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When it comes to running a successful home based business, my view is that you need to generate multiple revenue streams and multiple product solutions.

What I have found works best is to find business opportunities that help you set up a three way triangle.

On the left hand side of the triangle focus on affiliate income, on the right hand side find businesses that give you residual income and on the bottom of your income generation triangle build businesses that give you high ticket commissions and income.

Business Opportunities Working From Home – What Are Your Choices To Generate Income?

There are a mass of business opportunites working from home out there, both online and offline. Some good, some not so good but after literally years of research and buying into various products and programs, along with sheer trial and error, you will find on the drop down menu above the home based business opportunities that I have settled upon for my business.

These home business income opportunities will help you generate the three types of home based income that, in my view, you must have in your business to maximize your success and may just change your life by helping you achieve all you ever wanted.

Home Business Income And Business Opportunity Information!

I have also provided below a summary of these top business opportunities working from home, that I have researched myself, and I am actively involved with.

If you read the brief summary and click through you will be able to read more information about each of the home business income opportunites and how you can get involved.

If you bookmark this site and check back from time to time you will be able to view the latest list of home based business opportunities that I recommend.


The home based income opportunity here is to work from home as an Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk affiliate marketer.

Promote Amazon products at Christmas time or all year round and make money online from home.

Advertise Amazon products and earn advertising fees from qualifying purchases. Plus, you can also receive advertising fees from ALL products your visitors buy, not just from the products you advertise.

Check Out Home Business Products On Amazon.com

Check Out Home Business Products On Amazon.co.uk

Visit The Amazon Webpage For More Information...


The home based income opportunity with Clickbank is to work as a Clickbank Affiliate earning commissions by promoting a wide range of digital products.

You can also market your own internet business products and use Clickbank as a payment processor for your digital products. Affiliates will pick up your products and promote them in return for a commission payment from you.

All this is managed by Clickbank and, as an affiliate, you can make up to 70% commissions per sale.

Clickbank MarketingPromote Your Home Business Products On Clickbank.com

Make Money Online Working From HomeClickbank state on their website that their clients have earned over 2 billion dollars and that “It’s your turn.”

Find tens of thousands of digital products to promote online. Get your ambition rewarded. To find out more click the ‘Must Read’ button.

Clickbank Marketing

The Six Figure Mentors

Business Opportunities - Six Figure MentorsThe Six Figure Mentors has developed a ground breaking platform that allows members to begin their own turn key digital and Internet marketing business.

This platform integrates instruction and education to help members create a low overhead virtual office, and is jam packed with business resources, tools, training, and full technical support.

The Six Figure Mentors Internet marketing training and coaching system (from Stuart Ross) is designed to help each member succeed, regardless of education or your economic background.

Click the ‘Must Read’ button to read more about The Six Figure Mentors.

Six Figure Mentors The Digital Experts Academy

Digital Experts Academy VisionIn January 2013, Stuart Ross partnered up with Jay Kubassek to form the Digital Experts Academy -> View DEA Information Here!

Click the ‘Must Read’ button to read more about The Digital Experts Academy.

Six Figure Mentors

Andrew Reynolds Copy This Idea

Copy These Home Business Ideas

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds was an ordinary person who wanted to find a way to change his life for the better.

In Copy This Idea, Andrew Reynolds explains how he went from being distraught and living in near poverty to becoming a millionaire.

This Copy This Idea book will show you how Andrew Reynolds has licensed information products and sold them with high profit margins through re-branding and the creation of sales and marketing funnels. Anyone reading Andrew Reynold’s Copy This Idea book will have the opportunity to start their own business by copying the ideas set out in the book.

Copy This Idea Andrew ReynoldsAndrew Reynolds Copy This Idea BookNetwork Marketing UK – Home Business Solution For UK Network Marketers – Utility Warehouse – Save Money On Bills

There are three home busness solutions and opportunities available:

1) Earn an income which could change your life: Independent Distributor
2) Raise money for a charity, group or organisation looking to raise money: Community Fundraiser (CFR)
3) Supplement your existing business revenue:  Independent Representative

Introduction to the Utility Warehouse business opportunity

Since 1997, Telecom Plus, which operates the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, has grown from just an idea into a company with a turnover of over £650 million whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. A track record second to none. This phenomenal growth in turnover and profits has been achieved by word of mouth “referral marketing”.

The question is: what share of this could you earn for yourself? The explosion in growth that the Utility Warehouse is experiencing right now is just the beginning. It is said that the key to success is not necessarily being in the right place at the right time, but recognising that you are in the right place at the right time, and not four years later with hindsight.

Telecom Plus PLC is a British, publicly quoted company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The corporate management team, headed by Executive Chairman Charles Wigoder, has been responsible for the phenomenal growth of the company. Charles’s previous successes prior to joining Telecom Plus include the spectacularly successful growth of Peoples Phone which he launched in 1990 and which grew to 10% of the UK mobile phone market prior to its purchase by Vodafone. He is now applying those same skills to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, with breathtaking results. The Utility Warehouse is extremely successful and its profits are growing spectacularly every year. It also boasts an exceptionally strong balance sheet with no debt, providing confidence that this business really is here to stay.

