Getting Educated About A Home Business

Getting Educated About A Home Business And Not Letting Your Past Stop The Development Of A Better Future Working From Home!

Mark Ford - Getting Home Business Education

Mark Ford – Getting Home Business Education And Changing Your Life!

You know what… if you asked me just 8 years ago if I would be running a home business, I would have asked you what do you mean, what’s all that about?

The idea of running a home business and not turning up at my legal office to do the day’s work was just not in my head. I didn’t know the first thing about running a home business or even that it was possible.

What, sit at your home PC and make money online, now come on… I would have said that’s not possible!

However, the way that my legal career was developing made me see the writing on the wall and the more I became a statistics form filler, rather than dispensing legal advice, the more I started to become disillusioned with it all.

Amongst many other factors, that was one of the things that happened to me in my past life that started making me think about changing my future. Certainly, what I now know is to not let your past struggles, and I have had many, stop you developing a much brighter future for yourself and those around you. It just needs us to accept that we will have to re-invent the wheel a bit and get educated about a home business.

When I started to think about leaving the legal job, what had before not been at all anywhere in my thoughts, suddenly became more of a reality, or perhaps something that I could look more into.

Ask Your Mentor

Why was that Mark?… Thanks for asking… well getting educated about running a home business. I started to look on the internet for ‘job’ opportunities but soon realized that I didn’t want another job, I had just had one for 29 years and after all that time I was still in the same place as when I was a teenager. That is… in the sense that I didn’t really have time and financial freedom. Getting another ‘job’ working from home would still not give me the time and financial freedom. So, what could I do I thought?

Home Business Property Portfolio Building…

Make Money From Home With PropertyWell, during the early 2000’s the property market was on the rise in the UK, mortgages were relatively easy to come by and I thought I could leverage the rising property market and mortgage facilities to acquire a property portfolio with no money down strategies.

I thought great…. I’ll look into running a home business by becoming a landlord and also a ‘buy to sell” property developer. That’s it all my troubles will be over…. I handed in my notice on my birthday in 2006 and said goodbye to a fantastic bunch of people who I had grown close to in my legal career… (quite emotional that day!)… and I walked out.

Mark Ford - Law Society Presentations 1994

Mark Ford – Law Society Presentation 1994

Now… one thing on this… I would not recommend you go ‘all in’ like I did but build a home business up on the side until the money you earn, and I did say earn, has replaced your full time income. I put myself through some very difficult financial challenges by giving up my well paid job and throwing in the towel.

I still had bills to pay and they still came asking… ‘where’s the bill money… pay up… but hey… with the help and support of those around me I got through and you can too, especially if you have a no quit attitude and the belief that you can get your home business to work for you and you just pick the right home business model and marketing strategies. Along with… one crucial element… get educated about your home business and don’t let the struggles of your past stop you developing a much brighter future with a home business.

You see, if you have read and watched my story, you will know that I was in a flat at 16, with my parents being separated, going through a messy divorce myself but still qualifying as a solicitor, having to also look after my dad following the break up… and I could go on a lot more but if you would like to learn more then you can watch the video on my about me page here..

The point is we can stay in the negative mindset and the doom and gloom, or we can stand up, and keep standing up, shake ourselves off, look at whether what we are doing now is going to get us the life we want, and make some decisions about our future.

As I’ve said… “don’t let the struggles of your past stop you developing a much brighter future with a home business…. just get educated, something which I do day in and day out.

So… achieve what you want, just apply yourself and keep going until you achieve your goals and help others along the way.

I could have packed it all in many times. When I learnt that owning a property portfolio created an expense account and that it would be a bit of a ‘holding’ game until the market conditions are right, I didn’t just say… that’s it… back to work…

andrew-reynolds-self-made-millionaireNo, a magazine came through my letterbox from a self made millionaire > Andrew Reynolds < that’s interesting I thought. Here I am at another crossroads in my life not giving up on my idea to run a home business. The property business is not delivering what I thought it would, despite having 21 properties, and here is a guy who’s timing is perfect to hit me with this magazine now and help me keep my mind open to the idea that running a home business can give me what I am striving for…

  • early retirement
  • time freedom
  • financial freedom
  • running on autopilot once set up and marketed
  • more time with my son and family
  • travel when I want
  • help others and charities
  • and lots more…!

You see, had I given up and not bothered about getting educated about a home business, not gone on Andrew Reynold’s Bootcamps, workshops and seminars, not consumed the educational digital lifestyle and marketing products from the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, I would have dropped back into the former life and the 9 to 5 treadmill and just gone and got another legal job and be back in the safe zone.

The alternative, was after the property business, properties that I still have, to stay with it and just find a home business that works.

I developed a passion for blogging and writing… now who would have thought that!

However, you nearly didn’t get me to share this home business blog post with you because it’s a miracle that I got started in this business at all.

What’s the miracle?.. Well, I thought I had a job and security for life in the law and that’s it, I was made. No thoughts whatsoever of running a home business or even an entertainment business that I did for 10 years successfully.

A miracle… that I ended up with 21 houses, well, not a miracle just a degree of working out how the market worked and leveraging that position, like now with the internet to make money online.

A miracle… that when I gave up my legal job to build a property portfolio, having done that I was thinking of going back to work.

The Andrew Reynolds magazine, and also the education and training from the Six Figure Mentors came into my life. Heck, I could have been stuck back in that office flicking through legal papers and filling out statistics forms still.. no thanks… but thanks to all those who have made the home business opportunities industry, and all the benefits that come with it, available to those who take it on and get educated about a home business.

Get Out Of DebtAlmost financially broke, having given up my well paid job… little money to pay the bills… cash flow very tight… spent most of what I had coming through and trying to enjoy life after divorce… then as if by fate, a entrepreneurs magazine landed on my doormat.

Needless to say this hit a nerve and the next thing I knew I was maxing out credit cards to pay for a seminar to find out more.

The event was in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK and I live in Staffordshire, so it was a case of booking into a travel lodge and attending the event the next day and the rest is history.

I went to the seminar… and many since… and I have been very impressed with the quality of home business and digital lifestyle training provided from these down to earth home business and internet business mentors.

Click here to read about two internet business mentors I can recommend but… let me introduce you also, in a bit more detail, to one of these mentors who has been so helpful to me in the running of a home business.

Copy This Idea

“Ordinary guy makes £50 million from his spare room.”

I have been amazed by how easy the system was that he had used to make his £50million from home. I signed up to his training and still use it in my business today.

Currently, I have become his joint venture business partner in a number of projects.

Learn more here.

But there could so easily have been a very different ending to my story if I had quit before I even got started.

  • My house was nearly repossessed by the bank…
  • I nearly didn’t get by with no money for bills
  • I just worked out no money down marketing methods to get things going

So if you’re reading this now wondering if your life will ever change for the better. Well no, unless you decide to make that change and get educated about running a home business, just like I did and still do, and I can’t possibly know whether you will succeed because it will come down to how you get educated and use the information.

Do you have the same determination and work ethic as me and a no quit attitude?

But what we can say with conviction is that…

However bad things are right now; whatever crisis you’re in….

A  great opportunity awaits you here…

So why not leave your old life behind you and create a better one?

And if you’d like me to show you how… then here’s what you need to do… if you are ready to start creating the life of your dreams… and you are prepared to do what it takes… then this simple little idea to make money from home… is just what you need… Click the banner below for instant access.

Click here to become the next successful student.

I wish you every success.Mark Ford

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