Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop – 4 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Live Digital Marketing Workshop

In this article you will find out about how powerful a digital marketing workshop is. Also discover the latest dates for the digital marketing workshops that the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy are holding.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

There is no better experience in digital marketing than attending a digital marketing workshop. Period!

When you attend you will immediately feel the energy and the motivational environment within the conference room. Everybody who is there is excited to find out what they are going to learn and who they are going to meet and make new friends with.

I would say that I am a digital marketing workshop seasoned veteran now because during the time I have been an online business owner and digital entrepreneur I have attended many different types of events. I have been consistent in attending events every year since 2006. Why? Because masterminding and networking are some of the five things that leaders do!

I started out as an attendee but now I attend them in my role as a top level coach within a digital marketing educational organization that I am a member of.

When you have attended these types of events you leave with your motivation levels at an all time high, you gather momentum and you are eager to implement the latest strategies that you have learned. If you get the chance to ask anyone who has attended a digital marketing workshop if it was worth it, then you can be assured that you will get an overwhelming YES.

So the point of this post is to show you the 4 benefits that you will get from attending a digital marketing workshop. Also I will give you details of the upcoming events within the organization that I am associated with.

Digital Marketing Workshop – 4 Reasons Why They Will Supercharge Your Online Business

mark ford at six figure mentors momentum day

Mark Ford At Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day

Digital Marketing Workshop – Reason One!

You Meet Your Mentors – Having mentors is a fundamental element to helping you succeed in your home business and by attending these workshops you will get a chance to meet your mentors in person. After all they are probably the reason you joined the training program in the first place.

They are selfless people, their mission in life is to give back to the members that they have and a digital marketing workshop is the perfect place for them to do this. Over the course of the event you will hear from them up on stage sharing their knowledge and experiences with you to help you take your online business to the next level.

Mentors are there to guide you and keep you on the path to success. The greatest satisfaction they have is to see you become successful as that is the greatest testimonial that they can receive.

Digital Marketing Workshop – Reason Two!

Building Your Network of Friends – Over the years I have made hundreds of friends for life by attending a digital marketing workshop. Every time I go to one I see familiar faces but it also gives me the opportunity to meet new people.

You will experience this also and realise that you are not alone. Working from a computer all day can become lonely at times but if you have built up a network of other people in the same position as you then you know that there is always someone that you can turn to and they can also turn to you.

The added benefit to meeting new people and creating close friendships is that you can form new business relationships. I have known many people who have collaborated together to form new businesses. I have also done this with my business ventures.

Digital Marketing Workshop – Reason Three!

Learning New Strategies – You will learn the latest digital marketing strategies that are working. Your mentors will share them with you, along with other top coaches within the company.

Gaining this knowledge first hand is extremely powerful. You can absorb the information, talk to other attendees about it and create your own marketing action plan for when you get back to your home business.

Digital Marketing Workshop – Reason Four!

Create The Right Mindset – When you attend a digital marketing workshop it is not all about the marketing side of your business.

The most important things that will happen within your business occur between your ears. Creating the right mindset for business is paramount and will be a determining factor to your success.

There will be an element of mindset training that you will receive at these events. You will get the positive vibes from the speakers and your fellow attendees and you will emerge with a positive mindset intact.

Earlier I mentioned that I am an associate of an online training organization. Just last night I attended an online live mastermind and the forthcoming digital marketing workshop dates were announced.

The organizations are called the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy and over the last 6 years they have held many live digital marketing workshops all over the world.

Their worldwide tour of digital marketing workshops is making it’s next stop in Pheonix, Arizona in the United States of America.

For a whole week they are holding three different events and they as follows.

digital marketing workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Experts Academy Platinum Brand Incubator Workshop. A three day workshop that is designed to help individuals create a unique personal brand identity.

This helps them stand out from the crowd and they can project their core values, the vision they have for their company and their mission statement to potential customers.

digital marketing workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Experts Academy Gold Marketing Workshop. A two day event that is designed to give the attendees the latest digital marketing strategies that they can immediately implement in their online and home business.

The Digital Experts Academy Gold program is designed to help students become financially independent and turn them into full time digital marketers.

The Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day. This is where the Six Figure Mentors community come together to mastermind in a high energy one day event which brings the week to a close.

digital marketing workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

Multiple speakers will be on stage, including the co-founders of the company, Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, where they will make major announcements regarding the company and where their vision is taking it.

All of these events take place from the 4th – 9th September 2017. So it is possible that you could be attending one of these digital marketing workshops. To do that then please click on the image below to find out much more about the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

mark ford marketing

If you are serious about digital marketing then you need to attend a digital marketing workshop. The ones that the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy hold are second to none.

I really look forward to meeting you at one these events in the very near future.

I wish you every success in running your online home business from anywhere in the world and taking maximum benefit from attending digital marketing workshops.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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