David Ellis Black DEA Founder Member

David Ellis Black DEA Founder Member Shares His Story Along With His Reasons Why He Is Now Building An Internet Business.

David Ellis is a business partner with me in my internet business, in that he is signed up to the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy as a member of my team.

The video below from David Ellis starts out with him looking out over a beautiful but cauldron like Irish Sea and he goes on to share his story and why he is now a member of the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business Centre.

David Ellis talks of his inspiration from Will I Am in relation to his own achievement in using Dance and Music as a vehicle to keep him out of trouble in a rough neighbourhood. Will I Am has also contributed a large amount of money to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Initiative currently in use in the British Education System.

David then moves on to describing how he started out being brought up in Dunstable in Bedfordshire, spending his youth on the golf course, keeping him out of trouble and providing him with good communication skills.

David Ellis had a relationship the result of which was several children, who are mostly grown up now, and a break-up,

At this time David moved from working in the print trade to the Police and then was wanting to move into a career in IT, but this did not work out.

David Ellis loves people and has good people skills and it was suggested by his College Tutors that he train as a Teacher and that is what he did and he has been teaching for 11 years since that time.

The second relationship broke down last year and David Ellis started searching around for a way to make some money, but to no avail.

What he did find was Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who showed him an amazing Educational Platform that is enabling me to escape from my 925 job and to start living a life of complete freedom on my own terms, but the great thing was the basis for this is helping people.

David Ellis now offers to share with you what Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have shown him about how you too can create a life of complete freedom.

David says that we are entrepreneurs using an automated business system and you can be too!

David Ellis Video – Final Words

You can learn a lot more about David Ellis’s story over at David Ellis Online.com and if you click the link below you can gain access to your first complimentary video in a series that tells you all you need to know!

I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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