How To Start A Small Online Business

How To Start A Small Online Business – What You Need To Know Before You Start Your New Online Business

If you want to know how to start a small online business then read the tips that Mark Ford shares in this article.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Today’s post is to give you some valuable information on how to start a small online business. I will share with you some resources that will help you start a profitable online business from scratch, but I also want to make you aware of some tips to give you a clear idea of what you are taking on.

When I needed to know how to start a small online business I did the usual thing when you need information and turned to Google. You may have already done this and have got overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available. That is why I decided to write this post so that I can give you the information and resources that you need.

Why? I want to offer to help you get up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

I am a experienced home business lifestyle coach and I have helped hundreds of people over the last few years create a digital lifestyle through having an internet business. So, I have a lot of experience to help you achieve your dreams of working from home.

How To Start A Small Online Business – The True Facts To Starting A Profitable Internet Business

how to start a small online business

How To Start A Small Online Business

There Is A High Failure Rate –  You probably did not think that I would start with this. This is in no way intended to put you off before you even start. This is the stark reality that you should be made aware of. I am not here to sugar coat anything, I will give it to you straight.

There is not a recorded figure but the general rule of thumb is that 90% of all businesses fail within a short period of time. Now this is where I think different to other people, it is all about mindset, and I am very experienced in training people to have the correct mindset in a home business to give them the best chance of success.

What you should be thinking now is that although 90% fail, there are 10% that succeed. You want to make sure that your online business is in that 10% and I have the experience and contacts to help you with this. I can introduce you to resources that will give you the biggest chance to be a part of the 10% club.

You Will Have To Learn New Skill Sets – Whatever you start in life you need to learn how to do it. Online business is no different, so you have to be prepared to learn the skill sets that you need to be an online business owner.

By having an online business, you will need to learn digital marketing. There are many platforms and strategies to learn and you need to be taught by people who know what they are talking about. This is where I come in because I have created a highly successful digital marketing business and I can introduce you to the resources that you need. More on this in a moment.

Find Mentors – This is a continuation from the previous point of learning new skill sets. You need to find a online business mentor to help steer you on the right path to success.

I discovered my mentors 6 years ago now and through the training programs, the resources that have been made available to me, my hard work and my ability to be coached, it has all lead me to becoming a prolific blogger and a mentor myself where I also run an online high level Mastermind Program.

Create Your Legal Entity – I deal with highly motivated entrepreneurs from all over the world. So wherever you are based you will need to find out about the laws and regulations that you need to abide by. Every country is different so I can’t say do this and do that.

You need to have everything in place so that you do not come up with legal issues in the future. This includes considering whether you want to trade in your sole name, as a limited company or as a partnership and setting up the legal paperwork based on your choice.

How To Start A Small Online Business – Leverage The Resources Of The Six Figure Mentors

six figure mentors

Six Figure Mentors

If you remember I said earlier that I can introduce you to resources that will help your create a profitable online business from scratch. Well when I started my online business way back in 2011 I came across an online business educational organization called the Six Figure Mentors.

The company has now evolved into an industry leader in helping people create successful online businesses and create digital lifestyles of freedom and choice.

Within this organization you will receive all the training you will ever need.

All of the training is provided by highly successful online business owners who have generated six figures online, hence the name of the company.

They offer all the tools and resources that you will need to hit the ground running and drastically reduce your learning curve. Now I could go on and tell you all the benefits and features of becoming a member in this post. However, I have created a website which has everything you need to know about the Six Figure Mentors, as well as myself and how I can help you also.

Please click on the image below to learn more.

mark ford marketing

The resources and tips that I have shared with you on how to start a small online business is everything that you need.

Please click on the image above to get started today.

I wish you every success in starting a small online business working from home.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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Home business lifestyle and blogging coaching with Mark Ford, loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace. Many people live the life they think they have to live. They are overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. My name is Mark Ford and my goal is to help you recognize your potential and equip you with the skills you need to turn that potential into a viable online home business in the digital economy. We have to stop making excuses and make it happen, whatever that is for you? > Read my story at
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