Daily Blogging Challenge

Daily Blogging And Knowing What Content Search Engines Want

Mark Ford Discusses Blogging

Mark Ford Discusses Blogging

A top blogging and traffic generation tip would be to do blogging daily. Blog Daily!

Blogging on a persistent and consistent basis, as a part of your overall traffic generation strategy, is a good habit to develop.

This will provide your readers with fresh content on an ongoing basis and you are more likely to have, not just new visitors to your website, but return visitors interested in your content.

This is something that I do, and this can be done by either writing the article yourself, using article writing software, or outsourcing the work.

When writing articles for the search engines and organic traffic, unique and natural looking content is best, because it ranks better.

That said, we need to look further into search engine optimization and getting your blog content ranked in the search engines.

Whether your blogging content is targeting a specific keyword, or you just wanted to blog about something you have an opinion on, there is one thing that you need to really understand. What the search engines want and don’t want!

Search Engines DO NOT want keywords.

This may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but it is the truth. Search engines are looking for high quality content related to specific topics, but they are very good at finding content that appears to be “stuffed” with keywords for the purpose of ranking.

They also understand something called LSI.

This stands for Latent Semantic Indexing which is basically a comprehension of like terms and the human language in general.

Dogs TeethIf your keyword is “how to clean your dogs teeth”, Google is also going to recognize language like wash, brush, scrub, because they are relevant to clean (LSI working here).

If your article focuses entirely on the term “how to clean your dogs teeth” and no other related terms, Google is going to view your posts as being KEYWORD STUFFED and will not give you rankings.

You need to remember that Google has Google docs that is used by millions of people all over the world. This is helping them develop a stronger and stronger sense of content and how content is naturally written. Google uses this information to help them with their ranking algorithms.

If your content seems unnatural, you will not get rankings. The biggest indicator of this is too many instances of your target keyword and ‘awkward’ writing in an attempt to inject more instances of a keyword.

Just don’t do it.

Here are the SIMPLISTIC content guidelines you should follow when blogging and writing content.

(1) Put your keyword in your title
(2) Put your keyword in your first paragraph of text
(3) Write the rest of your content naturally
(4) Aim for your content to be 400 or more words in length

I know, it doesn’t sound all that scientific does it? That is because it isn’t. Naturally writing is the way you want to go and is what GETS RANKED these days. If you do have multiple instances of your keyword naturally throughout the rest of your article, post, or page, that is OK. As long as your content is written in natural form (could even be in your own style), then search engines are going to like it.

Blogging Tasks That Will Help You.

Daily Blogging Challenge To Drive Traffic

Daily Blogging Challenge To Drive Traffic To Websites

Task 1: Write a blog post targeting a keyword phrase of your choice.

This could be any one of your keywords you have in mind. Remember, you are going to be creating a blog post for your website.

To do this, you need to log into your wp-admin area for your website. Within the left hand menu you will see the New Post => hit new post as shown below, taken from my Digital Bloggers website.

Remember, at this point we are focusing on quality content and traffic. Write naturally on your keyword topic and aim to write at least 400 words of content.

We are not focusing on the earning money component just yet because remember, once you have a traffic there are MANY ways you can monetize this. Horse before the CART!

Task 2: Publish Your Post

Your next task is going to be publishing your content after you have created it.

Remember, you can always update content after it has been published so don’t try to be too perfect. It is better to spend 30 minutes writing your content and getting it out there than to spend 2 hours trying to make your content perfect.

In fact, there is no such thing as PERFECT! – so don’t waste time.

So, your last task today is going to be publishing your post and this can simply be done through the publish button in your post editor.

Once your blog post has been created you then need to syndicate it. In other words distribute the blog posts around the internet so that your publication gets noticed.

I’ll write more on this in another blog post but basically you share your content on social media, with your list and send it out to various websites to get backlinks to your blog posts. This is known as bookmarking.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope that this blog post has helped you with writing articles for your own website and if you click the link below and bookmark the page, you will be able to read more blog posts on this subject as I create them.

> Blogging Articles and Blog Posts

Enjoy… and every success.

Mark Ford

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