Making Money Online In 2013

Making Money Online In 2013 Is Completely Different Because The Internet Has Changed And You Need To Have Amazing Products That Satisfy Peoples Needs!

Mark Ford

Mark Ford Discusses Making Money Online In 2013

If you search for ways to make money online in 2013 or how to make money online you will get literally millions of results.

Information overload is a major problem for many of us when working online. With such overwhelm how do you know what is real and what internet business works.

That was the exact same question I asked myself when I trawled the internet many years ago for a business I could align myself with.

What I learnt was that it is very important to ignore the information on the net that it telling us to sign up today and be a millionaire by tomorrow, by next week or next month and build long term sustainable businesses.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this but overnight riches do not exist and one major tip is to find a mentor you can talk to and who will answer your questions honestly. This was a decision that has helped to change my life and set me on the road to success.

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Making Money Online In 2013 Video From Mark Ford

Making money online in 2013 is no different to building any other business. It’s a business and not a get rich quick scheme and a business that is built for long term security and sustainability. Remember that you need to treat making money online as a business because doing so gives you the best chance of success.

In the making money online in 2013 video below Mark Ford show’s you the business model he uses and continues to use to make money online.


download make money online 2013 videoWhen you know the key components to making money online in 2013 with multiple income streams then you can apply those to any business online whether that is a direct sales business, an MLM (multi level marketing) businesss, networking marketing business or affiliate marketing business.

Making money online in 2013 is completely different because the internet has changed and you need to have amazing products that satisfy peoples needs in a market place that is buying and you need internet marketing skills to generate leads and make sales.

Building an online business with multiple streams of income is the best way forward in building a business online – you may hear it described as many different things but if you think of a three sided triangle with affiliate, residual income and high ticket income on the left, right and bottom of that triange, this describes the income streams you need in your business to make money online in 2013.

Each side of the triangle represents a different stream of income – there are 3 streams of income that you are going to want to build into your business. Let’s take a look!

Making Money Online In 2013 With Multiple Income Streams

Make Money Online In 2013

Make Money Online In 2013

Leg 1 is High Ticket – this is where you earn a minimum of $1000 plus per sale on the internet. Now most people don’t think it possible to sell products online over $50, $60 or $100 – but here’s the truth, people are selling products well over $1,000 right now and you must start doing this too.

Selling High Ticket Products Benefits!

The benefit in doing this is that you don’t need to worry about creating a product – these products already exist and they are in markets where people want to buy them and are spending money.

Another benefit is that the time energy and effort needed to sell either a low price product or a high price product is exactly the same.

It’s a well known fact that 90% of businesses fail within their first year and most people fail online because they start by selling low priced products. It’s near impossible to get any business momentum doing it this way.

So how would it change your life if you could make say 3 or 4 sales a month at $1000 — that’s $3-4000 income a month — how much easier would that be than trying to sell say 200 $20 products?

You have to get the cashflow coming in as quickly as possible so that you can continue to grow your business. It will be a lot harder for you to do this if you just sell low price information products online.

You need to have a high ticket product that you can sell in your business model – this is actually where I began and I recommend to my clients that they have high ticket income in their business too.

High ticket income is the fastest way to build your business, you will not only replace your income, but create the profit and lifestyle you want.

Affiliate Marketing and Residual Income!

affiliate marketingThe other forms of income that make up your three sided triangle are affiliate marketing and residual income.

These are described in the make money online in 2013 video above, but basically affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product for a commission and residual income, such as a membership site sale, is recieving income month after month for one piece of work.

To learn more from Mark Ford about making money online in 2013 and to get free internet business training > click this link.

I wish you all the success you are prepared to work for.

Mark Ford

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