Mark Ford’s Story – Part 1

Mark Ford’s Story – The Early Years

Mark Ford is happy to say he is back with a lifetime commitment to blog daily and share with his readership all things about running a home business, self awareness, mindsets, personal and business growth and oh yes, let’s not forget… who is Mark Ford?

After four years of developing a Mastermind Experience for the Digital Experts Academy, Mark the Blogger has re-surfaced and where better to start than with his life story!

Mark Ford is excited to share with you a series of articles that look at his life story right from an early age and up to where he has positioned himself as a top-level home business lifestyle coach and mentor to hundreds of aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

So here goes…

Today is April fools day, but it is no trick, after some time away I am back kicking off a series of articles that look at my life story.

This starts with my early years and family life but then goes through the different transitional periods of my life looking at my education, my career within the legal system of the United Kingdom and my journey into becoming a home business owner.

I will also look at the different business models that I have ventured into which have enabled me to position myself as a home business lifestyle coach and mentor.

I will also look at various aspects of my personal life, the up’s and downs and how I have handled every scenario that has presented itself to me.

The reason I am doing ‘this is my life’ series is so that you can really get to know the person I am, what my passions are, the lifestyle that I have created for myself and the processes and systems that I have either gone through or created to sustain that lifestyle.

Today I think the perfect place to start is way back in 1960.

Mark Ford’s Story – The Start!

I entered this world as Mark William Ford on September 2nd 1960 so therefore I am of the baby boomer generation. The baby boomer generation is for anyone who was born between 1946 and 1964 and the reason the generation has this label is because there was a substantial increase in birth rates all around the world in the years after World War 2 ended. So I just scraped into the later portion of this era.


Bournville Green, Birmingham

My Mum and Dad lived in an idyllic place called Bournville which is in South Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Bournville may be familiar to you because it is the head quarters of the Cadbury’s chocolate factory.

Bournville chocolate is one of the company’s famous brands as it is a dark chocolate.

mark fords mum

Mum with my great nephew

My mum worked in the factory.

I was like a kid on Christmas morning all the time as we had a nice steady supply of chocolate coming into our home. I can still remember the constant smell of chocolate wafting around where we lived, a kid’s paradise!

Friday nights were good. Mum coming home from the chocolate shop with left over chocolate made available for the factory workers. Dad coming home with dandelion and burdock pop and ice cream. Then what?

Good question! Sitting around the fireplace with my brother, sister, mum and dad and eating chocolate and ice cream and drinking pop talking about family stuff and what we had been up to in the week. That’s how I remember it and they are fond memories.

mark fords dad

Dad’s Last Days with Cancer

My dad worked at the famous Longbridge car factory which was one of the biggest employers in our area, much like Cadbury’s, so myself, my mum and dad, my brother and sister were the typical family unit in the United Kingdom in that time. Mum and dad worked to provide a safe and secure home and as kids we did what kids did.

My father was also an excellent singer, performing on stage right through to almost 80 years of age when sadly I lost him to cancer.

This has led to me these days to supporting a charity called Victoria’s Promise. Learn more about ‘supporting and empowering young women through cancer’ at this link.

Dad loved a beer or two, as I do, and as a former Navy signalman he was very successful in managing a number of social clubs for Ex Service men.

Mark Ford’s Story – The Simple Life!

Life seemed much simpler when you look back, there were no things such as smartphones, social media, Playstations and Xboxes, no cable television, in fact there were just 2 or 3 channels and they were not around the clock 24/7.

We made our own entertainment such as climbing trees, inventing games to play on the pavements, riding bikes, exploring and playing sport. Health and safety was not like it is today, there weren’t so many personal injury lawyers ready to jump on multiple claims like there is now, we just got on with it, had a lot of fun and if we got hurt we would dust ourselves down and carry on regardless.

Mark Ford’s Story – The Swinging 60’s!

Courtesy of MannyMUC

The swinging sixties introduced new sounds and new bands springing up left, right and centre which is where I got the love for music and little did I know then that this would be a foundation in a entertainment business venture that would emerge some 36 years later which I will talk about later during this week.

