Build An Online Business Attracting The Right People

Successfully Building An Online Business By Attracting The Right People To Be In Your Home Based Business!

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Build An Online Business Attracting the Right People

Some sayings are worth their weight in gold …

You can say all of the “wrong” things to the “right” person and they’ll still join your business … and you can say all of the “right” things to the “wrong” person and they’ll never join your business working from home.

Key Point – The key to successfully building a home based business is your ability to attract the “right” people who are already interested in joining your home business.

And where do these people exist (in large numbers) and how do you find them?

First you need to identify a Key Influential Person who has access to a large number of your “Ideal” prospects …

And who are your “Ideal” prospects …

People who are ALREADY involved in a home based business, but they aren’t having the level of success that they truly want.

Remember our last message where we talked about Can I Do It? – When you show them that they Can Do It, they will join your business.

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So, how would you find a large number of people who are already involved in a home based business, but not really satisfied?

Look for a “Leader” who has an existing organization … Leaders are already convinced of the value of building a home based business.

Some leaders are very loyal to their existing business, while other leaders are very open to change. People who are advertising to build their home based business by placing ads in newspapers, magazines, online etc. are the leaders who are serious about building their business.

I’ve found that when you follow up with them about a month after their ad, then you can have a great opportunity to see if they’re open to your business.

For example, I would save their ad and contact them about a month after you saw their ad. Then say something like the following:

Hi (First Name of person who placed the ad), I noticed you placed an ad last month (tell them where) and I’m curious how you are doing with your current business.

If I could show you a way to have a lot more success with another opportunity, would you be open to looking at it?

Then simply send them to your website and let your website begin the “Presentation Process” (we’ll talk more about this at a later date.)

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Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach you:

Focus on Duplicating rather than Enrolling

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