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Blogging Structure – How To Structure Your Blog Posts Correctly And By Doing So Improve Your Search Engine Rankings – Starting Today!

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Hello, Mark Ford here, home business coach and prolific blogger and I want to talk about blogging structure today so you understand how to perfectly structure your blog posts.

Some people may think that blogging is just individuals putting words onto virtual paper. Well there is a little bit more to it than that and as a very experienced blogger I feel that I am more than qualified to show you the perfect blogging structure to follow.

Every blog post must have a purpose for you to write it. You may want to get new leads, or direct visitors to a product or service that you are selling as a vendor, or maybe you are promoting a product as an affiliate, or perhaps you are writing content to build relationships with your list.

Whatever the reason, before you write anything ask yourself a question. What is the purpose of this article I am going to write today?

The answer to this question will help you with the way you structure your blog post and determine what call to action you provide at the end of your post, with links to either a landing page, sales page or invitations to connect with you further.

What Else Mark Ford Would You Say About Blog Structure – The Hook?

There must be a hook to get someone to start reading you post, then you must identify a problem or pain point that the visitor has and finally you will offer them a solution to their problem through your content.

Let me help you with your blogging structure by sharing with you this blogging structure step by step guide. This will help you understand the elements that you should be incorporating into your blog posts.

Blogging Structure – Your Blueprint For Amazing Blog Posts

blogging structure

Blogging Structure

Blogging Structure – Headlines & Sub-Headlines

Your headline is the first thing that people will notice so it needs to grab their attention. It needs to address the problem that they are suffering from for them to start reading your post. This is called the H1 Tag and it has to be keyword driven.

This means that it needs to reflect the exact keyword that someone is typing into Google for search engine optimization purposes. This is how your blog post is picked up by the search engine algorithms.

Your sub-headlines come into two different categories. The first sub-headline should incorporate the main keyword into a sentence that makes sense. This is your H2 Tag which again is used for search engine optimization.

Then you should be incorporating your keyword in smaller sub-headlines which are called H3 Tags. These H3 Tags should be spaced out into the content body of your post, and right at the bottom of your post where you sign off the article.

Blogging Structure – The Content Of Your Post

The main content of your post should be focused on addressing the problems that people have. You need to pick up on the pain points the visitor is suffering from, reference that you too understand what they are feeling and give examples of that so that they can relate to what you are saying.

Then you can say how you have overcome the problem, what you have done and the actions that you have taken before leading them onto the solution that you found and then offer that solution to the visitor by giving them a call to action to take.

This could be that they sign up to receive some free information or they purchase your product and service. You need to tell people what to do and give them the facility to do it.

In some ways you want to be a story teller and pre-sell the solution that you are offering. You should always incorporate the main keyword in the body of the content.

Within the first sentence you should make the keyword bold. Then you need to italicize the keyword within the first 2 or 3 paragraphs and then have it underlined in the last sentence of your blog post. You should aim for between 400 – 800 words in your posts.

Blogging Structure – Use Images And Video

Mark Fords Blog.comImages and video are very engaging to the reader and they break up the block of text that forms the written content in your article.

Your images need to be titled with the main keyword so that they get picked up in the search engines.

Blogging Structure – Your Call To Action

I have mentioned this earlier. Your call to action needs to be near the end of the post and if you have done your pre-selling right the visitor has no option but to click on your call to action button.

Blogging Structure – Your Sign Off

Always sign off your post with a signature. There are many free resources that you can use to create a virtual signature and where it then looks professional.

Include you name and what you do so that people are clear on what you offer. Also put all your contact information at the bottom of the post so that people can connect with you.

Blogging Structure – The Your Blog Content E-Book

home business blogging

Home Business Blogging Tips with the Your Blog Content Report

So far I have given you an overview on how to do the correct blogging structure. Now I would like to go even further by offering you a complete solution on how to create profit pulling and professional blog posts.

I have created a resource called Your Blog Content. I have collated all my experience and success into this book to give you the ultimate blueprint to follow so that you can set up six figure home based business blogs.

I go through this blogging structure in much more detail. I also reveal the benefits of blogging and how to monetize your blog posts so that you can make a full time living through blogging and blog marketing.

I usually sell this publication for $47.00 but today I would like to make it available to you for free with my sincere compliments.

Your Blog Content – Download Your Copy Here

When it comes to blogging structure it is a kind of a science. The tips that I have shared with you today and the resources that I have made available to you will set you on the right path for blogging success.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from retargeting marketing.

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Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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