Midlife Career Change

Midlife Career Change – Is It A Midlife Crisis Or Are You Looking For A New Direction?

mark ford

Mark Ford

In this article Mark Ford looks at the topic of people looking for a midlife career change to give themselves a new purpose in life.

As a home business lifestyle coach today I want to look at why people make the decision to embark on a midlife career change. Some people may look at it as though it is a midlife crisis but in reality the feeling that an individual needs a career change can happen at any age, but today I want to concentrate on individuals who are in the middle of their working lives.

After working in a specific industry or long term job many people have an overwhelming feeling of despair and wish there was more to life. They may wake up in the morning not wanting to get out of bed or are constantly looking at the clock in their workplace waiting for their coffee breaks and the time when they can clock out and go home.

The trouble is that that clock seems to be going backwards and they feel their life ebbing away. When we first start our careers we have lots of energy and high levels of motivation but after a few years we get stuck in the 9 – 5 routine and it takes such a hold that we feel that we can’t break free.

For myself I decided to change careers when I was in my mid forties. I had held a high position within the legal courts of the United Kingdom for nearly thirty years and I had operated an events management business which had clocked up 1000 gigs.

After some very serious personal traumas to overcome I decided that enough was enough and decided to quit both my career and business to embark on a totally new direction and started a property investment and management business with a close friend of mine and we still operate this business to this day.

Then around 7 years after we started the business I had to look at other ways to generate income to run alongside the property business and I turned to the internet and started an information publishing and affiliate marketing business which I will talk about shortly.

So as you can see I am living proof that a midlife career change is very possible and you can make it a huge success by taking massive action. There are some things that you need to consider though before you take the leap of faith and I would like to share some of those with you.

Midlife Career Change – How To Successfully Start Over

midlife career change

Midlife Career Change

Midlife Career Change – You Must Have A Purpose

You can’t just say to yourself “I want to start over”. You must ask yourself “WHY you want to start over” and “what do you hope to gain by starting over”.

When you have a strong purpose for making the change then you will find it will make it much more achievable.

Midlife Career Change – Leave All Your Baggage Behind You 

For many people it is hard to forget things that have happened in the past, both career wise and personally. What’s done is done and you must forget about things that have been weighing you down for a long time, and quit blaming other people for any misfortunes that you may have experienced.

Start with a clean slate and only look forward and never back.

Midlife Career Change – Take Massive Action

Don’t just sit there are wait for things to happen because guess what? They never do so you need to make things happen for yourself and you do that by taking action.

This could be applying for a new job or even think about starting your own business so that you are 100% in control of you and your families destiny.

Midlife Career Change – Don’t Make Excuses

Don’t get drawn into finding excuses not to do it. If you seriously want change then you will need a positive mindset and find ways to make it happen rather than looking at what may happen if things go wrong.

“What If’s” and “Maybe” have never done anyone any good.

Midlife Career Change – Create A Plan Of Action

Sit down and write down ideas that can make that change a reality. If you are looking for another job then what do you want to do, likewise if you are looking to start your business then what type of business do you want and more importantly what type of lifestyle do you desire?

Midlife Career Change – Starting An Online Business

Earlier I mentioned that I started an information publishing and affiliate marketing business. This was made possible when I came across an online business education company called the Six Figure Mentors who have taught me the skill sets to create a profitable internet business from scratch.

They have high level training and mentoring programs which are crafted to help anybody break free from the conventional way of life that we are all conditioned to accept.

Also they have all the tools and resources on hand so that you can start a new career at the same time as carrying on with your current career until you get in a position to finally make the decision to quit your job. Think of it as a kind of safety net and insurance policy.

This is what I recommend you do as it has worked for me and I now have a highly successful business that allows me to travel the world and have the lifestyle of choice.

For a limited time they have a 7 day video training series which outlines exactly how they can help you create a digital lifestyle business and you can register for this by clicking the image below.

Click on the image below and get started today.

six figure mentors digital lifestyle video series

Six Figure Mentors Digital Lifestyle Video Series

A midlife career change can be the most liberating thing that you will experience. It has worked for me and millions of other people so there is no reason why it can’t work for you. Click on the image above now and get started today.

I wish you every success in starting a new midlife career change with a home business.

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