Landmark Worldwide Forum Day 1

Sharing my experience of Landmark Worldwide Forum Day 1 – London 3rd October 2014

Mark Ford attends Landmark Forum

Mark Ford Attends Landmark Forum

Yesterday afternoon I travelled from my home to London Euston by train to check into my hotel room on Euston Road. Having spent the evening getting orientated and doing some internet work I settled down for a good nights sleep. Well that’s what I thought because I awoke to the sound of loud snores coming from next door.

This kept me awake, but do you know what? – Did it really matter and was it really happening? – You see, had I already attended day 1 of the Landmark Forum it would not have really mattered. Why worry? It is just mind over matter and I must not let things bother me. Just say it wasn’t really happening.

My voice in my head was telling me that ‘you will be tired’, ‘you won’t get through the day’ but this was not the case. On day 1 of the forum I didn’t feel tired at all. The content of the course was so interesting and enthralling that this was the last thing on my mind and a lot of the day was about telling that voice in your head to shut up and control your thoughts so that you are not prevented from moving forward to be an extraordinary person.

Landmark Forum – Day 1 Big Take Away!

A take away from the day for me was that we can live in our past and due to the experiences we have been through, which frame our character, we can hang onto them and not let them go. We pretend that something is okay when in fact it is not. We let our past dictate our future maybe holding onto grudges and not letting them go. We create a blame culture in our heads and we always have to be right which is the pay off for holding onto something that holds us back.

Relationship Break Ups - Move On

Relationship Break Ups – Move On

So for example; lets say that you have had a very bad experience with a previous marriage and that you are now divorced. You use that experience to listen to the little voice inside your head, (always negative most of the time!), that tells you that you cannot have another loving and fulfilling relationship again. You pretend that this is the case when in fact if you let go you could have a lot of love enter your life from another person who you have a lot to share with and who you can relate to in a way that you have not experienced before.

It is the man or lady of your dreams who you can love dearly.

So what do you do instead? – well, you hold onto the past, you want to win the argument, you want to get the pay off of winning, you want to show you are right when in fact if you give up these pay offs you will allow love to enter your life from another person. Consequently,  you will not suffer the pain and suffering of loneliness and have to take on the world yourself!

The Pretence!

Continuing with the example about choosing to decide to go it alone because you have made yourself believe that there is no other way, when there is!

You may also pretend that you are happy on your own, telling people that this is the case and that you don’t need anyone and that you can cope alone. Well, maybe but isn’t it the truth that everyone needs love.

You have even met other potential partners, you go out with them, you develop feelings for them and you know deep inside that they are right for you but you run away from the relationship because you have convinced yourself that in the long term it is doomed to fail. The person you leave behind is left distraught but you are happy because you have returned to your comfort zone, on your own where no one can hurt you.

Well read all that back. Is this what you really want? No… you are pretending that it is this way when in fact you can be happy and in love but choose loneliness instead and tapping into friends and Communities for an extended family.

So, what is the point Mark of all this and the Landmark Forum?

The point is whether you want to leave your job, leave your professional career, build a new life, a new lifestyle where you are not constrained by the limitations imposed by having a boss and a 9 to 5 job, work from home or from your laptop anywhere in the world, you must not only work on building your business you must also work on your mindset. Stop listening to the negative thoughts inside your head and let go. Do not hold yourself back. Strive for excellence and to be extraordinary. You can achieve anything you want, just do it and let yourself do it moving out of your safety zones to a life of abundance and choice.

The Landmark Forum – Most Powerful Question?

Early on in the day we were reminded that we can achieve anything we want if we just let ourselves go and achieve what we want. Anything is possible. For me that is to be charitable, help as many people around the world as I can build a home business as a direct alternative to the professional careers and jobs they are tied into which limit the level of finance and freedom that can be in their lives.

Also, to let go of the ‘rackets’ in my past life and move forward to live life in a loving relationship and a life of abundance and choice.

Having watched a video about ‘A New Way To Look at Life’ and what it is to be human to make a profound difference in day to day life, we then considered further that Landmark was about attending the 3.5 days to be extraordinary. For this to happen some attendees, students, went up to the front of the room and on camera stated what they wanted to get out of participation in the forum and what is was they wanted to achieve in life, personal or in business.

I decided to go up to the mic and make my own contribution to the live Landmark Forum and by reading the commentary from me above you can perhaps guess what I was looking to get out of attendance at the forum which was what we were asked to comment upon to the audience.

I also made reference to the fact that what matters to me is to appreciate that it is not about me but about how I can impact on the quality of life that can be enjoyed by others who wish to transform their own lives into a life of choice and abundance free from the constraints imposed by their current lifestyle.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their own goals and to be charitable so that I am in a position to pay back to the charities who made my father’s passing through lung cancer so much easier.

If you have been following me you will know that one way I do this is to introduce people into the same digital business system that I use daily in my life. Working this together with an attendance at the Landmark Forum will work well for you and I can recommend both to you to get started on your own transformational journey.

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Speak soon with an update about day 2 of the Landmark Forum.

By Mark Ford – Home Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Information Publishing.

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6 Responses to Landmark Worldwide Forum Day 1

  1. Thanks for sharing your story Mark.

  2. Sound like an awesome experience Mark. And I am sure you will get what you desire.

    • Mark Ford says:

      Thanks for your comment Robbie.

      You get to realise on this course that the past is the past and that we tend to live with our past and our stories.

      We have to clear up this clutter, stop listening to the voice in the head and living our stories to clear the path to possibilities for a life of choice.

      Once we stop living our stories and move on from them then before us is an empty space. Life is then empty and meaningless until we fill it with possibility.

      At the end of the day what things mean in life is the story we invent and attach to something as we listen to our mind.


  3. Jodie Faram says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Mark.

    I look forward to reading about the rest of your weekend
    at the Landmark Forum.