Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter 11

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter Edition 11 – The Differences Between Overt and Covert Affiliate Marketing Plus A Look At Creating A Personal Brand!

Mark Ford - Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Mark Ford – Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Today on the first day of the month, just like the first of every month, I am publishing my latest home business lifestyle newsletter.

A month in the making the April 2016 edition of the Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter is live!

The aim this month is to get you thinking about your personal brand. In this eleventh edition we cover the difference between overt and covert affiliate marketing looking at the issue of personal branding and whether to hide behind your affiliate links without having a presence on the internet, or to position you and your business on the front end and offer affiliate products and services that you are associated with once you have built up your profile and credibility with your audience.

In addition I draw comparisons between free and paid marketing.

In particular this month we cover;

1. The Home Business Lifestyle

1.1. Let’s Look Back

1.2. The Coming Years

2. Affiliate Marketing: What is it again?

3. Affiliate Marketing – Two Routes

Covert Affiliate Marketing and Overt Affiliate Marketing – Why you should go down the overt route

4. How to build a personal brand

Step One: Define your core values and what sets your small business apart from the competition

Step Two: Become the best

Step Three: Market your personality

Step Four: Online presence – how to build your online presence

4.1. Strategize: What are your goals?
4.2. Build a solid platform
4.3. Optimise and improve
4.4. Provide consistent value
4.5. Be social
4.6. Start building relationships
4.7. Track – Constant monitoring and attracting customers

5. Volume of traffic is the deciding factor

5.1. Free vs Paid Traffic Sources
5.2. Advantages of Paid Traffic Sources
5.3. Free Traffic has Its Advantages too
5.4. What is right for you?
5.5. Your Budget

6.Your Affiliate Networks

7. Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

7.1 What is it?

7.2. One stop shop

and much more…

Enjoy this months edition of the home business lifestyle newsletter and I look forward to publishing for you the May 2016 edition in a few weeks time.

Sharing the latest and 11th edition of my home business lifestyle newsletter.

Grab your copy of edition 11 at >> Home Business News 11

home business lifestyle

Edition 11 of the home business lifestyle newsletter from Mark Ford – Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Grab the full home business lifestyle newsletter series at this link > click here

In whatever choice you make for the type of home business you will run, affiliate marketing or otherwise, I wish you every success.

Reach out to me if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Mark FordMark Ford, Home Business Lifestyle Coach, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Information Publishing.

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P.S. Watch out for the May 2016 edition of the newsletter which will be all about the engine behind your online business: your website. Due out 1.5.16.

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Thought for the day: living a laptop lifestyle and running a business from home on the internet with affiliate marketing is a choice, will you make that choice or stay where you are?

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