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Home Business Opportunity Lifestyle Is What You Are Looking For Instead Of A Nine To Five Job Or The Traditional Business Lifestyle.

Mark Ford Discusses The Home Business Opportunity Lifestyle As An Alternative To The Rat Race And Nine To Five Lifestyle

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Discusses The Home Business Opportunity Lifestyle

Today, I continue with my series of blog posts looking at the options we all have and the business choices we can make when we decide to escape the rat race and nine to five lifestyle.

So far we have looked at the franchise business model and the traditional business lifestyle. Today, we move on to look at the home business opportunity lifestyle.

It maybe that you are still undecided about exactly what business you want to start. You have decided to leave your job behind and start your home business. You have looked at franchises and the traditional business model and those are not for you. So, you are still looking at what options are out there for you.

It maybe that whilst you are still doing your research you are still stuck in a job you hate, stressed out and frustrated with your job.

Basically all you want is the time and financial freedom and not to be tied to a job.

Maybe the desire to break free of where you are right now leads you, like it did me, to look at the home business opportunity market. You end up looking at the junk mail in your inbox, the home business opportunity adverts in the newspapers and just sign up to stuff without doing much research into exactly what is on offer. You just want a quick fix but is there a quick fix out there in these home business opportunity lifestyle adverts?

In my experience… NO… the old addage is ‘anything that is worth having is worth working for’ and that is certainly the case with learning how to run a successful home based business on the internet.

Wanting it Bad Enough Drags Us Into The Home Business Opportunity Lifestyle – We Just Sign Up!

What we are talking about here is taking on a ‘get rich quick’ type of home business opportunity because we want it so bad, the time and money, that we literally at the start join anything!

When we start out you and me want that new home business opportunity lifestyle so bad, that we just sign up, chase the money and get disillusioned when it doesn’t work.

We want the time and financial freedom sooner rather than later and are impatient over getting results.

This pressure of wanting it so bad leads to us signing up to all sorts of stuff that we would not usually even take a look at, or because we are new and need to re-invent ourselves with the new business idea, we join without even knowing that this will not be good for us.

Now I know how the pressure I had on me to get money led to me looking into all sorts of so called home business opportunities. They were not really business opportunities at all, just push button money programs.

You see I packed my job up back in 2006 and in doing so I basically, not only sacked my boss but sacked my full time income. I left myself in a position of having to make a home business work because I am not someone who could have done this part time, although it is possible, I needed to give it my full attention and go all in.

However, that is not something I am advising you to do because I know about the financial strain that puts you under when you are going through the learning curve and setting up the business at the start.

The pressure to get money and focus on getting money first is quite draining and I soon learnt that it is not about you, stop focusing on get money and just help people and provide value to the marketplace that you are in. This has been my focus in building my Six Figure Mentors team who get ongoing support from me each week.

I find that it is all too easy to get sucked into the hype around making money fast that we join get rick quick internet marketing programs, do what we are told to do, it lasts a few months and then it ‘pops’. That is, it goes down and takes many people with it, along with a lot of hard earnt money.

I regard this as a part of a learning curve. You may well go through these so called home business opportunity programs to get a quick fix and find that it drains your energy more than building a ‘proper’ home business opportunity because you keep having to start over, time and time again.

Don’t regard this as failure, just a part of your own learning curve. Fall forward from it, learn from the experience and it leads you into finding long term home business solutions you can get involved with and make work for you and your family.

For me that has proved to be the home business opportunities at this home business link. Take a look and see if anything is a fit for you.

Home Business Opportunity Lifestyle – The Choices!

Now there is no doubt that working from home on your laptop, or anywhere around the world where there is an internet connection, is a much better lifestyle than being stuck in a hot legal office and court room all day, as I used to be. I have much more time freedom to do what I want when I want and time to enjoy a lot more of the things I like to do, watch cricket, sport or whatever it is.

However, there is a big but! – to enjoy your new home business opportunity lifestyle you have to make the right choice over the home business that you start up with.

Let’s take a look at some of the stuff that may come your way… along with what has worked in my experience over the years…

> Gambling system offers. Not for me as I don’t want to gamble with my home business model. Just learn offline and online marketing, offer people solutions to their problems through products and services and that’s it, no gambling.

