Kitchen Table Commute

The Kitchen Table Commute Or… Nine To Five Traffic?

Mark Ford

Mark Ford – Kitchen Table Commute

Today, for the first time in ages, the sun is shining as I look out of my home office window and write this blog post.

I took the decision years ago to build a business online, do a kitchen table commute, and not be a nine to fiver stuck in the rush hour traffic anymore.

Has it worked, yes… I’m a 52 year old baby boomer who started this internet business journey back in 2006 when I left my legal career behind me to build a property portfolio.

I had this done by 2008/2009 and then I started to look into building an internet business from home.

Yes, I have now set up a dedicated office because it is important to still have a work space at home that helps you focus and be productive in a working environment.

The main thing though was to enjoy a kitchen table commute, where I can just come down the stairs in the morning, set up the laptop on the kitchen table and start the day’s work from home. This kitchen table commute could last for just a few hours, or all day, depending on what else socially I would like to do that day.

I am about to take this a stage further by creating a position where I can travel around the world to meet up with a number of people who now work with me in my teams. They come from all parts of the world, for example; USA, Australia, Canada and the UK.

Let’s look a bit more into this kitchen table commute and how you can do the same!

The Kitchen Table Commute or… What Type of Business To Start?

Kitchen Table Commute

Kitchen Table Commute

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around, especially about starting a business.

Specifically… what is the best KIND of business to start?

A franchise?

A traditional business?

A restaurant (restaurants have the HIGHEST failure rates)

Something else? – In my opinion… I would say the best kind for the average person (most of us entrepreneurs ARE average, and not formally trained) is what’s called a “kitchen table” business. The Kitchen Table Commute!

What is a kitchen table business?

Basically, it’s any business you can do from your kitchen table. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to work at your kitchen table. Just that you should be able to if you had no desk or home office or a lot of room to play with.

Take the business I am associated with, the Six Figure Mentors, for example: =>> Six Figure Mentors System.

This is the home based business training I use. You can do it pretty much anywhere. Do a kitchen table commute in the morning and then work on the kitchen table.

Alternatively, in your car on your lunch break at work. Even while commuting in some cases. It’s also designed for people who hate selling. (You never do ANY personal selling because, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to get on the telephone.)

To get started with your own kitchen table commute, get a free video bootcamp by clicking the banner below and learn how to unleash your digital entrepreneur.

Kitchen Table Commute
Then.. apply here for an application pack =>>

To your success,

Mark Ford

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This report changed EVERYTHING for me. Check it out… You’ll see exactly what I mean!


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