Life After Divorce Working From Home… Done That!

Life After Divorce Working From Home – It Goes Off With A Bang Today!

life after divorce working from home

Life After Divorce – Just Move On!

Bang to the marriage, bang to the past, let go and bring on the future, a life full of possibilities.

Let it all go with a bang and live for today and a brighter future.

For me, after my own divorce, that eventually became a life after divorce working from home.

I will share more on this later with you when I talk about how my own entrepreneurial journey brought me through divorce and I made a discovery. Hey, there is life after divorce, you just have to live it. Do you relate to this read on…

Life After Divorce Working From Home – Mark Ford’s Story – How I Got Over It!

FireworkSo, today is bonfire night here in the United Kingdom. I have a friend I met back in 2006 in Australia, Steve Jones, who has travelled down from Scotland and is spending the evening with me tonight. Let’s enjoy that and focus on enjoying the friendship today in a positive way.

Steve, like me, is divorced but we will not be spending the evening talking about our divorce but perhaps have a conversation about the fishing trip he went on yesterday or our trips to the cricket. All over a few beers and some good food.

I would not have met Steve Jones out in Australia when I went to watch England play Australia at Cricket if I was married, and we have now become friends for the last 8 years.

The point is… Whilst it is difficult, stay positive with an open mind for new possibilities.

Good comes out of bad!

Okay Mark, All Well And Good… But What About Your Life After Divorce…

When Did That Happen?

You see, I was divorced way back in 1993. Wow… is it that long ago, 21 years and yes, of course it was a painful and a very upsetting experience. I had been together with my wife for 13 years at this point and we had a son, Daniel, aged just 3. Daniel is now 26 and I have a close relationship with him. It’s his 26th birthday this coming Saturday.

It was painful for me, painful for Daniel growing up without mum and day being together, and painful for my ex-wife.

Once we all got through the breakup, the grieving period if you like, my experience was that other possibilities opened up before me that I would not have experienced had I stayed married. Out of bad we must make life good or we will drown in the sorrow!

I sat down with myself. Now look Mark, you have got a choice. Keep the lips pouting pointing down or smile, pick yourself up and think… hey, that didn’t work out so lets look at what I can do now.

Well, I can share my experience so that it helps others come through and so that they can see that there is a way out if they just have a mindset shift away from pity and being the victim, to an open mind to a life of possibility.

Right… I can get stuck into my job and be the best person I can be in my legal job, get promoted, train Magistrates, police, local council officers, solicitors and court staff… done that…

Qualify as a solicitor, get various senior legal adviser positions at courts around the country and don’t let divorce stop me qualifying as as a solicitor … done that…

Become the licensing lawyer for Courts in Staffordshire… done that… loved it.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Start an entertainment agency and mobile disc jockey business … done that… loved that too.

I did 1,000 parties and amongst these was to organize Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath’s 50th birthday party.

Invest in real estate, building a property portfolio consisting of 21 houses … done that as well …

Gave up my legal career and job back in 2006 to build the property protfolio and a home based business working on the internet as an affiliate marketer and also promoting my own information products… done that… still doing this … loving the lifestyle and reaching out to help others do the same where they are open to the opportunities available.

Travelled a lot worldwide and spent a lot of time in Gran Canaria with my parents and brother who emigrated out there … done that…

Enjoy new relationships… doing that now…

Life After Divorce Working From Home – Closing Remarks

Okay, I could bang on (ha, ha, bonfire night!) about lots of more things that I have got up to after my divorce but, by sharing just a few things with you above, I hope you can see that other posssibilities open up for us in life and we just have to come through the bad times, shake ourselves off, get over it and move on. Take a look at what else you can do and JUST DO IT!

What else are we going to do all our life, sulk, cry, moan and groan, no, no, no, don’t do that as we only have one chance at this life. Live it whether you are married or not. Just enjoy the life you have today and the life you can create for yourself tomorrow, the next day, the next month and all future years. Go for it.

At the end of it all focus on the abundant opportunites a divorce can create if you channel your energy in that direction. It will help you come through the pain of divorce and give you refocus.

I speak from my own painful experiences, some of which I have opened up to for the first time and shared with you today, so come on… think in a positive way and take action to make some changes to introduce new possibilities into your life.

One such working from home possibility is what I did back in May 2011 > get some free training about it by clicking here <

I wish you every success

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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