Home Based Business Opportunity And The Great Spillover …

Home Based Business Opportunity And The Great Spillover … Sharing An Article by Ralf Dooley – a home based business entrepreneur who finds the way business is done on the Internet – an interesting read!

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Mark Ford

Home Based Business Opportunity and The Great Spillover Debate… Spillover: Are you looking for it or creating it?

By Ralf Dooley;

“There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to the idea of making money based on spillover. Does spillover happen? Absolutely. Is spillover the way to build fantastic wealth? Hardly!

The plain and simple truth of the matter is: Spillover happens when it does because SOMEBODY is promoting.

In a simple illustration of a 3x matrix, it looks like this: Level 1 can hold 3 sales, Level 2 can hold 9 sales, Level 3 can hold 27 sales, Level 4 can hold 81 sales. And so on….

This sort of plan can and often does lead to spillover whenever there is at least one person that is effectively promoting and referring others.

Let’s suppose you join a matrix plan and you are going to be a referring “machine”. You see the potential and you know that the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. You’re ready to “rock enroll” and you know that you can help a lot of folks in the process because of the way the matrix plan is set up.

You get your three closest associates or friends or family members on the phone and you tell them what you are doing. They are excited and they join. You now have 3 people on your first level. Congratulations! You are off to a strong start.

Next, you contact some more close friends, associates, or family members and you plug them in on Level 2. It takes 9 people to fill Level 2. You now have a full first level and a full 2nd level. You are making even more money and everyone on your first level is seeing some growth because you created spillover for them by filling your 2nd level.

The Home Business Opportunity – Not! – Your next task is to fill Level 3

home business opportunity

Home Business Opportunity – Wrong!

That will take 27 people. (3 x 9 = 27). Getting tougher to carry that load by yourself, isn’t it?

While you are working on filling Level 3, you start to get calls from people on Level 2. They want to know where the spillover is. Why aren’t you building their downline for them? What’s going on?

A couple of the people on Level 1 want to know why their downline is building so slowly.

Can’t you do something to speed things up?

They have to make money so they can make a car payment this week! What are you doing up there, anyway?!?!?

Let’s say you are really good at this stuff and you manage to fill your 3rd level with 27 new referrals. Congratulations! You’ve done well for yourself. You’ve created spillover for your first level people and your 2nd level people. But now the 3rd level people want to know where their spillover is and the people on levels 1 and 2 want to know why they aren’t making a few thousand dollars yet!

Sound familiar?

Ralf Dooley says… “I know the true builders recognize some of these comments and questions. They get this sort of nonsense every single day.

Here’s the thing that amazes me (and we’ve all seen this a LOT over the years): Someone will get up WAY too early in the morning, to drive WAY too far to a job they absolutely hate. They will spend ALL DAY at that job making FAR too little money. They will then drive home in traffic, complaining about their stupid job, their lame boss, their lousy pay, and how this just isn’t what they envisioned for their life. But when their upline sponsor asks them about spending a few minutes a day promoting their website to help with the team build, they instantly talk about how they don’t have time, can’t figure out how to log in, don’t know where or how to post an ad… “I’m not good with that stuff!”, etc…

And then they ask why their downline isn’t growing faster.

It’s a vicious cycle and I see it repeated again and again. I want to be clear: Matrix plans can help a large number of people because of their design. As sales begin building, the new sales are forced down into the lower levels of the organization and that is called spillover. It does happen and I am personally making money as a result. But rarely do these sorts of people really get into the big money.

Here is how the big money earners really do it: They build with a team. They seek out fellow builders and workers and they work together with an attitude and approach to CREATING spillover rather than receiving spillover. Suddenly, it’s no longer about one person being able to refer 30 or 40 people on their own. It becomes about a team pulling together to create a massive group-wide momentum that results in the income levels that we end up reading about with other people.

Consider this:

If you are the kind of person spending an hour in the morning to drive to an 8 hour job and then another hour getting home and still not making the kind of income you desire, consider dedicating yourself to spending just 30 minutes a day and finding others that will do the same to take your life back by building your business.

Do that and you will succeed. It may take time, but if you seriously want to make a change then you have to work at it. Don’t just jump into the next ‘must have home based business opportunity. Stay with a few that you like and work them hard.

Someone once told me… EVERY online opportunity works. And every online opportunity doesn’t work. It depends on the person involved and how they approach their business. I have to tell you: I agree 110%.”

Have a wonderful Day and if you are ready to “Start A Real Business”,then Just Have a look at my”Garanteed Downline Home Business”.

Ralf Dooley is a home based business entrepreneur who finds the the way business is done on the Internet by creating a community, building friendships and establishing trust. Find out how you can achieve an extra income from home here: Ralf on Facebook

The author invites you to visit:
Facebook Business Page

Mark Ford’s comment. I am not personally a fan of matrix downline business systems that may be described as a home based business opportunity.

However, I thought this article that Ralf Dooley shared on my blog was an interesting read and he shares his own perspective.

I have allowed it to be published for the potential value it provides to my home business blog readers. I do not endorse Ralf Dooley’s home businesses in anyway and you must form your own judgement and opinions on what he shares with us.

Thank you Ralf Dooley.

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