Mark Ford Internet Marketing Mentoring Session and Goal Setting Tips

When Working From Home Goal Setting Is Important But How Do I Structure A Discussion With A Six Figure Mentors Elite Team Member To Put This Across, Mark?

goal setting with Mark Ford

Mark Ford on Goal Setting

A very good question… a part of my team advice and guidance system is to discuss with my team members their goals and to get them to look at their ‘Why’. In other words to ask themselves why they have joined the business in the first place and how committed they are to the business to achieve their goals.

A way that this can be achieved is to create a document that helps you structure a discussion with your team members on the subject of goal setting and which will help them firm up in their mind why they are building a home based business in the first place.

Internet Marketing and Goal Setting Structured Discussion

In the video below Mark Ford shares with you his structured discussion on goal setting with Iain Campbell a Six Figure Mentors Elite member and internet entrepreneur during a two day workshop on internet marketing and working from home.

A big part of the session covered goal setting and some goal setting tips are shared in this video where Iain Campbell also discloses some of his own personal goals.

Iain and Mark also discuss the topics of attraction marketing, the business to build when working from home, creating a simple business system and marketing system, the three sided triangle formula to bring affiliate, residual and high ticket income into your work at home business, the importance of having structure in your business such as working to product and project listing documents and having a systemized plan to advice and guide your team members.

So sit back, grab a coffee, enjoy the video and we hope you take some great value out of the content that we have shared with you…

Internet Marketing Mentoring and Goal Setting Video

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I wish you all the success with achieving all your own goals and ambitions and I look forward to sharing further valuable content soon.

Mark Ford

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  2. Fiona Scott says:

    Wonderful video Mark and Iain – you gave a lot of valuable content on planning and getting started the right way. Even tho we’ve been through it all, it’s great to be reminded of the finer points every now and again, so thank you for taking the time and effort to record that and share it with me >)

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