Landmark Worldwide Forum Day 2

Sharing my experience of Landmark Worldwide Forum Day 2 – London 4.10.14 – Landmark Forum Review

Mark FordYesterday I completed day 1 of the Landmark Forum and if you visit this link you will be able to read my write up on my experience of day 1 of the Landmark Forum.

To re-cap briefly…

The Landmark Forum is about transformation, the genesis of a new realm of possibility bringing forth the presence of a new realm of possibility for yourself and your life.

> The constraints the past imposes on your view of life disappear, a new life emerges.

> New possibilities for being, call you powerfully into being.

> New openings for action, call you powerfully into action.

> The experience of being alive transforms.

So, on day 1 of the Landmark Forum we discussed all of the above and learnt how to leave the past behind for a clear path to a life of possibilities. Learn more here.

Landmark Forum Review – Day 2

A great day of education and the sharing of quality transformational personal development information. Let’s take a look at what was shared.

We were reminded that the Landmark Forum works so that anything we want for ourself or our life is available out of participation in the Landmark Forum. We can have any result for ourself or our life that we invent as a possibilty and enroll others in our having gotten.

Enrollment is causing a new possibility to be present for another, such that they are touched, moved, and inspired by that possibility.

The results that we get out of participation in the Landmark Forum are a product of the possibilities that we invent for ourselves and enroll others in our having gotten.

The day was spent discussing that we live life in our ‘rackets’ in other words, we have a fixed way of being and persistently complain about events that happen in our lives as a reaction to a real and imagined threat.

We want to be right, dominate, justify ourselves and win the argument because this is the pay off that we get when we persist with our rackets. We persist with our standpoint, our complaints. In doing so we are avoiding responsibility for our actions and preventing love, affinity, vitality, well being, self expression, satisfaction and fulfillment coming into our lives.

We learn that we must not live in the past and let go of the bla, bla, bla, the complaints. It just drags you down. We must be authentic in our lives and free ourselves up from the past to open up possibilities for the future.

I found it a refreshing experience to complete assignments that required me to look back through my life and discover for myself my ‘rackets. This enabled me to look at why I behave like I do now and ways I could provide a clearing to the possibilites for the future.

Having identified ‘my demons – my rackets’ I was able to share authentically with Beth Haining, a friend of mine, the possibility that I will now clear up all my past issues by contacting everyone involved with the rackets I have run and how they have impacted on my life. In sharing this with Beth it left her touched, moved and inspired by me having gotten that possibility.

I was also able to write to my father, someone who at times I had been running a racket with. I shared with him the possibility that I had invented authentically. I was willing to acknowledge that I had been running a racket with him and shared the impact that this has had on my life. So, for example I shared with him that when he emigrated to Spain I was pretending that he din’t care about my well being when in fact he did and that I had prevented myself enjoying 3 years with him and my step-mother at the time. That this was my responsibility not his, and that I wanted to let him know this so that it opened up a clearance for more of a settled position for the two of us.

All in all, I have gained a great deal out of attending the Landmark Forum and I would recommend that anyone who wants to solve their past issues and transform their lives to open up to the possibilities for the future, attend this Landmark Forum.

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Landmark Forum

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