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Ms Puiyi Takes on Web 3.0 and Metaverse with Own NFT Collection

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From left to right - Joseph Anthony, Chief Engagement Officer, Ministry XR, Eugene Tay, Chief of web3, Ministry XR, Ms Puiyi, Fei Fei Ngow, Creative Director, Ministry XR, Kimberly Walker, Copywriter, Ministry XR

Online Manila | Ms Puiyi Takes on Web 3.0 and Metaverse with Own NFT Collection | is a collaboration with Ministry XR London that will give fans the rare opportunity to be part of her journey in overcoming boundaries to take on new ventures.

Ms Puiyi – arguably one of Malaysia’s most prominent personalities and online content creators with millions of followers from around the globe on her social media accounts – will soon have her first ever series of NFT collections. This comes as part of a newly forged collaboration with Ministry XR – a trailblazing web 3.0, metaverse, and spatial computing specialist.

Boldly themed OVERCOME, the series of NFT collections on will showcase the sensation that is Ms Puiyi – a former OnlyFans star and the first Southeast Asian to make it to the cover of Penthouse magazine – who has shed her controversial image to become a young and sassy entrepreneur who has personally embodied this theme in her own life, to take her refreshed brand into 2023.

Known for her bold personality and fortitude for going against the grain, she has made recent news for delving into numerous ventures, including opening a new chapter in her career with her foray into the music industry and hitting the decks in the DJ scene.

And now, Ms Puiyi is essentially creating a new economy for herself in Web 3.0 and the metaverse, enabling her to explore more artful content, which can be exclusively viewed and owned by growing audiences in the metaverse and NFT marketplaces.

This new venture will enable Ms Puiyi’s audiences to experience her in an entirely new way, while empowering her to gain even wider reach to early adopters of NFT and metaverse experiences. These collections of NFTs will paint her journey bright, allowing fans an up-close-and-personal look at how she overcomes challenges in this new chapter of her career.

Overcome with Ms Puiyi

The OVERCOME collection relates to the 12 Chinese Zodiacs as a testament to the challenges Ms Puiyi has overcome in her own life, while navigating through public opinion to drive her success even further.

The first collection, which is slated to be released in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, is aptly titled Overcome with “Fook” (meaning “luck” or “good fortune”), alluding to Ms Puiyi’s renewal of mind as she inspires positive change with strengths of the Zodiac to bring luck just in time for the Year of the Rabbit.

As an unprecedented milestone, the Overcome with Fook collection will feature Ms Puiyi like never before, as she embodies the spirit of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in a range of still, motion, and behind-the-scenes NFTs, captured by a certain renowned fashion photographer to the stars.

“This has been such an incredible experience for me. I’ve discovered how Web 3.0 is so much like a rebellious move forward. Being a rebel myself, this NFT project has opened more possibilities for me to create more refreshing content, exclusively for my fans. My collaboration with MInistryXR, allows me to take my brand and fans into the next era of the internet where we can build better connections and share the rewards.”

“I thank my fans for believing in my move towards music. Now I want them to see a whole new side of me. I want my fans to come into this new world with me and support my journey of self-empowerment through the launch of my Overcome with Fook NFT Collection, under the OVERCOME umbrella which will later on incorporate two more new collections – Overcome with Joy and Overcome with Love,” said Ms Puiyi.

Through this NFT collection during this auspicious season, Ms Puiyi fans will be inspired to bravely overcome in the new year, as they try new things for themselves with a little ‘fook’ from the legendary star herself. Fans can expect to see a distinctly different side of Ms Puiyi – a refined, mature yet playful take on what it means to be a social celebrity forging her own path on her own terms. Much like her own personality, the NFT collection itself will push the boundaries of artistic photography and motion merged with creative digital art.

Purchasers of these NFTs (which start at USD188) will not only get to own a distinctly unique piece of these artistic creations of Ms Puiyi, but also enjoy special membership privileges. These perks include access to exclusive content, physical meetups and even personal interactions. More exciting is the whitelisting for a Ms Puiyi one-of-a-kind metaverse to drive this interactive experience further.

