How To Increase Traffic To Website

How To Increase Traffic To Website – Use Articles To Drive A Flood Of Visitors To Your Websites & Product Offers

Discover how to increase traffic to website through article marketing. Article marketing is very powerful when done correctly. Use this blueprint to drive an insane amount of traffic to your offers through articles.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Hello, Mark Ford here, home business coach, and today I am going to show you how to increase traffic to website through article marketing. I am an experienced article marketer and registered expert author on Ezine Articles.

Article marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy and one that I am very enthusiastic about. When you publish an article on a article directory such as Ezine Articles, or on you own blog it is there forever.

Even years after you have published the article people can access the information and act on your call to action. You can look at articles as a mini sales force, that constantly work for you to drive traffic to your website and product offers.

This is why I wanted to share some information with you on how to increase traffic to website by using articles. I am going to show you a blueprint that you can follow to create articles that will drive a constant and regular stream of traffic to your website.

How To Increase Traffic To Website Through Article Marketing

Understanding Your Audience – This first part is critical to nail down. Research your audience, what do they need, what are their pain points, their frustrations. Then talk to them in their language through the content of your article.

Make them aware that you fully understand what they are thinking and the information that you are going to share with will meet their specific needs.

So how do you get all this information? Well my advice is to do your research and create a profile for your ideal customer or prospect. You can do this by simply creating a survey which people can fill in. Here you will get all the facts and you then can create your content around the feedback that you have accumulated.

Then you create articles around the subjects that people need a solution to. This will help you build a loyal readership, who will keep coming back for more. You will then find that people will reciprocate with you for the information that you are supplying, and will ultimately reward you with purchasing what you are offering. Like the old adage, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

how to increase traffic to website

How To Increase Traffic To Website

Keyword Based Content – Here you need to do some keyword research. There are free tools such as the Google Keyword Planner which shows you the search terms that people are looking for when they type something into the search box on Google.

You need to be looking for keywords that are classed as buyer keywords. These are typically anything from 4 – 7 words which form a sentence. For example “How to lose weight in 60 days”. This means people are looking for a specific solution to a pain point they have.

What you then need to do is incorporate the keyword into your title, the sub-titles and the main content body of your article.

Market Research Tools – You need to know the latest trends. There are a lot of articles that are very similar to each other. So you need to find a different angle to come from to make you stand out from all the other content that is being published.

Use something called Google Trends to find out the current questions that are being asked and the current issues that are being faced within your niche or industry.

Engage & Feel Empathy For Your Reader – As an article writer you should look at yourself as a problem solver. To do this you must get inside the head of your reader. Your words should sound like they are coming from another human being and not from a cheat sheet that is being read by a robot.

Show your personality and write to the person as if you are talking to someone you know or as a friend. This will form a lasting connection with the reader, they will get to understand you, which will lead them to know, like and trust you.

ezine articles

Ezine Articles

Keep It Simple – Your reader is a normal person so don’t talk in a load of technical jargon which they do not understand.

Speak to them in a clear and concise manner and if necessary use images to enhance their experience of reading your article.

This will stimulate them and they will be more engaged with your content and keep coming back.

The Hook – Maybe this should have been the first thing to talk about, but I wanted you to fully understand the process of article writing.

The hook is your headline. They say that first impressions last and the headline is the first impression anyone will get from your article. It will determine whether they click on your article to continue reading. Great headlines are ones like “How To” “10 Reasons Why”, also build an element of curiosity into your headline to get people thinking and wanting to know more.

Publishing Your Article – You can of course publish your article on your own website or blog, but the emphasis of this blog post is about publishing on article directories.

There are a lot of article directories that you can publish your article on. A simple Google search will show you the most popular and powerful ones to register with.

The great thing about article directories is that they are highly recognized in the major search engines and they get an insane amount of traffic. This is great for you because if you have followed the steps that I have shared with you, then you too can siphon off your own share of the traffic and direct it to your websites or products and services.

The information that I have shared with you shows you how to increase traffic to website through the power of article marketing. It is time for you to take action and implement what I have shown you and start to produce a regular stream of articles to drive traffic to your websites.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and driving traffic to your websites.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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