Developing Your Own Web Presence

Developing Your Own Web Presence – A Few Top Tips!

Developing Your Own Web Presence With Domain Names

Mark Ford Discusses Developing Your Own Web Presence With Domains

Mark Ford Discusses Developing Your Own Web Presence With Domains

As your online business grows, you will inevitably want to have your own web address to use in promoting your services, products or business opportunity.

It is one of the ways you can truly personalize the message you wish to convey to others and it serves as a forum to introduce yourself and the opportunity before linking to a sales page.

It also looks more professional to use your own web address. Would you prefer to see this…

Especially if you are using your link in printed ads, business cards, your email signature, etc – it looks better to use a custom domain name.

There are many ways to promote and drive traffic to your website and the conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who ultimately become members and customers) is much better if you have a good domain name which directs visitors to your sales page.

With your Six Figure Mentors Marketing System, you have the opportunity to learn how to start building a relationship with these visitors before ever trying to “sell” them.

But your websites can be totally personalized if you get a domain name that reflects your image. Then you can simply “forward” or “redirect” this domain name to your webpage.

Developing Your Own Web Presence – Getting your Domain Names

A domain name is simply the name (which is also the address) of your website. For instance, my main personal website and blog, is the domain name for my website.

You should try to get a name that reflects the business you do, but is short or easy enough to be remembered. Try not to get to tricky (for instance using 2 for “to” or 4 as “for”) if you can avoid it.

Write down several names you would like to try before you start your search. Believe me, a lot of the good ones are taken, so put down several variations of your name.

If you know of a provider you would like to supply your domain, go to their site and start your search. If not, you can conduct a NameCheap search by clicking the banner below. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

In the search box provided, type in your first choice for a domain name. Do not put “www” or “.com”. The search will return an answer indicating whether your domain is available and in what format (i.e., .com, .net, org, etc.)

You want to get .com if at all possible. If .net is available and you cannot get any of your choices as a .com, then go for it. The other extensions are either inappropriate for a business, more expensive than .com or .net or just too obscure.

After you find a selection you want, indicate you want to purchase it and check out. It can take 24 hours or so for your domain to become active. You will then receive notification in an e-mail with instructions about using your new web address.

How Can I Use My New Domain Name?

Once you have a Domain Name you can then host a website directly onto the domain or “redirect” or “forward” this domain name to any webpage, you desire.

Developing Your Own Web Presence With Domain Names

Developing Your Own Web Presence With Domains

In order to forward your domain name you will need to login into your account where you purchased your domain name.

Then, find the domain manager and open up the domain you want to forward or redirect.

From there just enter the address of the webpage you want to forward the domain to example: com/userid/op1 and click save.

It takes a little time for the new settings to propagate throughout the worldwide web so I would check it in ten to fifteen minutes or so.

You can check and see if its working properly by opening a browser and going to that domain to see if it leads you to the page you have chosen.

Note: After one hour if it still is not taking you where you want to go, contact your domain provider to see where the problem may be.

You can only redirect a domain name to one place at a time, but you can change it anytime you want.

You can now put your new domain name everywhere such as business cards, emails, online advertisements or anywhere else out there on the web and have the opportunity to “name drop.”

Well… there you go a few tips on domain names and developing your web presence.

If you would like to have access to the same all in one marketing centre that I use in my business and can recommend, where you can also host all your websites, then CLICK HERE FOR A FREE BOOTCAMP.

I wish you every success

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