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Orange Card Membership: Exceptional Auto Care Savings with ValuePlus

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Money News | Orange Card Membership: Exceptional Auto Care Savings with ValuePlus | In a post-pandemic world, the needs and priorities of consumers have shifted significantly. ValuePlus Auto Service recognized these changes and responded with the Orange Card Membership—an innovative solution that goes beyond providing premium car services. Launched in the aftermath of the global crisis, this unique membership program is aimed at easing the financial burdens for customers during their recovery and ensuring a high retention rate for the brand.

“For only PHP 999, our customers can get access to a year’s worth of incredible benefits,” shared Nathan Lutchavez, Branch Head of the Las Pinas branch. This one-of-a-kind membership is immediately available for purchase or is offered for free to customers availing periodic maintenance services (PMS) at either the E. Rodriguez or Las Pinas branches.

One of the most remarkable advantages of the Orange Card Membership is the immediate 50% discount on labor costs. This substantial discount applies not just on the first visit, but for every single visit within the twelve-month period. In addition to that, members are also entitled to a complimentary 1L premium engine oil during their first PMS. With these benefits, savings could potentially reach up to PHP 10,000 for quarterly PMS visits.

Rem Agustin, Operations Manager at  ValuePlus, emphasized the membership’s exceptional value. “The Orange Card is designed to provide customers with quality auto services while saving them money,” Agustin said. “This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to reward our customers for their loyalty.”

ValuePlus Auto Service has always been a brand associated with quality, trust, and superior customer service. The launch of the Orange Card Membership solidifies this reputation, proving their commitment to offering value-added services. The initiative was born from ValuePlus’s “COVID-Assist Program”, aimed at supporting customers during the challenging times brought about by the pandemic.

Even as the world slowly recovers from the pandemic,  ValuePlus continues to offer support to their customers. “We understand that the road to recovery might still be long for many, and we want to help our customers get there,” stated Mark Saberola, General Manager of  ValuePlus. “The Orange Card Membership is an extension of our commitment to assist our customers. It’s not just about providing excellent auto services—it’s about being there for our customers every step of the way.”

The results are clear—since its introduction, the Orange Card Membership has been instrumental in retaining customers. As Saberola highlighted, “Our retention rates have been high, and we owe a significant part of that to the Orange Card Membership. Our customers appreciate the extra value it brings.”

The Orange Card Membership truly sets  ValuePlus apart as a leading car service provider, marrying affordability with high-quality service. It represents  ValuePlus’s dedication to customer care, showing that they are not just a place for top-tier auto service and repair but a brand that genuinely cares for their customers’ wellbeing.