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This is what living The Digital Life is really like says Jill Humphreys

Jill HumphreysHi from Jill Humphreys and welcome to my crazy rant.. You see this happens when you embark on a Digital Life things happen to you… you meet these wonderful people all in the community at Six Figure Mentors Digital Experts Academy and life is just never the same again!

You see.. I am having so much fun here that I really can’t keep this a secret anymore..holding this in is making me want to burst!

If your like me and have been sitting on the fence about joining the Digital world of online business.. then get over it! and get out your own way!.. believe me I had no idea that working on line could be so much fun.. you see people here work hard and play hard..they see the life changing opportunity that represents itself and run with it..

I was a stay at home single mum looking after my mother till she passed in 2012. I wanted to get back into something that made me part of an organisation that was going places..

I wanted to have my own business and enough income at the end of every month.. after my bills and food were taken care of I wanted to have a lifestyle of travel and freedom to chose where we would go for a holiday or spend time with family who are all abroad..and most of all with a young son I wanted time freedom to spend with him while he still was wanting to spend time with me!

I wanted security..peace of mind that he will be looked after in later years..in other words I wanted time freedom and financial independence..

I am now actively looking for others who want the same things..having never touched a computer..till 2 years ago I never thought living a Laptop Lifestyle would ever be possible..is this YOU? click the link provided and come and join me..lets make the next move you make financially the best move you make.

If your looking to change your life, work hard and play hard but want more out of your life then need to talk.

Learn More About Jill Humphreys by Clicking Here

See you soon!

Jill Humphreys

We wish you every success

Mark Ford

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