Membership certainly has its privileges

These experiences are currently in the works at Ministry XR’s new office in London, who are dropping the collection of NFTs in GIF, video, VR. The team is also finalising formats for the next drops which will include avatar and even AR hologram formats, pushing the envelope for even more immersive content. By working closely with Ms Puiyi and her team, Ministry XR is changing the game as we know it in the arena of NFTs, with a long-term roadmap of activities and experiences.

This is where NFTs with membership perks plays a significant role, as it allows artists like Ms Puiyi to keep in constant contact with fans while providing them with perpetual membership benefits, which was never possible with Web 2.0 and social media.

In fact, the value that Web 3.0 brings to celebrities and artistes is limitless. With Ms Puiyi having an Instagram fan base of more than 20 million, the limited number of 2888 NFTs in the OVERCOME collection series that come with membership privileges will drive demand on the secondary NFT market.

“The digital technology of the past, which includes social media and streaming platforms, completely limits the level of fan engagement, fan interaction and fan involvement with their favourite celebrities. With the metaverse and Web 3.0, fans and communities can get more involved. We are breaking down barriers that have always been there,” said Joseph Anthony, Chief Engagement Officer at Ministry XR.

“With NFTs, for instance, fans don’t just get to say hello. They get to own a piece of the action and truly support their favourite stars, and more importantly, be part of a creative endeavour. Owners of the NFTs also get membership perks, like physical meets, backstage passes and VIP booths at parties,” he explains.


Ms Puiyi Water Rabbit
Ms Puiyi Water Rabbit

Ministry XR – A dynamic gamechanger

Taking Ms Puiyi into the metaverse and Web 3.0 is Ministry XR, as they develop a new way forward for brands and celebrities to build a new economy in Web 3.0, while creating new experiences in the metaverse (Ministry XR owns and manages Xanadu, its own proprietary metaverse platform) with vast potential to engage and forge long-term relationships with their audience with gamification, loyalty programs, gift cards, and fan clubs. The company is also helping brands connect with influencers – especially artistes in novel ways.

Towards this objective, Ministry XR has invested generously in building departments that work together in concert to benefit brands and celebrities with Web 3.0. These include creatives, strategists, teams overseeing user-engagement, artiste management, 3D artists, marketing, engineering, and most importantly, a highly experienced NFT projects team. And now, with Ministry XR’s new office in London, the company is poised to develop relationships with global celebrities and bring them into the metaverse, empowering them to delve into the Web 3.0 economy, which is fairer to creators.

“We collaborated with Ms Puiyi to show the world what we can do. And we’re taking it even further by building a Ms Puiyi metaverse which will be revealed later. This now, is a game changer, as we’re giving people an experience they never imagined,” said Anthony.

“What we’re doing with Ms Puiyi is also shaping the economy for artistes such as herself, and her fans. Look at it as investing in a celebrity. For the longest time, entertainment has made a very few rich by using the popularity and growth of the entertainers. It’s time to change all that,” he added.

Meanwhile, Eugene Tay, who heads up Ministry XR’s Web 3.0 division, said, “In today’s hyper-digital world saturated with content, metaverse 3D NFTs allows for a more exclusive social experience that truly cuts through the noise, while fairly rewarding celebrities, fans, and content creators. And this is absolutely the case as fans will discover with these new series of NFT collections with Ms Puiyi.”

“People don’t know yet how powerful Web 3.0 is in helping creatives grow and connect with the community. There’s so much to benefit from. The authentication on blockchain creates added value to Ms Puiyi’s assets, allowing for brand and fan affinity, transparent communications, phygital utilities, and exclusive rewards.”

Ms Puiyi’s Overcome NFTs are a great way to get into the NFT scene and collect some rare gems, but for those not yet ready for Web 3, an exclusive print of fabric posters are available for purchase.

More details can be found at the official website, ( Official Instagram account is @mspuiyi.overcome

So, to all Ms Puiyi fans, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and don’t miss this rare opportunity to be part of something truly radical with Ms Puiyi herself and support her illustrious journey to what could very well be international superstardom!