Improve Email Marketing

Improve Email Marketing – Getting The Basics Right

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Today, I would like to share with you a few email marketing tips to help you improve email marketing campaigns and performance.

Improve Email Marketing Tips

1. Make sure your recipient data is clean and up to date, consisting of opt-ins rather than being a random list. The more bounce backs you get the more likely it is that your campaign is going to be spammed and you may even get blacklisted.

improve email marketing

Improve Email Marketing

2. Make sure your title is appropriate and interesting. Don’t just put titles such as newsletter, latest news or even special offer. Link them to your content and make them interesting. Get creative with your titles; your emails are more likely to be opened if you connect to the needs of your customers.

3. Testing is critical to your success. Make sure you at least split test your data using two templates. You can also experiment with different titles and sending at different times of the day.

4. Monitoring your results is also critical. You need a good email marketing tool that will provide you with detailed information on your read rates, opens, click through rates etc. I recommend for this Aweber.

5. Putting effort into your email template designs is also critical. Keep them both on-brand and eye catching. Make sure you have clear messages and that there is a specific offer or call to action. You should be using email marketing as part of your overall sales and marketing strategy and therefore your campaigns need to link into your other activity.

Improve Email Marketing – Conclusion and More Information

So there it is, just a quick post providing a few email marketing tips to help you improve email marketing in your business.

I hope this has been of assistance to you and in order for you to find more improve email marketing tips view my Email Open Rates article.

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