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InLife launches campaign to support the arts, inspire Filipinos to dream big

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Inspire Filipinos

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Money News PH | InLife launches campaign to support the arts, inspire Filipinos to dream big | Insular Life (InLife), the country’s first and largest Filipino-owned life insurer, is embarking on a new campaign to support Filipino arts. 

InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae L. Martinez said InLife’s new campaign is rooted in the understanding that people have an inherent love for dreaming and expressing themselves. 

“The arts provide a platform to showcase the ideal and the impossible. From a single dream, we can create infinite possibilities. There are those who dream bigger dreams such as the artists we look up to. InLife believes in the Filipino artists’ dreams and their capacity to create the good in life,” Martinez said.

As part of this campaign, InLife recently organized an exclusive concert titled “Harmonies in Life” for members of its Amorsolo Circle. The concert featured Megastar Sharon Cuneta, and renowned composer Louie Ocampo. 

InLife has also partnered with Ayala Foundation to support a six-month exhibition at the Ayala Museum of a long-lost painting by the national hero, Juan Luna. Titled “Splendor – Juan Luna: Painter as Hero,” the exhibition sheds light on Luna’s artistic genius and the cultural significance of his work. 

“By nurturing Filipino talent and celebrating artistic expression, InLife aims to create a thriving environment where the arts can flourish and contribute to the cultural fabric of our nation.  InLife recognizes that the arts serve as a platform to inspire Filipinos to dream big, cultivate their creativity, and aspire for A lifetime for Good,” Martinez said.

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