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On this page I discuss the importance of a home business mentor, and share with you the business mentors who have helped me in the development of my home based business.

The importance of a business mentor who provides advice and guidance cannot be under estimated. So, what is a business mentor?

One definition of the word ‘mentor‘ given by Wikipedia is… “Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

However, true mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.”

The Importance of a Business Mentor

Part of your home based business plan for success, must include an experienced online business mentor. Working a home based business on the internet does not differ greatly from any other marketing opportunity. Every business has its’ own specific solution for conquering the market and an internet business is no different; it’s just knowing where and how to begin.

Every business has a period of learning, this is a new skill and it can be amazingly successful for you providing you are prepared to set your business foundations in stone.

This process, as with anything in life which is worth having, takes time and if you are prepared to put in the time your future will certainly be secure.

Although an internet based business is able to support the lifestyle you are seeking the whole process of obtaining the right advice starts with you and your business mentor.

Your business mentor is a prime building block of expertise for the success of your home based business. A good mentor will be available to assist you with the difficult times which can be experienced when starting out, remember your mentor has been there too.

A good mentor will teach you everything they know so that you can pass this information onto your successors and empower you to become a sought after mentor yourself, this is the real nature of mentorship and it is very powerful.

Trying To Go It Alone Without A Business Mentor!

Just a 5% of the people in business have success. The other 95% struggle to survive.

Ladder To Success

When you want to be a success in business you cannot do it by struggling on alone. When you want to learn how to treat your business as a business and attract success instead of chasing it, you should not work alone, but you should have a business mentor who can help you make it happen.

What is the price of success?.. Have a dream, a goal, and stick to it. Go to a business mentor who will help you stay focused and teach you to treat your business as a business and not just as a job or a hobby.

Once you have decided upon your business mentors, listen to them, take their advice and take action on what they say. Do what it takes, stay focused and enjoy your success along the way – celebrate it!

Mark Ford as a Business Mentor

By aligning myself with my business mentors I have become a business mentor myself and I now empower people to succeed with their chosen life path and business.

> You can view the mission statement of Mark Ford at this link.

On a weekly basis I meet with my team members over Skype, or through the channels that I list on my Six Figure Mentors page, to provide advice and guidance on the businesses they have joined with me.

To learn more about the business mentoring that I provide click here…

Mark Ford’s Venture Into The World Of Making Money Online & Mentors

Having got my property business up and running I started to search the Internet for other home based businesses that would give me a residual income but I soon realised that there is a ton of information out there and many hundreds, if not thousands, of business opportunities online. I started to ask myself, how would I know which one to choose and how can I be sure that they are legitimate make money online opportunities?

At first with the wealth of information out there, like many, I found it difficult to see the wood through the trees and I spent a lot of money on training courses and eBooks to try and get the answers.

Many hours, days, weeks, months and years have been spent researching various business opportunities, marketing systems and product niches until I decided that if I was to have a really successful home business I would need to learn marketing and embrace the internet where I work with a team of like minded people who are willing to help me.

How was I going to do all this? Well, I thought my best course of action was to find business mentors whose experience would help me and from whom I could learn as quickly as possible.

I have always found that when I focus on things in a positive way the answer comes through and for me that was a realization that I needed a business mentor. If I aligned myself with the right mentors I would be able to build the type of business that I wanted to be involved with and promote legitimate home business opportunities.

So… Who Has Helped Mark Ford? – Recommended Business Mentors

1. Andrew Reynolds

Having decided that I needed a mentor I was fortunate enough, back in 2008, to receive a business publication through the post from work from home business entrepreneur, Andrew Reynolds.

This caused me to find out all I could about Andrew Reynolds. What I discovered and liked best was how ethical he was in the way he ran his businesses and how he seemed to want to go out of his way to help people succeed in the same way that he has, as a self made multi-millionaire. Excellent Andrew, well done!

Andrew Reynolds has been very inspirational to me and has been one of my mentors on my journey to setting up and running home based businesses.

I have attended Andrew Reynolds bootcamps and bought a number of his products which have been a tremendous help to me in learning about this home based business opportunity industry. It opened my eyes up to a completely different way of working and earning money from home.

Andrew Reynolds – His Story!

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds, direct sales, home business mentor and business coach, has quite a remarkable and very inspirational story.

Before the 90’s, Andrew Reynolds didn’t even know how to use a computer or the internet. He worked at a fairly comfortable corporate job, where a few of the benefits included a Mercedes and a five figure salary.

However, he was still uncomfortable with his position and lifestyle. Now, you might think that making such a great income would keep anyone in their job, but Andrew Reynolds (like many of us) was sick and tired of trading all of his time for a living.

On a whim, he purchased an information product that claimed to teach him how to make a few thousand dollars at home on the internet. Although he hadn’t done anything with the product, when he finally learned how to use the internet, he looked up the creator of the information product and asked if the information was still relevant.

The creator invited him to a seminar in the United States, which Andrew went and checked out. It was at that seminar where Andrew Reynolds learned that this is what he wanted to do.

