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Jay Kubassek – Let Go And Lead And Being In Control!

I have just read through a very inspirational blog post from Jay Kubassek, Co-Founder of the Digital Experts Academy with Stuart Ross.

Early November 2012, we all heard on the news about Hurricane Sandy. Below Jay Kubassek makes comment upon this and what he discusses about losing control is also well worth sharing here..

Mark Ford and Jay Kubassek

Mark Ford

Jay Kubassek quote…

“Ever since my hometown was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy last week, it’s been a huge change of living standards for me. I’ve had hardly any phone or internet access. I haven’t had any power all week. My dog Victor broke his leg running around our backyard. My wife’s car got swamped by four feet of water. I don’t even remember what it’s like to wash my face with warm water!

It’s not my proudest moment, but it all got to me and broke me down yesterday. Having all of this hit at once, it took me over. I let my circumstances define me. But if there’s one thing we can learn from a disaster like this storm, it’s that there are times in your life when you have to break down to build yourself back up stronger again.

Yesterday was one of those moments when I had to surrender. I can hardly control anything about my life right now. I just had to release and let go of that desire for control.

It was a very humbling experience to let go. When you think that you’re in control and that you’re invincible, that’s the beginning of the end. It goes back to this: the moment you think you’ve arrived, that’s when the ground will rise up and smite you.

When you surrender, your circumstances no longer have control of you. I was annoyed that nothing was working for me, but it made me realize that I was attached to things working a certain way. I was spoiled and entitled. I was used to conveniences. And when you expect those conveniences to always be there, you’ve set yourself up for a bruising.

Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek

It’s getting very cold in my house. Last night, at about 2 AM, I’m up working and eating a pot of soup from my gas stove. I’m covered in blankets. And that’s when I realized: it could be so much worse. I could have lost everything I had.

Looking at yesterday’s paper and seeing pictures of people walking in knee-deep water with their houses completely destroyed, it hit me. Normally, I admit that I don’t have much empathy for seeing something like that happen to someone. It would always feel like it happened somewhere else.

Now, it’s happened right here where I live. And I don’t live in a hurricane zone or a place you’d ever expect to see a weather-related disaster like this.

The last 24 hours was a massive wake up call for me. I ate a huge helping of humble pie, and I can promise you from here on that I won’t be complaining about my own situation any time soon.

Yellow Cabs Line A Flooded Street in Queens, New York in Hurricane Sandy's Wake

Yellow Cabs Line A Flooded Street in Queens, New York in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake

There are 40,000 homeless people in New York alone. I’ve got friends who have several feet of water in their houses right now and all of their possessions – everything they’ve ever owned – has been destroyed. They’ll have to deal with this cleanup for months.

What a crybaby I am, if I’m complaining about my situation compared to that! It’s a HUGE wake up call for me.

Jay Kubassek On Leadership

Today, we decide the next leader of the United States in the presidential election. What does leadership mean?

To me, leadership means that you take responsibility for your own crap. And you also have the strength to take responsibility for other people’s problems. A leader is willing to take responsibility for more than themselves.

I’m not normally one to talk about politics. But on that topic, I don’t feel it’s leadership if someone feeds you a line of BS just to get your vote. A real leader takes responsibility for a mission in the face of fear – not only for themselves, but for the people around them. Leaders help people out of their problems and speak from places of personal power, because true leadership comes from experience.

You cannot lead a movement into something that you don’t have personal attachment or experience in. And there are so many talking heads out there that say whatever they have to say to get votes or dollars. True leaders who lead with humility are very few and far between. (If you’re a U.S. citizen, I encourage you to get out and vote today.)

It doesn’t take a college degree or MBA to be a leader. It’s a by product of the actions you take. Whether that’s belief in your own convictions or belief that you deserve more, the moment you take action on that belief, before there’s evidence of any results, is the moment you start to blaze your own trail, and other people who want that same result will take notice and follow you.

Your intention shouldn’t be to have followers in taking that action, but to create something you believe in. That will be something that other people who have that belief can follow.

Here’s my challenge to you (and myself) today. In times of crisis like this, there are so many vacuums for leadership right now it’s scary.

In this time of absence of leadership, people are looking for someone to believe. Everyone has a solution. But few of them are truly leading by example. Today, find a way to put out into the world what you truly believe in. Put it on your blog or social media pages. Figure out who the hell you are and stop falling for the next “guru”.

You don’t need ANYTHING outside of what you already have inside of you. Do what’s inside you that you know you need to do to be your best self. Forget the laundry list of circumstances that are already jumping in your way to stop you: “I can’t do that because I don’t have power. I can’t do it because I have to take kids to day care. I can’t do it because ________.” Don’t fill in the blank, and there won’t be anything stopping you!

Become the leader of you. You must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others. Follow the core principles, thoughts, and purpose-driven actions of YOU.

Yeah, you’ll get dealt a bad hand sometimes in life, like we did with Hurricane Sandy here in Jersey. But don’t you dare stay in that victim space for one moment longer than you have to. Those circumstances will control you until you DECIDE that they don’t anymore. That’s when you let go and free yourself of them. And that’s how you learn to lead yourself.” End of post from Jay Kubassek.

Comment from Mark Ford:

I am following Jay Kubassek as one of my business mentors. I have learnt that whatever comes at you, to never quit, work to make a difference in the world and when life get’s in the way just work through it to come out the other side.

The word ‘can’t’ is not a word in my vocabulary. Wake up to your own ability to lead yourself to your goals and a new life and then help others to do the same.

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I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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