Content Marketing And Standing Out

Content Marketing And Standing Out – There’s a lot of content out there now. How can you get your content to stand out?

An article from Matt Press professional copywriter, Splash Copywriters, offering some content marketing tips and how to get your content to stand out.

Matt Press Splash Copywriters

Matt Press – Splash Copywriters

An increasingly busy place, the internet can sometimes seem like a right old mess these days. A bit of a jumble sale. A load of junk with the odd well-hidden gem lurking within.

There’s loads of content out there with more on its way.

A lot of companies have no content marketing strategy at all. They’re just flinging as much content about as they can until something sticks.

As business owners, we’re essentially waiting for Google to sort it all out. It’s a gold star for some, detention for others.

Content Marketing Strategy

I’ve long believed that the strategy behind the content is often more important than the content itself. That’s because, as humans, we’re all different; we all have our likes and our dislikes. And, although quality content is obviously important and will matter more as time goes on, the trick with content is remembering to marry up your strategy with the aim of making money. Because that’s why you’re in business.

In a nutshell, it’s about putting enough relevant stuff in front of the right people.

Take your attitude towards your business website for instance. If you’re not selling any products or services, then it doesn’t matter if you get one visitor a week or a million. It’s not a numbers game.

Don’t obsess about website traffic. Forget about getting the most visitors, just get the best ones.

Getting content to stand out requires you to think about the actual nature of the content: who will want to read it and why. Plus, how do they want to read it?

Here are three content marketing tips to get your content noticed:

Content Marketing Tip 1 – What are you saying?

Are you talking about your industry’s key issues? Try to look at problems that you’ve experienced, because the chances are someone else has suffered from them too. Do things for your customers, not just for the sake of a sale.

Content Marketing Tip 2 – How are you saying it?

Are you writing an easy, everyday style? If you’ve created great content, don’t waste it by talking to the wrong people in the wrong way. Don’t put a barrier in the way of a sale by filling your copy with industry jargon that alienates.

Content Marketing Tip 3 – Are you consistently putting content out there?

This isn’t just a Search Engine Optimization issue (Google likes active websites). Consistency in tone and strategy is really important because, as humans, we don’t like change. Post an image one day and a dissertation the next is a one-way ticket to Trashville.content marketing

Matt Press – Splash Copywriters Accreditation

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I wish you every success

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Thought for the day: blogging and content marketing is a long term strategy and requires persistence and consistency.

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