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Leading By Example – Something I Just Have To Share For The Value It Provides – Take Action – Achieve Success And Breakthrough

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Leading By Example-

So, I was just checking through my Facebook account and I came across a post from two people who I like to regard as my friends, mentors and business partners, Chris and Susan Beesley from Chris and Susan Beesley.com

Here is what they said…

“This really resonated with us – Thanks Darren Little

“Direct people to the information where they can get to their personal breakthrough however fast they want. It’s NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY whether or not they do the homework, take action or have success. All you can do is provide the information and LEAD BY EXAMPLE.”

We used to beat ourselves up helping others to achieve success they were not willing to achieve for themselves

We got stressed, burnt out and very nearly gave up!

Don’t let it happen to you

Just be the very best you can be – add value, share your knowledge and give direction

It’s their journey and not yours!


This resonated with me too, hot a nerve if you like. You see… I care and it is always hard to see people turn back on themselves without seeing it through for the long term.

Here is what others said on Facebook…

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