Marketing With Video

Marketing With Video – 7 Benefits Of Video Marketing

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Mark Ford

In this article Mark Ford shares 7 benefits of marketing with video to help you engage with your audience.

With a background in law I enjoy the written word. However, there is no doubt that video marketing is an essential part of any online business that is being worked from home.

I have created hundreds of videos over the years to help individuals overcome problems and attract thousands of leads and customers to my various home businesses.

Marketing with video is extremely powerful and engaging and videos can dramatically improve the online presence for your business.

Also the search engines love videos as they attract thousands of visitors. They tend to rank videos highly in the search results that they return.

Google owns YouTube so if you can list your videos on YouTube and then post them on your blog or website then there is a high chance that you will rank for the keywords that you are targeting.

So I am going to share with you 7 benefits for marketing with video to help you understand why you should be creating videos to showcase what your home business has to offer.

Marketing With Video – 7 Reasons To Start Creating Marketing Videos for Your Home Business

marketing with video

Marketing With Video

Marketing With Video – Connect to a Wider Audience

Video hosting websites such as YouTube & Vimeo have billions of registered users combined and there are literally millions of hours of videos watched everyday.

If your webpages have videos embedded into them then the chances of the page being listed on the first page of Google increases significantly. A page 1 ranking will result in a massive influx of visitors to your website.

Marketing With Video – Increase The Open Rates Of Your Emails

Individuals are getting more savvy to online marketers and pick and chose which emails they open. If you have the word “Video” within your subject line then your subscribers tend to open your emails more than your competition.

Within the email you can embed the video into the email content without your subscriber having to click away which results in more engagement and it can lead to more positive results for your business.

Marketing With Video – Improves Landing Pages

Again individuals are more inclined to take notice of landing pages that have a video on it than a simple and boring text based landing page.

If your video has an auto-play video embedded into it, it will instantly grab the visitors attention and they will tend to opt-in more to see what else you have to offer them.

Marketing With Video – Incredibly Simple To Create

If you have a smartphone then you have all you need to create high quality marketing videos for your home business which you can instantly upload to YouTube.

Also your laptop or PC has the technology to create videos and when you combine programs such as Power Point you can make informational and instructional videos to create online courses.

Marketing With Video – Helps You Connect With Your Audience

Nowadays people want to know who they are dealing with so although you may feel uncomfortable at first with being front of camera it will significantly help you attract people to your business.

At the end of the day people buy from people so video gives you the chance to build a relationship with your fan base so they begin to know, like and trust you.

Marketing With Video – “How To Videos”

How many times have you been on YouTube and watched a video to find out how to do something? You know the principle works so make some “How To” videos to provide value to the world.

If you can demonstrate how your product or service can help someone overcome a problem then you are more than half way there to making a sale without adopting the hard sale method.

Marketing With Video – Create A Viral Effect

If you create valuable, informational and entertaining videos then people will share them with with their circle of influence.

You probably have done it yourself so you know it works. Post them on the video hosting sites along with your social media channels and ask people to comment and share. This will create the snowball effect and it will give your home business maximum exposure.

As you can see marketing with video is extremely powerful and simple to do. So study what I have shared with you and start to create a video marketing plan for your business.

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