Opportunity Seeker Syndrome

Opportunity Seeker Syndrome – Shiny Object Syndrome – This Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Mark Ford | Opportunity Seeker Syndrome

Mark Ford – Opportunity Seeker Syndrome

Opportunity Seeker Syndrome, what’s this? – Someone who suffers from shiny object syndrome, always believing the next hot thing to the home business market is the solution to what they are looking for.

We have to learn to be entrepreneurs, as opposed to someone who spends their time signing up to one opportunity after another and spinning their wheels.

True entrepreneurs with the right mindset will spend their time learning and consuming products which help them to develop the skills to build a business for the long term. They also buy into a business system to learn the process which will grow a successful business.

An entrepreneur will also leverage the skills of others to build the business.

Other factors that helps to categorize someone as an entrepreneur is that they do not keep joining one home business opportunity after another. An entrepreneur spends time to learn about lead generation and marketing systems in order to produce a constant customer flow, outsources what they do not enjoy doing and works on what they are good at themselves.

The problem with being an opportunity seeker who suffers from opportunity seeker syndrome is that they will work against the principles employed by an entrepreneur, thinking that they are an entrepreneur when in fact they are not.

A person with opportunity seeker syndrome will also spend their time selling and not marketing! – Is there a difference? – good question, I’ll leave you to think about that one!

Now don’t think that Mark Ford is any different to you on this!

I think a lot of us go through the opportunity seeker syndrome emotion and we end up at a crossroads. We can go in two directions, quit or learn from it and become a true entrepreneur who has woken up to what is going on and build a successful business in the emerging digital economy.

Mark Ford’s Opportunity Seeker Syndrome Journey

You see Mark Ford has a legal background and back in 2006 I decided that I needed a change. I ‘sacked my boss’ to build a property portfolio which I have now done.

Opportunity Seeker SyndromeI then started to look into the possibilities that the internet and digital economy provided back in 2008. I went to my first bootcamp event in June 2008 down in Brighton in the UK.

It was one of these pitch fests. However, I learnt a lot and I came away with a boat load of licensed products some of which I still market and promote today.

Like most of us I played around with the idea of making money online for a while going over the top with the research until in the summer of 2010 I decided that’s it, I am going to take this seriously and make it my new career, helping as many as I can along the way.

With such abundant ‘opportunities’ online how could I fail? – Well, become disillusioned, yes, because it’s not all it seems. As an opportunity seeker I have learnt that I will not see the levels of success needed to achieve my goals. Whereas, as an internet entrepreneur and digital marketer who takes time to embed the skill sets of an entrepreneur inside myself I will in the long term achieve all I want from life. No guarantees, as it is down to each individual but I am much better placed with an entrepreneur’s mindset rather than someone suffering from opportunity seeker syndrome.

Remember this, nothing is a failure, it is just a part of my and your learning curve.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that the internet marketing world is full of hype and anyone starting out can be taken in by the hype and easily develop opportunity seeker syndrome until one day they wake up and learn that this get rich quick stuff doesn’t work for the long term and that we need to become a true entrepreneur and develop the skills for success.

That’s where I am. I’ve made the mindset shift and I am dedicated to helping people become true entrepreneurs and to make the same shift of mindset that I have. I build what I have, I’ve stopped the wheels spinning and I accept it will take the time it takes.

Now let’s have a look a bit more at this opportunity seeker syndrome process!

The Opportunity Seeker Syndrome Process

It seems many of us will go through the process of;

Sacking the boss – don’t until you have replaced your income!

Buy into the hype.

Set up the home business that is the next ‘hot’ business that is going to make us a millionaire over night.

Sign up to the next one and the next one that is going to make us a millionaire over night.

Become someone suffering from opportunity seeker syndrome.

You don’t know that you have opportunity seeker syndrome.

You become frustrated when it doesn’t work with the businesses you have joined.

You suffer from a lot of frustration by the business being unsustainable and you have to keep finding the next best thing.

You get bombarded with home based opportunity seeker type business opportunities until you feel overwhelmed.

Can you relate to this?

Yes, I can, and if you are a serious minded entrepreneur not looking to just get money but to build a business for the long term, get in touch and let’s see if our skill sets complement each other and we can work as a part of a team together.

Fill out the appointment form > AT THIS LINK < to get in touch.

Opportunity Seeker Syndrome Conclusion

Let’s conclude this article with a thought for the day.

If we had just one cement mixer we could not build a street full of houses all at the same time but knowing this why do we try and build too many home businesses all at the same time because we find it difficult to say ‘No’.

Focus on what we have in the box without adding too many ‘opportunities’ to the box, become an entrepreneur, a business builder and a leader, building the businesses you have settled upon big over time.

The problem is accepting that it will take years in some cases as we have to learn a totally new industry and adapt to a digital economy against a traditional economy fixed on continuing to teach a job culture with graduates having no job to go to at the end of the studies.

If this article has been quite thought provoking and controversial for you, share your thoughts by leaving me a comment at the bottom of the page.

I wish you every success on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Mark Ford

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