> Property investment and development – a very good home business opportunity and something that I started with back in 2006. I bought 21 houses in the UK, did them up and rented them out. To acquire them I was able to leverage the mortgage market that was more buoyant in the early 2000’s than it is these days.

With the constant maintentance issues that you experience whilst holding the properties as a landlord, I have found it difficult to live off the margin between the rent and the mortgage and this caused me to look for a home business opportunity that had lower overheads, such as the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Model.

> Offers from abroad to pay millions of dollars into your bank account. Be careful. These email offers are after getting your bank account details and personal information. Don’t chase the money and the millionaire lifestyle from what you are told in the emails. Just delete the email and move on to look for sustainable home business models.

> Freelancing, working for others – home working – suitable for some and not all. I tried it a while by building websites for other people. This, however, made me feel I had a boss again and I just had a job working from home. Not for me, but it maybe for you where you can offer your services out to others working from home.

Many digital marketers actively look for people they can outsource their work to and many freelance type of websites exist on the net, such as Elance.com and Freelancer.

You could join one of these sites and offer your services where marketers can hire you for specific tasks. It will tie you up though and if you are after time and money freedom then this may not be for you.

> Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing – this is a solid home business model if you get into the right business and one that has been established for a while.

If you are in the UK I would recommend the Utility Warehouse where you can help people save money on their shopping and utility bills and make commissions when they pay their bills each month.

Here’s the challenges I have found with MLM.

It is based upon the downline actually doing something. Working a 80/20 rule, maybe only 20% of the people you sign up will actually take any action. The other 80% get fired up, sign up a few and sit back hoping their downline will sign people up and make them a lot of money.

Much is said about just a few making money with this type of home business model. However, is this down to the fickle way people go about things, jumping from one thing to another and not staying with it to make it work for the long term?

I’ll leave it for you to answer that one?

Also, the pay plan. It is argued that you need to sign up a team half the size of England to make it pay. With so many dropping off to go and do something else you have to keep bringing in new network marketers at the front end to replace the one’s dropping off.

Quite tiring!

I have found that it is more of a longer term build, but then what isn’t?

My experience has shown me that working as an information publisher and home business coach, promoting my own and other marketers products, brings in much higher payment levels faster than can be achieved with a network marketing company.

For example; with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy you can make anywhere from $20 to $8,000 a sale dependent upon the position you hold in the Company. Learn more here where you can also make an application.

> Push button make money tomorrow schemes – just load up the program with some money, see it grow tomorrow pushing the buttons as you go. Do you know what I mean?… avoid them and focus on real businesses that provide value to people in the home business marketplace.

> Many more too numerous to mention – on your way to finding out what works you may explore many internet marketing programs. I know I did and I have looked into many online businesses, tried many until I settled on the one’s listed on my home business opportunity page, which I can recommend to you > CLICK HERE

For me working my way through all these home business opportunities, lead me to training from Andrew Reynolds and also eventually, in May 2011, mentorship and education on the building of a digital business from the Six Figure Mentors.

I have attended many workshops, seminars, momentum days, trade shows, watched DVD’s, watched numerous videos and the list goes on… but it led to the home business model that works.

Here it is… get a mentor, learn, study, work at it consistently, copy the ideas of someone who has been there and done it already, and build your own information publishing business promoting other people’s products as an affiliate and also your own product line that helps people start and market their own home business. That’s me in a nutshell!

Some of the home business benefits…

  1. No staff
  2. No premises
  3. No rent
  4. No rates
  5. No face to face selling
  6. No stock to hold
  7. No office, apart from your own home office
  8. No expensive equipment needed
  9. Low overheads
  10. High profit margins
  11. Global market potential with the internet
  12. No extra utility bills
  13. No big insurance bills
  14. No leases of premises to sign
  15. No commuting anymore
  16. No need to ask for a day off
  17. No more early starts
  18. And… No Boss!

You decide which way to go!

So, if you would like to start a home business opportunity lifestyle, then get in touch and we can see how we can help each other, or click the banner below and buy the book that will start everything for you. The same book that I use and has helped me!

Mark FordBy Mark Ford – I wish you every success.

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