Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter 27

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter Edition 27 – How To Use Clickbank As A Home Business Model – Download Your Copy And Learn More!

Mark Ford - Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Mark Ford – Home Business Lifestyle Coach

Today on the first day of the month, just like the first of every month, I am publishing my latest home business lifestyle newsletter.

If you are following my monthly postings about the publication of my home business lifestyle newsletter the August 2017 edition is now live!

In this edition I am going to be covering the topic of Clickbank and how you can build a home business around it by using two different strategies.

Clickbank is based on the affiliate marketing business model and I will show you how to use it as an affiliate and also leverage affiliates as a product vendor to get maximum exposure for your products and services if this is the route that you wish to take.

In this edition of the Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter you will discover…

  • An Overview of Clickbank
    – Advantages For Vendors
    – Advantages For Affiliates
    – Glossary Of Terms
  • Getting Started
    – Vendor Or Affiliate
    – Opening Your Account
  • Clickbank Marketplace
    – Main Categories
    – Sub-Categories
  • Your Clickbank Hoplink
    – What Is A Hoplink
    – Creating Your Hoplink
    – How To Use Your Hoplink

…and much more! Download your copy today!

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home business lifestyle newsletter

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter Edition 27

Grab your copy of edition 27 at >> Home Business News 27

Grab the full home business lifestyle newsletter series at this link > click here

In whatever choice you make for the type of home business you will run, I wish you every success. Reach out to me if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

P.S. Watch out for the September 2017 edition of the newsletter when I reveal the Digital Marketing Tools you need to run an Online Business.


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