Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter 15

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter Edition 15 – Home Business Success Strategies – Build Solid Online Business Foundations And Stay For The Long Term!

Mark Ford - Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Mark Ford – Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Today on the first day of the month, just like the first of every month, I am publishing my latest home business lifestyle newsletter.

If you are following my monthly postings about the publication of my home business lifestyle newsletter the August 2016 edition is now live!

For the home business owners amongst us I am sure you have had a conversation with yourself about… this is not happening quick enough… I am not making sales… or I’ve not made any money yet. If you haven’t you will because you will battle with your own mind and the voice in your head that says this to you.

However, you must build your home business for long term sustainable success and not for short term wins. Read on to learn more and then grab this months newsletter by using the link below.

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter Edition 15 – Long Term Success Strategies.

Home Business Success Strategies

On the point of home business success strategies, success whatever that is for you does not come overnight and the August 2016 newsletter that I have published talks about your desire for success.

Enthusiasm and passion are both a blessing, and a curse for new business owners. A desire for success fueled by passion and excitement can drive you towards a more lucrative brand, but it can also drive you insane if you put too much focus on the idea that you need to make a lot of money, fast.

I’m going to be honest with you – running a successful business takes time. One of the most common laments I hear from newbie entrepreneurs is “I haven’t made any money yet!”, however they haven’t yet given their company a chance to thrive.

The truth is that the first year of business – no matter which industry you’re in – is a challenging experience. In fact, about 90% of startup businesses fail within their first 12 months. Creating a successful company is a long-term process, built on careful decisions for the future, and strong, realistic business goals.

The more you listen to that voice in your head saying: “You haven’t made any sales yet”, the more your anxiety will push you to take risks that may not work for your company, and overlook opportunities essential to your growth.

On this topic of building a home business for long term success and not short term gains I have published today my monthly newsletter and you can learn more by visiting…


As you build for long term success, enjoy this months edition of the home business lifestyle newsletter and I look forward to publishing for you the September 2016 edition in a few weeks time, when we look at one of the most frequently discussed topics in the world of online marketing and digital business: blogging.

Sharing the latest and 15th edition of my home business lifestyle newsletter.

home business lifestyle newsletter 15

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter 15 from Mark Ford, Home Business Lifestyle Coach

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Home Business News 15

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In whatever choice you make for the type of home business you will run, I wish you every success. Reach out to me if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Mark FordMark Ford, Home Business Lifestyle Coach.Nice Money Publications

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P.S. Watch out for the September 2016 edition of the newsletter when we look at marketing through your home business blog posts!

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Thought for the day: living a laptop lifestyle and running a business from home on the internet is a choice, will you make that choice or stay where you are?

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