How many people do you know who use the phone, switch on a light, turn on the oven or use the internet? The Utility Warehouse is not asking people to spend extra money on services they do not normally use, they are simply offering the same services but with one major difference – they offer far better value! You will be tapping into a market where people and businesses are already spending many billions of £’s a year.

Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating or surf the net, you could be getting paid.

Anyone who wants to earn some money and has drive and enthusiasm can become successful with the Utility Warehouse. Click the logo below to learn more.utility warehouse distributorThe residual income you build will continue to be paid as long as your customers continue to use these services, and that could be long after you have stopped building your Utility Warehouse business!

The Utility Warehouse offers a unique support and training programme, which includes a comprehensive package of manuals and marketing materials, providing everything you need to start building your own successful Utility Warehouse business. Initial training for all new Distributors is provided free of charge at over 45 training centres throughout the country.

The more successful and prosperous you become, the greater the company’s success, so they do everything they can to help you succeed! •

In addition to earning a residual income, generating discounts on your utility bills or raising funds for a good cause, Utility Warehouse Partners can also benefit from an exciting range of incentives and bonuses. These include owning your own Utility Warehouse branded BMW Mini; driving one of the company’s fleet of Porsche Boxsters; qualifying for luxury, all expenses paid holidays and also earning significant cash bonuses for achieving certain customer and Distributor gathering targets.

Thousands of Partners have already joined Telecom Plus, and many are earning a significant monthly income which is making a huge difference to their lives, raising funds for community projects close to their hearts, or generating an additional revenue stream for their business. But with around 2% of UK households currently using their services, you needn’t worry about being too late to join.

The Utility Warehouse operates a Share Option scheme to act as an incentive for its Distributors. Share Options are a ‘risk-free’ way for you to share in the future growth and financial success of the company. The Options issued so far have been worth millions of pounds, creating huge gains for many Distributors, and the intention is for the company to make further allocations in the future.

This is your chance to obtain a ‘free’ allocation of Share Options in a fast moving PLC on the London Stock Exchange. Did you know that as a result of Share Options issued by Microsoft, they have over 10,000 millionaires working for them? The more customers that the Utility Warehouse attracts and the bigger the business becomes, the more your Share Options will be worth. They could eventually be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. So don’t miss out – get involved and make sure you qualify simply by sharing the benefits of the Utility Warehouse with others.

Information Products

Promoting Information Products – Create Your Own, Operate As A Re-Seller Or Work As An Affiliate Marketer!

Information marketing is one of the best methods of generating an income working from home. The income model I recommend is to bring information products into your business that create affiliate, residual and high ticket income.

The products do not necessarily need to be created by yourself. There is an abundance of private label rights product available on the internet that you can re-brand. You can also work as an affiliate marketer or a re-seller promoting other people’s products.

The home and internet businesses that I, Mark Ford, am affiliated to are listed above and the information products that I promote are listed at this link… and also at the bottom of the website.

Information ProductsMark Ford – Home Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing – Home Business Opportunity Links

Note: Always carry out your own independent market research before joining any home based or internet business opportunities. Please review the disclaimer statement here.

Please also review the disclosure statement and the terms and conditions of use of this website in relation to home based income opportunites and internet businesses.

Learn more home business ideas here.

Relevant Home Business Opportunity Links

1. Products

Products – A listing of various resources to help you with your home based business.

2. Banners

View All Home Based Business Ideas Banners Here

3. Home Business Reviews

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4. Websites

View A Listing of Mark Ford’s Website Network Here

5. Home Business Opportunity Blog Posts

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7. Work From Home Business Blog Posts

View Mark Ford’s Work From Home Business Articles

8. Publishing Platform – CreateSpace

Once you have decided on the home business and products that you wish to promote, an excellent distribution channel is provided by a company known as CreateSpace.

9. Property Investment And Development

Property investment and development (Real Estate) is an ideal home based income opportunity and a very satisfying occupation.

Learn more at the following links;

A. Property Investment Article

B. Property Investment UK

C. Property Lease Options

10. Other Recommended Affiliate Programs

A. Armand Morin – Internet Marketing Expert

Armand Morin Internet Marketer

Armand Morin

If you have heard about Armand Morin, you will know that he is a well established and very successful internet marketer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Armand Morin back in 2008 when he was a speaker at a home business Bootcamp run by Andrew Reynolds.

Armand Morin offers marketing training and an affiliate program called Generator Software. This program contains some quality products that you can offer to your subscribers, team members and customers.

To learn more… CLICK HERE

with your custom affiliate link and they will pay you all your commissions via: PAYPAL .

