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What is an Autoresponder?

Mark Ford discusses email autoresponder and aweber

Mark Ford – Discusses Email Autoresponder & Aweber

An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends out regular email follow ups to people that progress through your marketing system.

The email autoresponder will help to build relationships, tell them more about the online program, businesses, products and services that you are associated with.

The autoresponder follow up is designed to build trust and a relationship with the subscribers by providing lots of value.

Email recipients can be unsubscribed by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email messages.

What is an Autoresponder List?

Your list consists of all the names and emails your Autoresponder will collect over the years. You will be able to write one email/offer and automatically send it out to everyone on your list with a click of a button (now that’s powerful).

Why You Should Own Your Own Autoresponder List?

As an online marketer, it’s important that you look far into the future of your business and how profitable it can become when you are in full control of your own Autoresponder lists.

The keys to successful long term marketing are:

  1. Build a list
  2. Build a relationship with your list
  3. Monetise your list (Turn it into money by offering high value products & services)

When you own your list(s), you will be able to broadcast messages with additional marketing, updates, announcements, promotions, links to good content, even holiday messages and training that you want to share with the people on your list.

You will also be able to customize all of your messages, add images and add to your personalization and branding for the people you are marketing to.

When you own your list you will be able to modify any of the messages that get sent out and you will be able to send out special offers when you want to send them out.

You Control Your List (Aweber Autoresponder)

I highly recommend the Aweber Autoresponder and email software for use in your business. You can find out more information about this by clicking here.

You can follow the set up steps in your own Aweber Autoresponder account so that:

  • When customers enter their name and email address on your landing page, their details will automatically be added to your lead list.
  • Your subscribers will automatically receive your welcome email message sent from Aweber – which will automatically contain a link to your thank you page.
  • Your subscribers will also automatically receive the autoresponder follow up messages that you have set up.

The Paradigm Shift

When it comes to generating targeted leads online, it is often necessary to go through a paradigm shift. When most people (and many businesses) go online to make more sales they often lead with their product(s). Now although some succeed doing this, most don’t.

The paradigm shift that you have to go through, is the change from leading with a product to helping a searching person learn how to find the solution to their need.

Most of us think we have the best products out there, so we tend to want to tell every one about it. However, if you take that approach you are highly likely going to find that making sales is NOT very easy!

The key to making more sales and a lot more money is to lead with value. Educating your prospects on the benefits of your product(s), and enabling them to make an informed decision that YOUR product is the solution to their problem.

In this industry most people just want to be associated with a leader and a team that will give them the support and knowledge to be more successful online.

Every Success With Making The Paradigm Shift Today and Provide Value To Help Build Your Business!

Email Autoresponder – Final Words

In order to get the maximum benefit out of the list that you will create in your Autoresponder, you need to be able to manage your prospects and contact them efficiently from one central place.

You want to make sure that the majority of your emails get through to your customers and you will need to be able to send out automated pre-written emails, as well as quick “broadcast” emails when you have updates or offers your subscribers may be interested to find more about.

I work with one of the leading emails autoresponder providers, Aweber. I have found it to be very reliable, flexible and it has a very high success rate of emails being delivered.

You can also manage multiple lists from Aweber, allowing you to set up different lists for different offers, businesses and websites.

To take your FREE trial with Aweber watch the video below and then click the banner below the video.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

Enjoy… and every success.

Mark Ford

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