Mark Fords Story – Part 3

Mark Ford’s Story – The Home Business Owner – Part 3

An article in the Mark Ford’s story series where he shares his experiences of being a home business owner, and takes a look at the various different business models that he has ventured into. Part 1 herePart 2 here.

mark ford

Mark Ford

Welcome back. Up to this point I have shared with you my childhood years, looking at my education and what made me break into the legal profession within the United Kingdom and how I qualified as solicitor. Also during that time, I shared with you some personal periods of my life that I had to deal with which have ultimately led me to become a home business owner.

Today I want to concentrate on my home business career which all started with “Space Roadshow”.

What is “Space Roadshow” Mark? Well this actually started during my time as a solicitor.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I was a child in the swinging sixties going into the seventies.

Music often plays a huge part in peoples lives and I was no different. Rock and Roll in the 1950’s and 60’s, 70’s disco and new romantics of the 80’s was music I grew up with. All of this evolved music and that evolution progressed with brand new sounds emerging which are the foundation of what music is today.

My Mother (June) & Step Father (Jim) Enjoying A Drink

I had spent many years studying law and, as a result, I became uncomfortable in a social setting not knowing too much about music and all the various genre’s and artists.

As a result I became very passionate about music and little did I know at that time it would be the catalyst to my first business venture.

When my mum re-married she, along with my step-dad Jim, moved to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and I happened to be over there on holiday with my brother Nigel Ford and a friend of ours, Paul Nixon.

Mark Ford – The Mobile Disc Jockey – Space Roadshow

mobile disc jockey

It was the year 1996…. when my first home business got started!

We were out one evening at a club called “Space” and it was there that a seed for an idea was sewn. The idea was to set up a mobile disco, so we agreed on a strategy and when we all returned to the United Kingdom we pooled our resources and got the equipment together that we needed. We then started to spread the word that “Space Roadshow” was in business and open for bookings. We also did some advertising on Yellow Pages and it wasn’t long before the phone started to ring for us to take regular bookings.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Once we found our feet we then started to branch out into event management where we would book additional entertainment acts and handle things like the food and catering. Things were going really well and we grew this business to a turnover of around $1000 plus per week with some good profit margins as well.

One of the biggest events we put on was for the music icon Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath fame, it was his 50th birthday and we held his bash at the N.E.C in Birmingham, UK, and it was a great success.

This business was a perfect side line to my career as a solicitor as it was predominately in the evening and a great stress relief from the 9 – 5 daily grind. Not only that; it provided a release, a distraction if you like, from the trauma, anxiety and stress suffered from the break up of my marriage back in 1991.

When we started out we had a figure in mind of how many events we wanted to hold, that figure was 1000 and when we achieved that goal we closed the business down. It just seemed the right time which coincided with my father becoming ill with cancer in 2005/6 and this also led up to me quitting my career as a solicitor.

mark fords dad

Dad with Cancer 2005/6

When my father sadly passed away I decided to take a leave of absence from work and during that 4 month period I had the opportunity to take stock and see what direction I wanted to take my life. The direction that I took was to open a brand-new business in a totally different industry. With a very close friend of mine, Elizabeth Poole (Liz), we formed a property management and investment business which we named Pooleford.

Mark Ford – Property Investor and Developer

Pooleford Property

The business helped people invest in property with low capital expenditure as we would source low value properties and then help to push the deals through. We also started to create our own portfolio of properties which we would let out to people who were struggling at the time to give them a real sense of safety and security. It was a win/win scenario as investors like us managed to secure great properties to make money from and the tenants were able to rent properties for reasonable fees. We built up the portfolio to 21 properties and managed a number of others for our investors. This was back in 2006 when we started, and we are still going strong today 13 years later.

Why are we still going? Tenacity, not quitting and helping others are a big part of it. However, you see I had to realise something and maybe you will too?

Life is not just about how much money we can make from a job or business venture to pay the bills, the next holiday or buy a car or house. We can live a bigger life and position ourselves to help others less fortunate.

After the passing of my father I had a big wake up call to look back on what I was doing in my career with the law and with the entertainment agency. Was it really about me? Well, to a certain extent yes.

I was fixing myself from my marriage and divorce and letting go of the emotions and feelings attached to that. I would escape through my business and have a different focus. When I was not at an event the feelings came flooding back. I realised that I had to work on my self awareness a lot more and let the past go. And…. the big thing stop buying the next car, the next holiday and all the rest of it but be a servant to others and live with passion. Live a serviant life!

