How to create a killer content marketing plan!

How to create a killer content marketing plan in 3 steps.

An article from Matt Press, Splash Copywriting, about how to create a killer content marketing plan.

Matt Press Splash Copywriters

Matt Press – Splash Copywriters

If you run a business, whether it’s a home-based business or not, it’s vital that you have a great content marketing plan.

There have been loads of books written about this very topic but really, the fundamental techniques behind creating a content marketing plan is very simple.

First, before I deal with the 3 steps, it’s important to have some context.

Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, customers are more accessible than ever.

If you’re intent on building an online, home-based business, that’s great news. Your customers are just a click away.

What’s more, you can bin the traditional marketing methods. Thanks to digital content, you no longer have to walk around delivering flyers for hours on end, or planting costly newspaper adverts.

However, not everything with this new world is rosy. It’s great that you can reach out to an audience quickly, but your competitors are just a click away too.

Plus, all this accessibility comes at a price.

Unfortunately, the digital world has become a very noisy and cluttered place. Businesses across the world are continually bombarding us with emails, banners, ebooks, you name it we get it!

So cutting through all this clutter can be tricky and, to succeed in this environment, you need to be smart.

•    Create awareness.

It’s important to let people know you’re there. That sounds obvious, but often online, it’s all about the way in which you do that. For a while, just focus on creating quality content. Don’t sell anything, just inform, engage and entertain.

Don’t worry whether people are listening. If you consistently create stuff that’s valuable and give it away for free, you’ll gather interest. And expose the people behind your brand too, as people buy from people.

If your leads like and trust you, that’s put you closer to a sale.

•    Solve problems.

If you’ve experienced an issue within your market, write about it. And help out others (for free) by explaining how you resolved the problem. Apart from anything else, this will enhance your reputation within your industry.

Are you worried about giving away trade secrets? Forget about it. The people who aren’t afraid to reveal their methods are always the ones who stay ahead of the curve. Besides, what you gain will be much more than any potential lost revenue.

•    Measure your progress.

Your content marketing plan should be a long-term strategy that you commit to, so of course, it’s going to be useful to see the difference it’s making to your business.

  • Has your website traffic increased?
  • Where are your leads coming from?
  • Are profits increasing?

You’re not going to nail everything at the first time of asking. Far from it. Instead, adopt a more pragmatic approach to business. Assess what’s working for you and what isn’t, then continually refine and improve.

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