B. Article Builder

PayDot.comArticle Builder uses PayDotCom.com to manage their affiliate program. They will provide you with great tools to sell Article Builder product easily. They also provide you with ways to track your hits, sales, campaigns, and commissions. All you need is a free PayDotCom.com affiliate account ID. PayDotCom.com will even credit you for sales even if your buyer does not buy on the first day.

To learn more… CLICK HERE

C. Advertising Programs Where You Can Earn Commission As An Affiliate

Where money is tight there are a number of ways you can advertise for free online. Click here to learn more and you will also be able to sign up to the advertising platforms affiliate program.

11. Team Bonuses And Support Systems From Mark Ford

When you join my home based businesses as a team member I offer a number of bonuses and support systems to my team.

A. Click here to view the Team Bonuses.

B. Click here to view the Team Support System.

12. The Six Figure Mentors

The digital marketing and business building platform that is central to make it all work -> The SFM & Team Support Mark Ford Offers

The Six Figure Mentors Application Pack
I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Business Opportunities – Top of Page

P.S. Remember to bookmark this site and check back from time to time. You will then be able to view the latest list of home based business opportunities that I recommend.

P.P.S. You may wish to share this page by using the share and follow icons below.


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  9. julian says:

    Dear Mark,

    I was thinking of joining the SFM hosted by Stuart Ross and I was wondering if this really does work, but now I am wondering if I should be asking you as obviously you are affiliated to his site, anyway if you don’t mind and could give me your honest opinion that would be great.

    I am on the verge of losing my job and don’t really want to spend 6 months trying to earn money with this when you might know that it didnt work for you.

    I hope this all makes sense and would like to thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me.

    Many thanks again,


    • Mark Ford says:


      It was good to talk with you over the telephone last week where I shared with you a bit about myself and my journey concerning working from home and making money on the internet.

      The SFM has been the key to improving my results and since I took action on the excellent internet marketing coaching information in the back office I have seen a significant upturn in my business and for the first time, in November 2011, I made high ticket sales of $1,000. This is all down to taking action on what I learnt from the program and tuning into everything that Stuart Ross and his business has to offer.

      If you visit the business overview page you will be able to learn more.

      Stuart Ross also gives an excellent insight into the coaching program by making available an application pack at THIS LINK.

      You will also find on Stuart’s application page my testimonial as an Elite member of the business.

      Having discussed the position with you over the telephone, where I provided you with my honest opinion on how good this business is and what it can do for you and your trading and martial arts businesses, I can highly recommend it to you.

      On my SFM Testimonials Page I also share with you a number of testimonials about the SFM which may help you.

      Should you decide to proceed to get going visit the application page and hit the ‘Add To Cart’ button to get your application kit.

      I look forward to working with you once you have joined.

      Best regards and every success.

      Mark Ford

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    • Mark Ford says:

      To my blog readers: Please note that this article has also been re-produced in a different format at this home based business blog.

      I did not authorize this publication and content on this website (Mark Fords Blog.com) is subject to copyright. The original article was produced by Mark Ford at >>> THIS LINK <<< and any article that has been produced on my site and re-spun elsewhere is not my work.

      Readers should take it that I am not responsible for the content of any articles re-spun elsewhere on other sites and that the publication on this site is my own work at STARTING A HOME BASED BUSINESS

      Mark Ford
      6th August 2012

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  24. Steve Thomas says:

    Hi Mark,

    I found your website while I was looking for ‘home based business publications’ on Google.

    Do you produce a magazine, or simply promote SFM and UWDC?

    What I’m looking for are magazines to advertise in to promote the Big Idea Mastermind.

    Many thanks,

    Steve Thomas.

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  36. This is such a real eye opener. Only makes people realize that the only thing in between them and getting ahead is themselves.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this, Mark. You might want to check my blog too: http://cam-airllc.com/blog/

    Looking forward to having a discussion with you!

    • Mark Ford says:

      Hello Chris

      Thank you for leaving this comment Chris. Yes, we can often be our own worse enemy and put up in front of ourselves all the excuses under the sun not to do something and take advantage of the opportunities presented.

      We listen to the voice in our head and limiting beliefs and as a result we stay where we are in our comfort zones when a new lifestyle can often be more fulfilling than the one that we currently live.

      I checked your blog and whilst it is not directly connected to the building of an online home business, I found it interesting and informative about improving energy efficiency. Thank you.

      You are looking forward to have a discussion with me. Appointments can be made at https://markfordsblog.com/contact/appointment/


      Mark Ford – Home Business Lifestyle Coach

  37. richer morin says:

    Hey Marc, hows it going – I was just
    wondering after checking out your website

    (BTW awesome website)

    I was just interested if you accepted any
    sort of advertising on your website.

    I have a products or service that seems
    to be a suitable fit for your readers
    anyways if your interested —


    I’d love to get in touch and discuss
    future promotion if you’re open to it

    • Mark Ford says:

      Hello Richer Morin

      Yes, I am open to a discussion about advertising on my website, subject to it meeting the needs of my readership.

      I will email you to discuss further.


      Mark Ford

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