Give Up The Day Job To Work From Home And Time Management – Video 1 In the Series

Will I Give Up The Day Job To Work From Home Or Won’t I?… And… What About That Time Management Issue When Working From Home?

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Give Up The Day Job And Work From Home For A New Life

Hi to all my blog readers… I thought I would share with you today an amusing look through a video presentation of Mark Ford deciding whether to give up the day job to work from home… However, what about time management when working from home?

I also share some thoughts on the fact that when working nine to five time management is done for me but now I will have to manage time better myself.

This is Video One in the work from home time management series. If you would like to view Video Two about ‘putting it off until tomorrow’ > CLICK HERE

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Until Video 2

Give Up The Day Job – Work From Home Business Opportunities

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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19 Responses to Give Up The Day Job To Work From Home And Time Management – Video 1 In the Series

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  3. brian addy says:

    Hi Mark.

    A subtle introduction, keep up the good work…

  4. Scott Dwyer says:

    You are having great fun with these videos – Mark – well done!

    Great way of incorporating a great message….

    Scott Dwyer

    • Hi Scott

      Yes getting into these videos more and more… and enjoying doing them but I also hope they get the message across, in this case that time management when working from home is an essential element of your business to help you succeed.

      Glad you enjoyed it.


  5. Ken Somerville says:

    Hi Mark

    Great video, and time for the time to be managed. lol It is much harder to get out of bed when you are your own boss. lol

    Your Friend In Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville

    • Hi Ken

      Yes, indeed! Much harder to get out of bed when you are your own boss but with having your goals clearly set out, your time managed so that you have structure in your day then if you build it in, you can have as many lie in beds as you want… or even be safe in the knowledge, that of you get it right you will wake up richer than when you went to bed the night before.

      All the best with your own home based business.


  6. Alistair Clarke says:

    Very funny and informative video. Keep up the great useful information Mark 🙂

  7. Garry O'Brien says:

    Mark – a very interesting ‘fly-on-the-wall’ video. Certainly different and gets the creative juices flowing.

    Garry O’Brien

    • Hello Garry

      Thanks for your comment on my time management video where I have tried to be a bit different. Rather than just talk to camera all the time, I like to be creative, entertaining and still get the message across that your time must be managed to remain productive when working from home.


  8. lewys davies says:


    I am loving these videos that you are proviidng and what a great topic in this video. You provide some great points.

    Keep the videos up, I will be keeping my eyes open for them.


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  10. Great video and post Mark – love the set-up and it develops the point really well. You’re so right about the need for time management when you work from home – and the problem can often be the reverse of what people think. Working too many hours, not too few 🙂

    • Hi Carole and Ivan

      Thanks for your comment and also for a ‘timely’ reminder that working too many hours can have the opposite effect. Working online can make it hard to drag yourself away from the computer and over do things, so it’s important to take time out too.


  11. David Huntley says:

    Hi Mark,

    I like your video and you are right when you are working from home you have to have some discipline and manage your time to achieve your goals the good thing is you decide when and for how long. That’s one of the reasons I love it.


    • Hello David

      I’m glad you liked the video. I enjoyed making it to put across the message about the importance of time management whilst working from home.

      Working from home is fantastic because, as you say, we decide how long we work and when we work. No one tells us the times we have to work, that is for us to decide within our own timescales and to fit into our own circumstances.