Marketing tips for your home based business

It can be tricky for a small business to market effectively, especially for those working with small budgets or a lack of experience so lets look at some marketing tips for your home based business.

Matt Press Splash Copywriters

Matt Press – Splash Copywriters

It can be tricky for a small business to market effectively, especially for those working with small budgets or a lack of experience. Not sure where to inject that funding? You’re not alone. Here are some tips on marketing musts that will get the most from your money.

Pen some sharp copy

Strong, succinct copy should support everything else you do. Being a small business, you may not have the contacts or budget to hire a great content writer, but this doesn’t mean that your copy can’t be professional.

Make sure your content is engaging and concise, nobody likes waffle.

If you’re really not good with words, delegate the copywriting to another team member, or look to find a post-grad who’s looking for some vital writing experience. Brilliant copy can be expensive but if you’re writing it yourself, you can always learn by researching the biggest companies out there and taking a note of their styles.

Use the alternative media

Thanks to the numerous platforms available, it’s now cheaper than ever to produce and release marketing videos to the mass public or target customers. Platforms like YouTube, Vine and even Instagram allow you to upload videos and photos free of charge and, with the quality of smartphone cameras improving, there’s no reason to fork out on expensive kit. Visualising your marketing campaign has its obvious advantages. It’s quicker for your customer base to access your content, but make sure that it’s of good quality, as you don’t want to leave a lasting negative image.

Embrace multiple platforms

Make sure that you’ve optimised all the available online platforms at your disposal. This means making a twitter account, a business page on Facebook, a brand page on LinkedIn (and not just a personal page), setting up a professional email address and finally, establishing an impressive website. Your website can often be the deciding factor for clients, when looking at your business. It must be simple, effective and easy to use.

Advertise on the web

Self-promotion can be classed as advertising and by all means, promote your business across your social networks, using LinkedIn to cement any face-to-face contacts. However, to truly expand your home business you need to advertise online and this could mean paying small amounts for pay-per-click advertising. This can be expensive but equally, it can also be really lucrative, so start off small and work from there.

Matt Press – Splash Copywriters Accreditation

Splash Copywriters“Matt Press is an experienced copywriter who has written words for some of the UK’s biggest brands, such as Sky, Three and Vodafone.

Working through his company Splash Copywriters, he creates content and delivers marketing, branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice to businesses of all sizes.” Learn more about Matt Press and his copywriting services over at his website > Splash Copywriters <

I wish you every success

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Thought for the day: It’s not just marketing that makes a home business, mindset and business systems are also an integral part of of your success.

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