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List Building Blueprints – Video Training – The Blueprints To List Building – The Most Important Thing You Will Learn!

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Discusses List Building Blueprints – Good To Learn!

You will have heard this said many times before but it is worth saying it again…

“The Money Is In The List!..” and I can tell you from experience this is very true.

Take time to build mutually beneficial relationships, provide massive value and products and services that provide a solution to what your readership are looking for.

Whenever I create a new website I create a capture form to build up my subscribers list.

I also provide my subscribers with information about my business, give value and make product offers in their area of interest.

By way of an example; you will see a capture form just over to the right handside of this webpage, where I am offering you a free seven day internet business bootcamp.

Whenever a subscriber to my mailing list becomes a customer I send them onto the customer list automatically. This way I know who has bought off me and who hasn’t and it allows me to provide offers further down the line.

The mistake that many newbies make is that they spend so much time trying to do the hard sell or just pasting AdSense ads all over the place that their visitor hits the back button within seconds.

If you were to ask me what was the single most important aspect of internet marketing, I would say, “the name and email address”. This gives you permission to contact and follow up with your subscriber in the near future.

Great… but how do you go about list building Mark?… Can you suggest a list building blueprints product that will help me?.. Yes I can, read on…

List Building Blueprints Training Course

List Building BlueprintsIn this special list building blueprints course we’ll go into detail on…

  • The things that need to be in place so you can build your list effectively.
  • How to setup your squeeze and download page and how to monetize it.
  • How to add a special offer to gain maximum profits from your efforts.
  • How to setup an effective follow up sequence so that you can build up good will with your list, but also ensure more profits in the long run.

You will learn about the following list building methods;

1. Grow Your List Method 1: Ad Swaps & Solo Ads

2. Grow Your List Method 2: Giveaway Events

3. Grow Your List Method 3: JV Product Launches

4. Grow Your List Method 4: Online Forums

5. Grow Your List Method 5: Blogging – A favourite of mine!

6. Grow Your List Method 6: Exit Pop Up Strategy

7. Grow Your List Method 7: Articles & Videos

8. Grow Your List Method 8: Viral Reports

9. Grow Your List Method 9: Safe List

And… discover also how to do a broadcast promotion to your list and how to get your emails read, then rinse and repeat for success.

I truly believe this is one of the most important aspects of online marketing right up there with product creation – even then, list building comes first!

Check out the full details of this course by clicking on the ‘Discover More’ button below…

I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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