce obviously had an impact on me and it was either sink or swim. One way that I dealt with it was to have a distraction going on by running a music and entertainment business between 1996 and 2006. What this did for me was to give me a new circle of friends and I also ensured that over a 15 year period I saw my son twice a week, because he was only 3 when we divorced.

I used to look forward very much to the times we had together at the weekends and in the week with special trips to the seaside and much more.

The Freedom I Gained From The Divorce!

However, the freedom I suddenly had, and the promotions I gained in my job, meant that I was free to get into new relationships, travel worldwide, buy the cars I always wanted, run my entertainment business and still hold down the legal job until I quit that too in 2006 when my Dad died of lung cancer. A time that we all experience in one form or another in our lives, but not any less distressing for any of us. That was certainly the case for me because, having stepped up to deal with everything for the family, the aftermath put me into a state of depression for 4 months until I said… no more… life goes on and let’s make the rest of my life the best of my life.

What did I do on my father’s passing?

I decided to close out the entertainment business, quit the law job on my birthday in September 2006 and start a property development and investment business (real estate) and partner up with someone I had met in the Law Courts to do this. This lady, Liz Poole, is someone who remains a close friend and business partner to me to this day.

Why share this with you Mark?

These were the triggers that led me to where I am today. These events started my journey to become an entrepreneur and a home business owner, initially as an entertainment agent in 1996, then from 2006 onwards as a real estate investor, and then from around 2008 I started to learn about offline and online marketing from home and what opportunities there were on the internet.

Maybe like you, I joined many online programs, some good, some not so good. However, this was all a part of my learning curve which eventually led to me becoming a home business lifestyle and blogging coach. In this role I have my own clients as well as being retained by a top international Digital Experts Academy to coach on a weekly basis their top members, both from a blogging perspective and to take them through a Mastermind process.

Being At Home With Mum

Running a home business has also meant that I did not have to ask for permission to be at home with Mum for 12 months, during which time I was her full time carer as she suffers with Dementia.

Blogging requires consistent effort, and you need to not only blog but know how to syndicate your content and follow up with your subscribers and website visitors. Results will not come overnight, so don’t expect it but being at home with Mum during 2014 and 2015, until she had to go into care, meant that I could blog, run my home business and care for her at the same time.

What About The Now?

These days I live between the UK and Cyprus, spending half the month between the two so I can see my mum, family and friends. A home business gives you that flexibility and it also means I can blog from anywhere around the world, depending where I am at any one given time.

All I/you need Mark is a laptop or other media device, an internet connection, and a blogging system that you can work too. As we progress through these email communications I will link you to various resources that will help you both learn and create your own blogging systems, because without having a system and making blogging a habit you may find it difficult to maintain the consistency needed to get the excellent results blogging can give your business.

That’s All Well and Good Mark Ford – But Why Blogging?

What I have shared in my story above led me to a position where, having quit my legal job in 2006, spent a lot of time in the social circle after my divorce, and investing heavily in real estate from 2006 onwards, it left me at a point where I did not have much of a marketing budget. Therefore, I took the organic free marketing route and one of the choices was to learn about becoming a home business blogger, setting up my own blog online and sharing my story and what I had learnt with others so that they can be inspired to do the same.

The digital marketing company, who I know provide coaching services for and I have done so since March 2015, threw out a 30 day blogging challenge in late 2012. I threw myself into it whole heartedly to the point where during 2013 I set about learning about various blogging and free marketing strategies I could use to build a home business.

I created my own blogging systems, which I will share with you as we move on. I carried out extensive market and keyword research and then blogged, as well as video, daily for over 2 years.

I implemented my blogging system in the spring of 2013 and I was delighted to receive awards in the September of 2013 of a MacBook Proin later years a Mont Blanc Pen and also a mini iPad, along wth experiencing sales of 20k to 30k a month, all from blogging.

I was at the top of leaderboards and the I wanted to give back in a big way, which has led me to where I am today ===> See this link >>> 20K Months <<< and at this link you will also be able to view my Blogging Success Videos.

My Offer!

I offer to share with you what I have learnt over the years and to show you that it is possible to build a business from home online, without a marketing budget.

To do this I invite you to subscribe to my blogging list and then I will send you every few days a further email that contains links and information on how you can access the next piece of training. This will take the form of linking you to blog posts, videos and various educational products, resources and workshops that I have created to help you with implementing blogging into your own business.

Final Words

Note: The business you own doesn’t necessarily need to be a home business, because the blogging systems and strategies I share could equally be applied in any business. It’s just that my passion and speciality is in the home business niche, running businesses from home or wherever there is an internet connection worldwide as I enjoy living a laptop lifestyle. Just like today, where I write to you from my apartment in Cyprus near the sea, in 35 degrees of heat… phew.

I hope you have taken some value from me sharing my story with you today and that you have seen that this is one of the biggest reasons I ended up blogging. Whether you have money or not for a marketing budget, blogging should form a part of any marketing plan and enjoy it because it is a great way to reach out to your audience and build relationships.

Until the next time, I wish you every success in running your home business blog and if you would like to obtain a free copy of my blogging ebook, click the banner below.

blogging guide

Blogging Guide from Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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