Landmark Forum Day 3

Landmark Forum Day 3 – The Experience!

Well, here I am at the end of day 3 of the Landmark Forum and how would I describe the experience?

Mark Ford Landmark Forum Day 3

Mark Ford

I don’t know, surreal, profound!

You get to realise on this course that the past is the past and that we tend to live with our past and our stories.

We have to clear up this clutter, stop listening to the voice in the head and living our stories to clear the path to possibilities for a life of choice. Move on!

Once we stop living our stories and move on from them then before us is an empty space. Life is then empty and meaningless until we fill it with possibilities.

At the end of the day what things mean in life is the story we invent and attach to something as we listen to our mind, our voice!

The Landmark Forum Day 3 Takeaway

That life is empty and meaningless and that life is happening now, this very precious second, there is no past and their is no future because life is now.

It is happening now, this is it!

Every person gives meaning to life from their own thoughts, when now is nothing. We say something is happening when in fact it is not, it is our thoughts that tell us it is happening and we believe our own thoughts which determine our actions.

Clearing out our past from our thoughts leaves us with a clearance from which, at this point, life is empty and meaningless from the clear path created. What we do then is up to us as we have the freedom to invent as many possibilities as we want.

Too look into your past helps you see clearly how you have got to where you are today but we cannot live in the past and must let go of it to move forward. Letters sent to people to close out issues you are carrying each day helps you clear the path to an abundance of possibility.

The Landmark Forum – Closing Remarks

I have found attending the Landmark Forum to be a life changing experience and an insight into the different ways of thinking for a clear path to the possibilities I can create for myself. Find out more at this Landmark Forum link.

By Mark Ford – Home Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Information Publishing.

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