Jay Kubassek Grows A Tree And The Roots!

How Big Is Your Pot Says Jay Kubassek? – A Great Question… What You On About Mark? – Well The Bigger The Pot, The Bigger The Roots The Bigger The Tree, The Bigger The Income!

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Shares Some Thoughts On Growing your Business And Tree From Jay Kubassek, DEA Co-Founder

Wow… I have just come off a webinar delivered by one of my mentors Jay Kubassek, which went on for over 2 hours. Jay Kubassek gave a run through of the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy and shared more about his story and his life.

During the digital business webinar Jay Kubassek drew an analogy between the pace that a tree grows before it bears fruit and the time it takes to build an online business.

Here’s a snippet of what Jay Kubassek said and what I took from the webinar…

Think of your business as a young sapling. It’s small and fragile but in time it grows and bears fruit. It will not deliver fruit straight away, it needs to be nurtured and cared for to grow into a big tree that bears lots of fruit.

Plant the sapling in a small pot, the roots will be restricted and the tree will only grow to a certain size.

Plant the sapling in a big pot, the roots will be not be so restricted and the tree will grow to a much bigger size.

What size of pot will you plant your business in and how will you nurture it and grow it to bear the fruit? – Will you shout at the roots before they have had the time to grow or will you accept that it will take time to grow and bear the fruit?

Let the tree grow, let the business grow, build the foundations, don’t think that you will be rich tommorrow, have proper expectations of yourself, work diligently and with urgency and let the tree grow. Your tree will then be healthy and established, just like your internet business foundations and ‘business fruit’.

Taken from an excellent lifestyle blueprint presentation by Jay Kubassek tonight > read more about Jay Kubassek at this link.

Jay Kubassek Video – The Vision Behind Digital Experts Academy

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I wish you every success

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