Mark Ford’s Story – Cricket!

Also sport has always been a real interest of mine and from an early age I really got into cricket, there was some really iconic stars of the game and some of them became role models for me to try and emulate.

My Meeting With Ian Botham

View Mark Ford’s Cricket Tours Website Here

Any young kid is influenced by their heroes and it was the same for me, I became really good at the game, so much so that when I was at grammar school I was opening batsman for the school 1st team and later when I left school I played for Bournville Cricket club. My love for cricket started at an early age and has always stayed with me and I will speak about this more when I cover the home business lifestyle that I now enjoy today towards the end of this week.

Mark Ford’s Story – School Years!

Obviously my early years included my education and Bournville where I lived had a really good infant and junior school. The education system in the United Kingdom at the time consisted of the infant, junior and then senior stages and to a certain extent it remains the same today.

bournville junior and infant schoolMy first school was Bournville Junior & Infant School and this was typical of thousands of schools all over the country for pupils of that age.

This is where you went to learn the basics which were referred to as reading, writing and arithmetic which are the foundations too many aspects in life. Another good thing about these infant schools was that you could be very creative, it really was hands on and overall I learnt a lot and it was great fun.

The nature of the beast is that as time goes on it starts to get more serious and the intensity levels get higher each year you progress through the system. This did not faze me as I am the type of bloke that is always all in and give 100% at everything that I undertake, otherwise what is the point?

My time at Bournville Junior & Infant school was really good and rewarding, it also set me up perfectly for the ‘big’ school. When you get to the age of around 11 you know that your time at the ‘big school’ is fast coming, you have seen it many times from the outside and build up this picture of what it’s like inside.

Well, my time came, and I passed my 11+ examinations. I remember the feeling of amazement and disbelief as I was asked to write a story about a fire engine.

Really, okay then I did and I graduated to George Dixon george dixon grammar schoolGrammar School in Edgbaston, Birmingham and things became a whole lot more serious.

The point of this stage of your education is to set you up to transition into adulthood and carving out the next stage of your life with a chosen career path.

work at home solutionsAt grammar school I would not say that I excelled academically by sitting 9 “O” level qualifications and passing 4. As I mentioned earlier I was more interested in taking my place in the school cricket team and facing the onslaught of a leather cricket ball being fired at me at a great speed of knots, but like everything I do I faced up to it and mastered it for which I am very proud.

Mum and dad were keen for me to further my education at university level, but I steered away from that thinking because I thought it would be more beneficial to seek employment and study at the same time to further my career path. My chosen path was in the legal system of the United Kingdom. On the 9th June 1977 I left school to pursue my ambition of becoming a professional qualified lawyer.

Mark Ford - Law Society Presentations 1994

Mark Ford – Law Society Presentation 1994

From 1977 – 1994 I studied at various Polytechnics and Technical Colleges starting at the Matthew Boulton Technical College where I gained an “A” level in Law as well as the Common Professional Examinations before I finally passed the Law Society Final Examinations to become a fully qualified UK Solicitor in 1994.

As you can see my path was fairly conventional from being conceived into a family unit, learning the basic life skills, out with my mates and working through my early school years.

Then came the knuckling down to study hard and decide on a career path. Working hard to finally succeed in achieving my goals.

There were some real hurdles that I had to overcome especially at the age of 16 when my mum and dad separated before finally divorcing. That really affected me because I did feel somewhat alone living in isolation as a young 16 year old teenager. However, in time I realised that I had not been abandoned, this was not the case. I still had my mum and dad and they still loved and cared about me, but it was a hard time that I had to get through due to my personality of thinking positively and having a never say die attitude.

Still with me? Thank you for reading this far. This about covers my time as a child and going through into adolescence. Tomorrow I will cover my career as a lawyer and the ups and downs during that period so make sure that you bookmark my website and come back to learn more about the next chapter of my life. See you then.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and working your way to the top!

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