How To Start A Business From Home

How To Start A Business From Home – Things You Need To Think About If Your Are Working Full-Time

In this article Mark Ford will show you how to start a business from home even if you are currently working a full-time job.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Are you are currently holding down a full-time job or career? Yes… then maybe you do not know how to start a business from home.

The main stumbling block is that you are scared of losing your salary which is paid into your bank accounts at the end of each month.

It is your safety net and you worry that if you take the plunge and launch a new business venture how are you going to meet your financial commitments?

You may have a brilliant business idea and belief that it will work but the financial hit that you will take ultimately stops you from taking any action.

What many people fail to realize though is that there are many types of home business models that you can run in conjunction with your full-time employment. This will allow you to see profits come into your home business so that you can get to a specific income level that will allow you to quit your job.

To do this you will need to have a lot of discipline and create a clear distinction between your day job and your home business venture. You will need to put the hours in to get your home business up and running. This then puts more demands on yourself and your family time and at times your stress levels will raise to what seems breaking point.

There are also many other things to think about before you walk into your bosses office and hand in your resignation. I have compiled a list of things that you need to sit back and think about.

How To Start A Business From Home – What You Need To Sort Out Before You Quit Your Job

how to start a business from home

How To Start A Business From Home

Your Contract Of Employment – If you are considering starting a new business venture in the niche or industry that you are currently working in then you will need to check the terms and conditions of your contract of employment.

As you will be starting your business whilst still working you need to check that you have not signed anything which prevents you competing with your current employers. This is classed as a conflict of interest and you may be opening yourself up to your employer making a claim over your business.

Make sure you take legal advice to comb through any documentation that you have signed to safeguard yourself from being sued. Also you must ensure that you do not use any of the resources that you use from your employer.

Another thing to consider when you get to the point of leaving your job is how much notice you need to give. You need to be professional and respectful to your current employer and allow them plenty of time to find your replacement.

Be Open About Your Plans – It could pay dividends in the long term if you are open with your employers about the plans that you are making.

This is especially relevant if your new business venture is not competing with your current employer because there could be a time in the future that they will become a customer of yours.

One thing that you must be very clear on, and this goes back to checking your contract, is that you are ok to start a business venture alongside your current job. Some companies may not allow their employees to run businesses as a side line. Some people refer to it as “Moonlighting” and that may go against their company policies.

how to improve time management

How To Improve Time Management

Time Management – you will need to get really good at managing your time. You will be spreading yourself thin when it comes to the hours of the day that you will be working.

This can cause you a lot of stress and can lead to exhaustion if you don’t manage it correctly. So you need to plan out a schedule that allows you build your home business without killing yourself in the process.

So sit down and work out what tasks you need to accomplish and how many hours in the evenings you are going to set aside to complete them. Set goals that you can work to.

One may be that you want to have your website live within the first week of starting. Then break that down into what needs to be done within that task, you can set mini goals which you may find is easier to work to and you won’t get overwhelmed.

One thing that you must be clear of is that you are setting up a business for your long term security. So you must look at this as a business and not a hobby. One of my mentors has this saying “that you don’t get paid to do a hobby”, if you see this as a hobby then you will not see positive results. You are now a business owner so act like one.

Your Day Job Is Still Important – Earlier I said that you must make a clear distinction between your new business and your current job. When you are starting out your day job is what is keeping your head above water.

So when you are at work during the day you must be 100% focused and committed to it and perform your tasks to the best of your ability.

It is only human to be excited about your new business venture and there will be times when you feel like jumping in full-time but hold back and let things naturally evolve. The time will come when you can leave your job but you need to protect yourself financially.

work life balance tips

Work Life Balance Tips

Work Life Balance – You will have a lot of things going on with holding down your day job and starting your new business and you may feel that there is not enough hours in the day.

That is a natural feeling but it is very important that you do not forget your family, friends and your social life. This may be hard to do because you will feel that you need to spend the free time that you may have on your business.

The thing is though that if you do not detach yourself from your regular job and your business it can be very counterproductive. You will get burnt out and it could impact your health in the long term.

So as hard as it may be you need to take a break and spend time doing the things that you like with the people you care about. You will then find that when you go back to your business you will have higher energy and motivation levels.

How To Start A Business From Home – The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

I have shared with you some information for you to consider before quitting your day job and I am now going to offer you a solution on how to start a business from home that you can operate while holding down your current employment.

The Six Figure Mentors are specialists in helping people start profitable online businesses from scratch. They teach you the skill sets needed to become successful online and they also have a digital business system that you can leverage to promote their products and service as an affiliate marketer.

Now I wont go into the ins and outs of how they can help you in this post as I respect your time and realize that this has been a really in depth post. So I feel it would be much more beneficial for you to hear direct from the co-founders of the company.

If you click on the image below you can register for a 7 day video training series which will show you how you can create a profitable online business from scratch that you can operate alongside your current job.

six figure mentors digital lifestyle video series

Six Figure Mentors Digital Lifestyle Video Series


You now know how to start a business from home while still working full-time. Also you have the resources available to make it happen. It is now over to you to take action by registering for the complimentary video training series.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world.

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