As an action taker Andrew Reynolds has consistently worked hard over the years to help thousands of people and move towards his target of earning £50,000,000 a year.

Andrew Reynolds, like me, produces many news articles relating to the work from home business industry, featuring news stories detailing also his charity work and entrepreneur bootcamps.

Andrew Reynolds is also the author of a book with the title ‘Copy This Idea’ where he gives you the opportunity to copy his successful business ideas.

copy this idea andrew reynolds

Read more and watch the video presentation here…

2. Jay Kubassek

” A younger, hipper version of Tony Robbins, Jay Kubassek has the capacity to inspire.” – The Toronto Star

Jay Kubassek had humble beginnings. He grew up on a communal farm in rural Canada where he learnt to share and to pull together and help others.

jay kubassek 1

Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek

But he was investigative and inquisitive. It started with soil efficiency for the crops and research on how to improve output of the community. This led Jay to look to the outside world – lured by a world he hadn’t experienced first hand.

Muffler Salesman

He took a job selling mufflers at Midas, and was happy with that step in life until . . . he was offered a stake in the local franchise. This was the exact point he realised he had created value for the company via boosting customer service and sales. And if he could do it once for someone else, he could do it again for himself!

Realisation for Jay Kubassek

Following this self realisation, Jay Kubassek started searching . . . and found the internet. A whole new world. He relished the challenge of learning something new and selling as an affiliate – spurred on by affiliate competitions. He was going to win – and he would have won his first affiliate competition if only he had the self belief to properly invest in the company’s products. He did not make that mistake again!

Jay Kubassek has now partnered up with Stuart Ross, Six Figure Mentors, to form the Digital Experts Academy. Through my positioning in the Digital Experts Academy I am now partnered up with Jay Kubassek and ideally placed to help you with the building of your digital online business… Learn More.

Through the various online communication channels within the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy, Jay Kubassek mentors me every week and he is someone who can also advise and guide you with your digital business. Read More…

3. Six Figure Mentors

So, What is The Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors has developed a ground breaking platform that allows members to begin their own turn key internet marketing business. This platform integrates instruction and education to help members create a low overhead virtual office, and is jam packed with business resources, tools, training, and full technical support.

The Six Figure Mentors internet marketing training system is designed to help each member succeed, regardless of education or economic background.

The Six Figure Mentors provides a state of the art comprehensive direct marketing solution complete with the tools, training, coaching and community required to launch and grow a successful online business.

I am now trained daily at The Six Figure Mentors by many top industry leaders with full support from the Six Figure Mentors Community. I am looking to the Six Figure Mentors to help educate me further about digital and online marketing so that I can pass on my improved knowledge to others who will benefit from this.

The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors was created to help people just like yourself achieve what is perceived to be the impossible when it comes to building and growing an online business. Read more…

4. Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

Digital Experts Academy & Six Figure Mentors Co-Founder Stuart Ross

In his teenage years Stuart Ross was always very active enjoying his hobbies and spending time with people who were important to him. He dropped out of college with little money to his name, and then at eighteen years of age he took up a ‘job’ in the corporate world as an estate agent.

Like me, he followed the system that is drilled into a lot of us to get a good job and earn a reasonable income. In following the system Stuart Ross worked up to seventy hours a week for nearly eight years from 8am to 7pm six days a week, and he will tell you that he knows this way of working to be a just over broke system. He continued to work as an esate agent and by twenty six years of age his job was serving him pretty well because he was actually earning a reasonable income.

However, what his estate agent job was not doing for him was giving him enough money to live in the type of house he wanted to live in, drive the cars he wanted to drive (he likes cars), enjoy having a good quality of lifestyle and the free time to do the things he wanted to do.

Stuart RossA few years ago Stuart Ross finally decided that he was fed up with the rat race and wanted a change of lifestyle. He made the decision to look for a ‘better way’. A way that would allow him to earn good money, have more free time to spend with his family and do the things that he enjoyed doing.

Stuart Ross set out on a path to learn all he could about becoming a top affiliate and internet marketer. This he has achieved and he now runs an online business that generates for him millions of dollars a year. Read More About Stuart Ross Here…

My Elite membership of Stuart Ross’s online business training course, the Six Figure Mentors, along with the regular business mentoring from Stuart Ross, has been key to helping me build a successful internet based business. Thank you Stuart Ross!

5. Chris And Susan Beesley & Greg And Fiona Scott

I would also like to make a special mention to Chris and Susan Beesley and Greg and Fiona Scott whose input, help, guidance and support has also contributed in a big way to my ongoing success. Thank you for your continued support.

Chris and Susan Beesley

Chris and Susan Beesley

Mark Ford with Greg and Fiona Scott

Mark Ford with Greg and Fiona Scott and A.N.Other?

A Very Big Thank You To All Of You!

And.. to all of my sponsors, team members, subscribers, customers, outsourced workers, product suppliers, and any of you out there who have helped me in the building of my internet business and home based business, I would like to say a very big thank you.

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I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

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