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Mark Ford – Escaping The Rat Race And The Nine To Five Lifestyle With A Get Rich Quick Scheme Lifestyle – Can You?

Get Rich Quick Scheme Lifestyle | Mark Ford

Get Rich Quick Lifestyle – Mark Ford

What is your experience of working online from home with internet marketing programs, with push button get rich quick schemes?

Today, I share in my latest lifestyle blog post my experience of building businesses on the internet for some years now, with get rich quick schemes. In two words, don’t do it!

You see, I regard joining these so called money making programs as a part of our education in our ‘green‘ years of working out what works and what doesn’t. For me in those early years, when I gave up my job back in 2006, it became more of a focus to get money than make money by building a long term sustainable business and providing value.

I still needed to pay the bills!

But let me tell you something, get rich quick schemes you find on the net which say ‘join today and make money tomorrow’ will not get the bills paid, or at least you won’t get the bills paid for the long term.

If you are looking to escape the rat race, give up your job and work from home by building a so called business with a get rich quick scheme, … forget it!.. you will waste valuable time in your life that you can’t get back.

Get Out Of DebtAnd… one more thing… joining get rich quick schemes on the internet, promoted by people and organizations who are more focused on getting money from you than actually helping you start an internet business, will not get you that time and financial freedom lifestyle you dream of. It will stay a dream. That is my experience and believe me on the way through to where I am now, like many of us, I have tried a few of these ‘schemes’ because that is what they are. Schemes!

Get rich quick schemes, from what I have learnt about them over the years, are not what you could call businesses, or even internet marketing training programs that you can be proud of and rest easy at night about them. Avoid them is the best advice I can give from personal experience and look for internet marketing businesses that provide you with multiple income streams. Businesses that enable you as an affiliate to earn affiliate, residual and high ticket income from multiple product promotions that are made available to you and where you get an all in marketing centre showing you how to do it all ethically!

Why Did Mark Ford Try Out Get Rick Quick Schemes?

Well, I have already touched on this when i said I wanted to be able to talk about them from the inside out and not the outside in. I wanted to see how they worked, or not, in real life by being someone whio actually took action and implemented what they told me to do. Did it work. Hell no! Lost loads of money but gained a whole lot of education about what not to do on the internet and from that experience I can advise you to stay well clear of internet marketing programs that talk about making money fast, making money as a get rich quick scheme.

Focus on building businesses where when you put your head on the pillow at night you can feel proud of what you have done in the day, about the value you have given to society, to your subscribers, website visitors, to your followers and provide a path, a course of education where they can achieve their true worth and their goals. pillow

Go on then.. chase the money and join a get rich scheme… what will happen?

Make Money Online Working From HomeYou will find yourself rolling into one get rick quick internet marketing program after another, chasing the silver bullet, chasing the money with dollars in your eyeballs. You put the money first, you are an opportunity seeker and not a true home business or internet business entrepreneur. You care more about the money than being focused on putting other people first. Do this and you will never have the freedom, money and lifestyle you seek.

If you focus on the money first you won’t find financial success, what you will find is a long lonely road.

What Did Mark Ford Learn?

I learnt that it is not about getting rich quick but about helping people achieve their goals, building relationships and providing value in the field you are in to those who relate to what you have to say.

It is about taking baby steps, one step at a time, putting the foundations for success in place, accepting it takes the time it takes, making a commitment to take consistent action and to commit to the learning curve as you re-invent yourself.

And… most importantly, rather than keep jumping from one get rich quick scheme to another, build a home business, an internet business, that sustains you and your family for the long term. A business that you can be proud of for the value you have added to the community and customer base that you serve.

Get Rich Quick Schemes – Final Thoughts!

Are you an opportunity seeker or a business builder. There is a big difference between the two. I am not looking for people who will be here today and gone tomorrow, chasing the silver bullet. I want people to join me who have a no quit attitude and who will fight through the barriers on the road to success.

As I said before… It is about taking baby steps, one step at a time, putting the foundations for success in place, accepting it takes the time it takes, making a commitment to take consistent action and to commit to the learning curve as you re-invent yourself….

Is this you? – if it is click the red button below and get from me some training about building multiple income streams and then I will link you through to a free video bootcamp series about building an internet business for the long term. A business that you will truly be proud of.

And.. finally, if you are here to make money tomorrow please don’t click the button below. Click it if you are entrepreneurial and want to build a long term sustainable internet business that can pay you thousands of dollars a month if you take the actions required.


I wish you every success

Mark Ford

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Thought for the day: After a week working your business from home, remember balance, (and that’s not on a tightrope lol), but take the opportunity to go out and relax. The great thing is the freedom that comes with a home business allows you to do this without asking a boss, as you are that person.

Last night I went out after the SFM mastermarketing webinar and relaxed for an hour and ended up being given two bags of books > see my store at < and I’ve just had an invitation to go out to lunch today, so lets enjoy that too, and then later head down for blogs and videos.

Enjoy your Friday to all my blog followers.

Also > One word – succeed and take action and just do it!

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