Introducing Digital Experts Academy and the SFM

Introducing the Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors – Your Opportunity To Get Some Free Internet Business Training And Meet the Owners!

Introducing You To The Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors

Mark Ford – Introducing You To The Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors

Well, it’s all new. What do I mean?

Sharing with you that the Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors have just released a brand new video training bootcamp. >>> CLICK HERE.

On this page I introduce you to the Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors internet business training platform.

If you click through on the links below you will also be able to meet the co – founders of the Digital Experts Academy, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross.

So let’s get into it…. a look behind the scenes!

Read on and learn more about the Digital Experts Academy, The Six Figure Mentors, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

Introducing the Digital Experts Academy and the SFM – An Insight!

Here’s an insight, a preview into the message behind day one of the bootcamp. >>> Enter your name and best email in the opt in form on the right handside navigation bar and you will get access to the full ‘free internet business training bootcamp’.

“You may have heard of this method of making money online called “Affiliate Marketing” or “Referral Marketing”. The terminology doesn’t really matter. To us, it’s all Digital Marketing – the Art and Science of generating income online, even without having any products, or services of your own to sell.

Now, whether you’re completely new to marketing and just beginning to see the opportunity that exists online or you’re already a seasoned professional earning a part-time or full-time income online, you’re in for some exciting stuff in the next few days.

Quite frankly, we’re going to blow your mind with some of the stuff we’re going to show you. Over the last few years, a handful of us top marketers have been making millions of dollars online using digital marketing to sell in-demand products.

In fact, together with our top students we’ve have generated in excess of $100 million in online revenue over the last few years.

We know what we are doing – most don’t.

We have the experts (or access to them) in our network – most don’t.

We know something the masses don’t know.

And, right off the bat, here’s a hint for you..

PopcornHINT: Did you know that more money was made by those selling picks and shovels to the gold prospectors than was made in all the mined gold of the Gold Rush itself?

Did you know that Levi Strauss was one such merchant, supplying goods and wares to the miners? – (Please read this sentence a couple of times or until the popcorn starts popping.)

It’s time to stop digging for gold folks. It’s time to start selling shovels. Although we’re pretty darn good at mining for “digital gold”, right now, we are looking for potential partners to help us promote our “digital” picks, shovels, and supplies.

In other words..

We are looking for digital “merchants” to help us service the needs of the millions of miners. Metaphorically, we are doing the same thing that Levi Strauss did when he landed in San Francisco over 150 years ago.

Over the next 7 days you will learn a lot more about the Digital Gold Rush.

Here’s what to expect over the next week:

Day 1: Introducing Digital Experts Academy and the SFM (17 min)

Day 2: The Digital Economy: Past, Present and Future (40 min)

Day 3: The Digital Gold Rush: The “Arbitrage” Opportunity and How to “Cash In” on it! (18 min)

Day 4: Your Digital Life: Making Money With Digital Experts Academy (17 min)

Day 5: Digital Success: What it Takes to Build a Successful Digital Business & Why Most Fail on Their Own. (31 min)

Day 6: BONUS VIDEO: DEA co-founder Stuart Ross interviewed by Founder Thomas Power about making money online. (53 min)

Day 7: BONUS VIDEO: How to Turn Your Uniqueness Into Your X-Factor by Jay Kubassek (38 min)

Ready to get started on YOUR Digital Life?

Ready to start making yourself rich? Why should someone else get all the digits?

Isn’t it time to start keeping some of the gold for YOURSELF?

Don’t wait, Day 1 of your Boot Camp is ready to roll. << CLICK THIS LINK for Day 1

See you there”

So there you go, there’s an insight, a look behind the scenes of what you get when you click the Entrepreneurs wanted banner over to the right hand side or enter your name and email in the free internet business training opt in box.

We wish you all the success you are prepared to work for with the Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors.

Digital Experts AcademyStuart Ross, Jay Kubassek & Mark Ford
Digital Experts Academy

P.S. If you’re a ‘big picture’ type of person who scrolls to the bottom, this note is for you… The Digital Experts Academy helps members achieve their “digital life” in four phases, by teaching them how to cash in on the current Digital Gold Rush.

Each phase has a corresponding membership level designed to build upon the next, taking members from opportunity seeker to “digital expert.” Each phase can be built simultaneously for the quickest possible result.

You can increase your wealth by becoming a member, or by becoming an authorized reseller, or both.

Click the link HERE to access the first episode of our video Boot Camp to learn more.


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