A life where I step up for others SO THAT they achieve inner peace.

How was I going to do that? Great question…

Liz Poole

Liz Poole

Well, for starters neither myself or Liz were happy to see people being turned out on the streets and made, in effect, homeless because they could not buy or rent a house the traditional way. We wanted to help these people with their inner peace to have a roof over their head.

We set about creating a property portfolio to provide these people with a home and create long term relationships where everyone involved could prosper.

We found run down houses, renovated them and either sold them on or re-financed them to pay back banks and investors from the rise in value gained from the renovation.

The next part of the strategy was to rent them out to ‘homeless sofa surfing’ tenants who were on Social Security packages and, with Liz’s housing officer background, we were able to use her knowledge on the financial packages that may be available to secure rent, deposit guarantees and other financial arrangements with the local authorities.

Make Money From Home With PropertyIn all we raised through our own funds, private investor arrangements or bank finance in the region of £2,000,000 and this was a level of ‘good’ debt we had never been responsible for before.

However, we have been happy to carry this financial burden due to the help it has given society with such a social enterprise.

Liz and I are extremely proud of what we have achieved over the 13 years of business and it is our dedication and mission to serve people which has led to our success.

However, here’s the problem, at least if you look at it that way because you can also choose not to! – it left me flat broke living on credit cards and almost loosing my main residential home to a re-possession. That’s how far I went because I re- mortgaged that too and spent the lot on houses. I saved the day in the end!

Make Money Online From Home with Affiliate Marketing

In May 2011 I was looking to add additional income streams to my portfolio. Although property is a great investment it is also quite expensive to operate such a business and it ‘stripped’ the bank!

While doing research on the internet for opportunities to create an internet ‘cash rich’ business I came across a business model called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great business model because it has very low overheads. It involves selling other people’s products and services for which you receive a commission each time you generate a sale. It seemed the perfect solution, so I investigated into it in greater detail.

The result was that I came across a brand-new platform that had been created by a highly successful affiliate marketer called Stuart Ross. The company, called the Six Figure Mentors is a platform that teaches budding digital entrepreneurs how to succeed in affiliate marketing and digital marketing in general.

six figure mentors

I joined the platform and learnt everything that I could, then implemented what I had been taught. Quite a journey I can tell you. However, it was just a matter of time before I was earning thousands of dollars every month promoting digital products that taught other individuals how to create their own online business.

This is when my Limited Company called Nice Money Publications was born. The back story to the name is that I publish information on how to make nice money from home, either as a second income stream to run alongside people’s full-time jobs, or to replace their full-time income, by implementing the strategies and taking advantage of the opportunities that I introduce to them.

Mark Ford – Nice Money Publications

Nice Money Publications

Nice Money Publications has grown over the years and I now have a vast portfolio of my own products and services along with a network of websites to help many different types of individuals get out of the corporate 9 – 5 routine.

A part of my business now involves me in offering services as a professional home business lifestyle and blogging coach to highly motivated digital entrepreneurs.

dea black founding memberIt has also been a privilege since March 2015 to be involved daily in the development and management of a Mastermind Experience program where individuals pay in the region of $30,000 to be a member.

So as you can see I have vast experience in running home businesses and have turned my hand to different niches and industries. That is a common trait for successful home business owners, being able to spot opportunities and diversifying into areas which can be out of one’s comfort zone. Then having the willingness to learn new skill sets to compete with other online business owners and being able to adapt at the drop of a hat to new technologies and strategies.

By always being open to everything that I turn my hand to, and persevering to achieve success, it has resulted in creating a wonderful digital lifestyle that gives me the freedom and choice to do everything that I love to do in life.

mark ford on a pleasure boat in cyprus

Mark Ford On A Pleasure Boat In Cyprus

Many of the things that I do now would simply not be possible if I had stayed within the traditional and corporate world of having a 9 – 5 legal career and routine.

This is something that I am going to cover tomorrow when I give you the insight into what my life consists of now and what is possible if you put your mind to something and never quit on your dreams. What I share with you tomorrow will open your eyes and mind as to what is possible and hopefully create a vision of what your ideal life could look like, that will be different to mine but the principles are still the same.

Having the choice and freedom to live your life on your own terms. That’s what is coming tomorrow so please make sure that you take some time out for the next couple of days because at the end of this week I am going to hand you a golden opportunity to become the best version of yourself and create your dream digital lifestyle. The next two days could be life changing for you, so I hope you are as excited as I am. See you tomorrow.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from your home business.

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Mark Ford

Mark Ford

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